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Western Society Marinates in Masonic Corruption & Treason

January 17, 2023

Canadian_Freemasons_Part_1_1000x.jpg24 Famous Canadians You Didn't Know Were Freemasons

If you're wondering how civilized norms like democracy and free speech can collapse overnight, how a phony pandemic can lock down a country, how MDs and nurses can administer poisonous "vaccines" to healthy children, and do a dance, how police can club and kill people who demand freedom, how judges can turn a blind eye, how banks can steal your money for protesting, how the media can lie and deceive, here is your answer: Every institution of Western society has been infiltrated and subverted by Satanists, Freemasons, termites who have eroded the institutions established to protect and support society.  Western society has no moral legitimacy and has entered a death spiral.

Based on how little we hear about Freemasonry, it must play a central part in our demise.  In an essay excerpted below, Evans Nicholson describes how this cancer has metastasized into every cell and is killing society.

"Political leaders throughout every level of authority in Canada and America are sworn to protect each other from all forms of criminal prosecution. They have obligated themselves to commit perjury for crimes including murder and treason in the upper degrees promoting subversive activity throughout North America."

Canada And Freemasonry

by Evans Nicholson
(Excerpts by

"In 1983 I became a Mason in the small community
I had been raised in. This gave me a perspective of community dynamics involving the local families, business people and politics that made up our community. One of my biggest surprises in the lodge was to see our local business people, police, mayor and municipal judges who were Masons. I was proud to be a member of this organization involving the pillars of our community. My initial impression was that professional and successful people joined Freemasonry. It didn't occur to me that these people had become successful through a system providing mutual benefit to each other. It didn't occur to me that these people had access to the private affairs of every member of our community. The power this gives to Masons and how this power effects each of us at national levels is expanded upon in our article Freemasonry: Influence Peddler's of the World. With this power operating in municipal affairs we can see organized corruption beginning at the community level with those we know and live with


If you understand the organizational structure of Freemasonry you'll be able to recognize how it parallels the political structure in our various nations. Every community lodge in a province or a state is governed by the Grand Lodge of that province or state. This lodge has provincial or state jurisdiction. Every Grand Lodge of a province or state is governed by the Grand Lodge of Canada, America or any nation we might choose to examine. This provides the federal jurisdiction. In this manner our political and judicial authorities submit to a corresponding level of authority in the Masonic hierarchy whether provincial, state or federal.

mason-creeps.jpg(Freemasonry- The church for people who want to be bad.)

Through this system the Masonically affiliated Prime Minister or President takes direction from their respective Grand Lodge governmental bodies. This is how corruption is systematically organized from a community base to the highest levels of federal authority. Try to imagine the power this system gives to every Mason engaged in criminal activity knowing they're immune from prosecution. Try to imagine how easily any member of society can be victimized when there are no laws in Canada or America to protect its people. When Masonic authorities know that every MP in Canada is either criminally affiliated or too afraid to defend justice organized crime has no boundaries

In addition to its political structure involving provincial, state and federal levels of authority the Masonic Lodge dictates its authority throughout the civil services including our police and military. It does this with great efficiency by creating lodge charters dedicated to civil servants, police and military personnel. Special lodge charters are dedicated to command personnel where they're brought from across the nation to network sharing sensitive information focused on extending Masonic control throughout Canada, America or any other nation corrupted by the secret societies. It's a system that not only incorporates political and judicial authority it's backed up by the police and military powers as seen in the South American Masonic dictatorships.

 Political leaders throughout every level of authority in Canada and America are sworn to protect each other from all forms of criminal prosecution. They have obligated themselves to commit perjury for crimes including murder and treason in the upper degrees promoting subversive activity throughout North America.

pyramid-hq.JPG(This Masonic pyramid outside Toronto Police HQ on College Street may explain why the Sherman murders have not been solved)

These things are elaborated upon in our free print ready manual The Court System And Freemasonry which provides the actual oaths Masons swear in their obligations. In this manual I gave an example of a federal employee who killed a woman after driving through a stop sign while drunk. As a Mason he had federal authority working with the police for protection from prosecution. It didn't even get to court despite certain complications involving the daughter in the car he broadsided who survived. To take care of this complication blood money was paid to circumvent a situation that may have brought Masonic implication into public perception. The payment of blood money comes from the ancient practice of blood atonement used in the Middle East where money is paid to the victims family members to obtain an absolution of responsibility involving negligent death.


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Comments for "Western Society Marinates in Masonic Corruption & Treason"

SS (from Truthseeker) said (January 18, 2023):

The symbology in common with Judaism such as the Star of Solomon has been noted before. To the Jews, the outside group are the “goyim”, to the masons, the outside group are the “profane”.

I have mentioned before here how a synagogue here in Birmingham became a masonic temple and the new synagogue sports the five pointed star; associated with the Knight Templar who evolved into the masons. When King Philip of France in 1307 moved against the Templars because of their threat to the nation state, we must bear in mind he expelled the Jews the year before,

The average low ranking Jew or mason has no idea of the big picture, but the feeling of being “special”, inclusive of the solidarity drawn from being “hated” gives substantial organisational those at the top pulling the strings. This feeling of specialness is typical of cult membership. It includes charismatic type churches as well as extreme football supporting.

Cults are often represented as aberrations from “normal” human associations; they are however a predominant organising principle for many people.

Doug P said (January 17, 2023):

No doubt about this, I've experienced this personally, I'm also in Canada. You cannot have a cult member persecuted, or even get the police to take a report.

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