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Gender-Vax Mob Attack My Granddaughter

January 18, 2023

 well-fam-damour-articleLarge.jpg(People are not only stupid. They're vicious.)

"Without exception almost, all of our Authorities, Teachers, Councillors, VP,  Principals, Governments, MSM, and Who Knows Everyone else, are bent on destroying, our Gender, Families, Values, and indeed, our lives. They will use all their Resources, and Our Tax Money, to destroy us through Fear and Force."

"I am now in the fight of my life, not mine, but hers."

By Anon

 My granddaughter (GD) used to be intelligent, well read, well spoken, polite, caring, gentle, studious, and a great hope for our family.

About 30 days ago, she cut off her hair and dyed it half black, half RED. We knew she was having difficulty in school due to bullying because she was not vaccinated. However, through discussion, we all believed that she could would weather the storm. I will not go into details here, use your imagination. A few weeks ago, she started breaking down. We began having blowouts of irrational destructive behaviour.

Now our GD is doing very poorly in school, loud/yelling, foul mouthed, vindictive, self abusive, abusive to other family members, crying, exploding, and almost physically abusive.

We are in her mind, abusive, vindictive, violet, non caring, non supportive, white supremacist, homo phobic, Trans Gender phobic, you name it we are it.

KovicAlexander_NatalisLayerDocHeadshots2020.jpgWe now find out, that a therapist, (not this one) has been secretly counselling our GD. The first thing that comes out of her mouth is that she is Transgender. On her office door, three lines read, "Transgender is OK--If your parents are not supportive. Come in for HELP."

Last night we had a complete blow up in front of 4 family member in which she eventually told us all to FO, and get out of HER house. The trigger was that we told her, that we were going to pull her out of school, take away her phone, and resettle her on a farm in northern BC.

This was not acceptable to her, that she might hurt herself Etc. We now find ourselves in a very difficult Paralyzed position. How do we save our GD without making matters worse?

There are other families in similar boats. They have driven a wedge between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. This a perfect storm and war on our children.

As if this is not enough, get this, the teachers and VP, are calling for extensive meetings and investigations, with the prime focus on our daughter. They want to see what kind of mother she is. We fear, that if they label any of us Transgender Phobic, or Homo Phobic, the Authorities will try to put our GD in a half way house to finish the job.
People, whether, you do know it or not, we are at WAR, on a personal level.

 Without exception almost, all of our Authorities, Teachers, Councillors, VP,  Principals, Governments, MSM, and Who Knows Everyone else, are bent on destroying, our Gender, Families, Values, and indeed, our lives. They will use all their Resources, and Our Tax Money, to destroy us through Fear and Force.

Make no mistake, if you or your loved ones are under a similar attack, VOICE YOUR Opinion NOW. My family and I are in a fight of our lives. I do not care about my life now, just the lives of our children, and GD

If anyone else has gone through this or something similar, how did you handle it. Do you have any advise at all. My GD will be 18 in 2 months


From the beginning, we coached our GD in her rights. Nobody has the right to ask any questions about our health status, period. This worked for a time. Where ever she went, stores Etc., she stood up for her rights, with little  to no push back.

In school, she was the one of the only students who did not wear a mask, using the same rationale. Pressure increased, from teachers, staff, and students.  The pressure gradually increased to the point, where she was isolated, in the back of the class, in the corner, distanced by 6 feet from any other desk.

The teachers would repeatably ask why she was not vaccinated. Students distanced themselves from her, and began to taunt her. They called her names, anti-vaxer, go kill yourself, etc. On one occasion, on a school outing, security guards pinned her against the wall, demanding papers of her vaccine status, while the teacher stood by silently. 

The students would question about why she has not already killed herself, and if she wanted, they would do the job for her. The abuse escalated, to the point where she was barricaded in the washroom crying on the floor.

band-practice.jpg(Band practice at height of COVID hysteria)

At times, somebody, would hold the bathroom door closed from the outside. Students can be vicious. In Chemistry class, where she was an 80% student, classmates threatened to splash her face with acid. Some acid was splashed on her desk, inadvertently or or. My son had to rescue her on several occasions from the school. If you knew my GD, you would conclude that she is calm, collected, and in total control. 

This condition could not endure. We were, and my D, were aware that this was happening, We arranged meetings to deal with this situation. My D had meetings, and even went to a city therapist. This meeting went very badly. The therapist stated right at the beginning that she was Transgender, and focused no my D, not my my GD.

My  D endured 1.5 hrs. of abuse from this therapist, who later on secretly started to council our GD.  The damage done, we started to see cracks in our GD. Her grades went down exponentially in 3 of  5 classes, Chemistry being the worst. She went from 80% to 35%. Acid in the face explains this turn.

Keep in mind, she is Bilingual, and takes chemistry in French, no small task. She began missing, hiding from classes. Her grades drastically dropped. The only class in which she thrived, was literature. That teacher would not tolerated any bullying, no wonder. At this point, her only friends were from the lower grades, 9, 10, and 11. One friend she had was from grade 10, until he was attacked because he was friends with our GD. At this point our GD began to fall apart, blaming her family, "if only she could be vaccinated, all would be well".

She began a serious downward spiral. She blamed all of us for not protecting her. She was right on this. Did I mention, that she has a sharp mind. Even under these conditions, where she is anguishing, under these conditions, her core is still intact. She stood up to 4 adults and fought like a trooper that she is. I am now in the fight of my life, not mine, but hers.


We are being cultivated and farmed, by an almost invisible, Destructive  Collective, which is intent on destroying the very essence of love, Peace, and Freedom. Their mission, is to destroy at the personal level, family by family. Their desired outcome, is to achieve Absolute Control, Through Fear and Force, plain and simple. They will eventually use Fear and Force through WWIII, to erase their tracks, by Bait and Switch, one for the other, plain and simple. It worked before, and they believe it will work again.

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Comments for "Gender-Vax Mob Attack My Granddaughter"

Al Thompson said (January 18, 2023):

The problem with the pubic school system—misspelling intentional—there are no moral standards. Transgender and homosexuality violate the natural order. No one is obligated to obey these school policies. In fact, homeschool is the best way to proceed. Going to therapists is like handing your privates over to someone to take good care of them. Governments and the people who voted for them are immoral. Immorality takes away all credibility of any government, culture, and religion. Dying the hair is also unnatural and it is a form of lying because it gives a false image.

To be a transgender (there is no such thing) and/or a homosexual will destroy the lives of those who engage in it. This isn’t rocket science but its true. Anything that violates the Creator’s natural order is stupid and there’s going to be a bad result.

Pubic school is the worst place to send a child. It’s like knowingly sending them to be mentally and socially abused by having their sexuality redefined. As we can all see, the people in the government are all idiots and the people who voted for them. Just use morality as a guide for what to do and forget about reading a bunch of crap that doesn’t get good results. Children are too beautiful to be put into a Satanic shit-hole called school.

People need to think for themselves and then take appropriate action against the evil. The best way I know of is to separate from them by living a moral life. This is something we can all do and improve outselves and safeguard our families.

Vaccines are a form of demented “science.” The whole medical industry will never recover from this fiasco; they are doomed to failure.

D (on Gab) said (January 18, 2023):

What kind of retard sends their child to public school in Canada at this point. Unreal. It’s freakin child abuse and those parents frankly should have their parental competency questioned. They could, and should, have seen this coming miles ahead if they had paid enough attention.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at