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January 15 - Putin Will Destroy the West for Embracing Satan

January 15, 2023

putin-avenger-4.jpg(Putin, the Avenger)

You won't hear about this in the Satanist MSM or on Twitter

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Putin Will Destroy the West for Embracing Satan

Unfortunately, this is what the Satanists who run the West actually want.

Prepare for World War Three. Send thanks to Rothschilds (WEF, NATO) and your local Rothschild puppet.

From a Telegram channel...B.V. Putin: "I never wanted what wasn't mine. Watching Russia die, I promised myself before God that I would save her. It turns out that I need to save the whole world, because the demons that have taken over the West are trying to kill everything spiritual on this planet. I know that I will succeed, because I have the POWER and SUPPORT of the LORD, THIS IS ALL I NEED."

Russian Orthodox Priest Kyrie Eleison. "In the weeks before Christmas a series of top-level meetings of leading Russian politicians and military personnel were held in Moscow, where Putin explained that the West is so set upon destroying Russia that Russia has no choice but to prepare itself for a major confrontation with the European nations of Nato, with the Americans behind Nato and with the so-called "Neocons" behind the Americans."


Mike Whitney - The West's Plan to Carve Up Russia

What did Angela Merkel mean when she said "that the Cold War never really ended, because ultimately Russia was never pacified"?
  1. Merkel was referring to the fact that Russia has never accepted its subordinate role in the "Rules-based Order."
  2. Merkel was referring to the fact that Russia's economic collapse did not produce the 'compliant state' western elites had hoped for.
Scott Ritter: We Are On The CUSP Of Thermonuclear War!!! Situation Is Out Of Control

Terrorist-Girl-horizolntal.jpgPURE EVIL: The Lula da Silva regime in Brazil forcibly injects its political enemies with deadly covid "vaccines"

The film "Anecdotals" provides a glimpse into the lives of people who have suffered significant adverse reactions from COVID-19 shots

· Those who spoke out about their shot-related injuries have been shamed, ridiculed and labeled unethical

· Those injured by the shots have been largely abandoned by the mainstream medical community; their medical issues have been politicized, while society provides no empathy

· With no programs in place to help those injured by COVID-19 shots, and many doctors afraid to even acknowledge the shot's connection to patients' symptoms, many of those harmed have nowhere to turn for help

· The film calls for an open dialogue and a movement from humanity to acknowledge the risks of COVID-19 shots, as well as those who are suffering due to them

 Call to Action: NOW is the Time to Unite Against the WHO

The World Council for Health (WCH) continues to oppose the World Health Organization (WHO)'s attempted power grab in the form of both a proposed pandemic treaty as well as amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR).

The WHO is an unelected, majority private-funded body seeking powers that would override national constitutions and violate fundamental human rights. A mysterious body beholden to corporate interests must not be given additional power. In fact, it should have vastly less power than it does right now if any at all.

bridgen.jpgReader---Hi Henry, having listened to Bridgen being interviewed by James Delingpole 20.12.22 Apple podcast, I would conclude he had a change of heart about the vaccines.  He himself is double vaxxed with AZ and regrets it as he now has to take anti- hists twice daily to suppress chronic hives he has developed.   He said he began to have doubts as time passed but final straw was bring your own bottle, Xmas party at No 10, proving MPs knew the party was illegal and didn't want evidence of cellar raided.
He has been in touch with cardiologist Dr Aseem Mulhotra.  Matters came to a head last Dec as uk medical council advised vaxxing 6mths and above, a move supported by Sunak.  Bridgen felt he had to try to stop this and voiced his concerns about jab in parliament on 13.12.22.  Listen to podcast yourself from - 35 mins. - 13 he mentions anti hist.
I do not think this is a psyop, Bridgen seems genuinely concerned.

Is it immoral to steal from a crook?

JPMorgan Chase burned! Buys college financial aid platform for a fortune then learns most users were fake

BlackRock loses $1.5 trillion, plans 500 layoffs while continuing to embrace leftist agenda
The layoffs will be the first for the major investment firm since 2019.

UnSatanized Americans are flocking to Florida

DeSantis Says NHL 'Not Welcome' After Blatantly Racist Job Posting

morgues.png(Credit Jim Stone)

CDC Says Stroke Concerns Over Pfizer Jab Warrant Investigation

FDA Adviser Says Young And Healthy People Shouldn't Get Latest COVID Boosters

You see, they were on our side all along.


Brazil Launches Formal Investigation Of Bolsonaro, Arrests His Justice Minister, Over Riots

The job of the Zionist is to throw the game to the Communist

World Economic Forum; We're on the brink of a 'polycrisis' - how worried should we be?

WEF veiled threat-- "We need to take a step back and start planning for the unexpected. I think, generally speaking, most of the things that we worry about are too short term and modest. So, take a long-term and holistic view of the risks on the horizon. I do think that if we work together, we are able to prepare for and respond to these compounding risks with better agility."


Canadians are now stealing overpriced food from grocery stores with zero remorse


no-longer-your-gov.jpegVaccine child snuff porn


Norwegian government funds research to find out if white paint is racist

gymnast.jpgHEARTBREAKING: Young gymnast got the vaccine in order to become a gymnastics coach.

She was left with her entire nervous system destroyed after her second dose of Pfizer

She will probably never be able to do gymnastics again.
Give credit where due

COVID vaccine should be renamed the Trump Vaccine.

Who agrees?

It's called a scam--- She's a liar who should be held accountable

Dr. Leana Wen slammed after admitting there's been 'overcounting' of COVID deaths
Most 'patients diagnosed with COVID are actually in the hospital for some other illness'

So is she-

"Vaccinated people do not carry the virus, and do not get sick."

- CDC Director Rochelle Walensky


'Extraordinary: US could default on its debt as soon as June

The US is facing a giant problem of its own making with experts calling it a "unimaginable" disaster to the world economy.


mlk.jpgIf he didn't have some redeeming qualities, they wouldn't have killed him

The MLK tapes: Secret FBI recordings accuse Martin Luther King Jr of watching and laughing as a pastor raped a woman, having 40 extramarital affairs - and they are under lock in a U.S. archive, claims author


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "January 15 - Putin Will Destroy the West for Embracing Satan"

Ed said (January 15, 2023):

he Zio-Khazarians are bringing the world to its end, the walls moving in a little tighter each day, Henry.

The whole situation in Brazil is sickening, oh the monsters that inhabit this world !!

And all for what ? MONEY, and SEX with little kids, the setting up of a huge collective empire of thieves who will own every single thing on planet Earth ? Great. These people are seriously sick sons of bitches. Kissinger once said that the Jews were the "most self-serving bastards ever created."

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