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January 11, 2023

Seth Hobbs' Epic Fantasy Series, The Sendyne Empire Series, reflects the government corruption, pandemic insanity, blatant corruption, and decaying culture that we live in today, but in a fantasy world that is unfolding in an alternate reality.

Seth Hobbs-- "I am trying to wake up the masses who may still be asleep to all of the corruption from the global elites and the propaganda that many are still blindly following. Through the medium of Epic Fantasy Fiction, many readers and young people may get a glimpse of what really goes on in the darkest corners of the elite NWO cabal.

In the way that 1984 offered an apocalyptic warning about the future, I hope to use fiction to also wake people up to the nature of reality, spiritual warfare, and massive conspiracies around them, so that we may work together to save Western societies, personal liberty, and a secure future for our children."
Though it begins in a medieval era, technology is advancing at a rapid rate, but who is developing this technology, and for what purpose?

We find out, by Book 2, that the plagues are manipulated by elite rulers with ulterior motives, serving vile entities that prey upon human weakness and fear. The elites operate vast pedophile rings and propaganda machines, controlling the masses via Hegelian Dialectic operations. They also destabilize foreign nations with their central banking schemes and agent provocateurs, seeking to damage traditional values, families, businesses, and spirituality. They plan to control all of mankind and dominate it for their dark masters, after depopulation and unnecessary wars. As all of these plans unfold, other heroes and villains seek to carve out their own goals amidst the chaos.

All is not lost, however, as people begin to wake up to the massive conspiracies arrayed against them, from within the Sendyne Empire, and from outside its reach. Book 3 is coming soon, and the first 2 instalments are already available on Amazon. If you want an exciting, action-packed political satire that reflects and reveals many sinister plots from the globalists of our own world, check out The Sendyne Empire series today! Jump into a new series that is as poignant and timely as 1984, for a new generation of readers who are no longer asleep, with a heavy dose of adventure!

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