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Jan 9 - Vaccinated Dropping Like Bowling Pins

January 9, 2023

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Atlanta Hawks Announcer Bob Rathbun Suffers Medical Emergency after Losing Consciousness Live On-Air as Viewers Watch in Shock 
Rathburn collapsed sitting in his chair as he started convulsing and eventually lost consciousness.

Peachland family shaken after husband, father dies suddenly - Kelowna News


CTV Edmonton reporter starts to have a stroke on air

Old-D.jpegAnother basketball player succumbs to climate change

Another day, yet another athlete collapsing in the midst of a game for unknown reasons.

Old Dominion basketball player Imo Essien "had to be tended to by training staff from both ODU and Georgia Southern", according to WAVY, after collapsing during the middle of a game this past weekend.

Unprecedented protests in Brazil against corruption by the Deep State. National Congress, Supreme Court and Senate are invaded. Military prevents Federal police from arresting protesters!

 brazil8.jpgBrasilia governor suspended in aftermath of capital riot
A top judge says unrest on such a scale could not have occurred without the approval of the authorities

According to judge, Ibaneis "not only made public statements defending a false 'free political demonstration in Brasilia'... he also ignored all appeals by the authorities to carry out a security plan."

Scary stuff from the UK.

The Governments plan to get rid of the elders and loot the pension.

Schools going out of business!

Public School Districts Begin Closing Schools After Losing Nearly 2 Million Students During The Pandemic

    "Public schools in the U.S. have lost more than a million students since the start of the pandemic, prompting some districts across the country to close buildings because they don't have enough pupils or funding to keep them open.

    The school board in Jefferson County, Colo., outside Denver, voted in November to close 16 schools. St. Paul, Minn., last summer closed five schools. The Oakland, Calif., school board last February voted to close seven schools after years of declining enrollment and financial strife.

    Declining birthrates, a rise in home schooling and growing competition from private and charter schools are contributing to the decline in traditional public school enrolment, according to school officials."
The Establishment Media Lying About the US Removal of the Propaganda Act

Comment: This is the best in-depth research on the internet concerning the smith/mundt amended act and the continuous, non-stop lying of government (all levels) directed against the people of the United States. Lies have consequences and the constant lying of government/media has long reached the point of no return and has not only divided the population but has literally driven the population mad and led to societal collapse!.  All Trust has been destroyed...Trump's involvement with this deception is self-evident--he knows everything and what he did and why. Trump likes to make deals and he apparently made one with the DOD to shut the country down and didn't tell anyone in return for something we don't know about.  He will never denounce the death jab...Never!  Since he wants FULL CREDIT for the vaccine and he must also assume FULL RESPONSIBILITY for the destruction THE DEATH JAB has caused and I say give it to him!

When you consider just the idea that this is all ONE BIG SCRIPTED ACT WITH THE OBJECTIVE OF MASS MURDER (population reduction), you begin to get the picture and it just screams BETRAYAL AT EVERY POSSIBLE LEVEL!!!!! 


adler.pngToxic Commie, Charles Adler

Charles Adler accuses Peterson of being toxic male

Former AM 640 host Charles Adler said women are repelled by prominent Canadian psychologist and author Dr. Jordan Peterson because he promotes toxic masculinity.

"Fortunately, women are in the majority," said Adler in a since-deleted Thursday tweet.

Did a blue tooth test in stadium with 10k people
It was on a older phone, BUT a iPhone 5g thing came up so it was working. I scanned Multiple times for Bluetooth signals. This stadium was packed with the "vaccinated"  and is on Eastern side of America in a metropolitan area. Not one strange blue tooth signal  from the "vaccinated". Doesn't mean to much I guess, just these are the findings

BM replies-
You can't do tests like this using iPhone products. An iPhone shows only devices that are presenting themselves by their names. It takes an Android phone to perform tests like this, since Android phones allow for showing the devices that are not advertising their names, but addresses only. As shown in many posts on web, and verified in my own experiments, MAC addresses detected with vaxxed nearby are not linked to any particular vendor. Contrary to normal MAC addresses, that are being in form of xx-xx-xx-yy-yy-yy, where  "xx-xx-xx" part is reserved as Vendor ID and "yy-yy-yy" representing an individual device, the MAC addresses detected in presence of vaxxed people never show any meaningful linkage to any known vendor of BT equipment.

Ontario Bill 100 Allows Govt to Seize Your House and Car Without a Trial for merely protesting

"Ontario's Bill 100 presents a grave danger to democracy and Charter Rights in Ontario, said Rick Nicholls MPP from a letter that he read yesterday: it gives the govt the power to seize property (your house, car, etc.) without a hearing or trial for exercising your guaranteed right to freedom of speech and assembly, that is, for merely protesting. Guilty until proven innocent and unable to speak out against the govt.

madison.jpgStep off the treadmill and watch this magical relaxing series

12 | Sailing to Fatu Hiva, the Most Beautiful Island in the World


Ukraine Humiliated Western Propagandists After Its Defense Minister Admitted It's A NATO Proxy

Geert Vanden Bossche: I'm Begging You. Don't Vaccinate Your Children. It Could Be A Death Sentence!


kay.jpgWhite supremacy is so bad, whites are impersonating ethnic minorities

U. Wisconsin Native American-in-residence turns out to be white

Another ersatz Native American has been discovered, this time a former artist-in-residence at the University of Wisconsin.

"Two-spirit" Kay LeClaire (pictured), who called herself "nibiiwakamigkwe" and founded the "queer Indigenous artists' collective" known as giige, was outed on a message board called New Age Fraud Forum, according to a January 3 article in Madison 365.

Study of History in Jeopardy

"We will eliminate any"In order to effect the destruction of all collective forces except ours, we shall emasculate the first stage of collectivism, the universities, by re-educating them in a new direction."  Protocols of Zion, 16

Around the Midwest, the news from history departments is grim, even at larger institutions. Iowa State University's history department has been told by the ISU administration that its faculty needs to shrink from 20 to 8. The ISU doctoral program in rural history, a key contributor to Midwestern studies, is also being shuttered. The University of Iowa's full time history faculty has declined from 26 to 16 in about ten years. University of Missouri: 30 down to 21 (over the past decade); University of Kansas: 35 down to 24 (since 2017); The Ohio State University (system): 79 down to 62 (since 2008); University of Minnesota: 46 down to 40 (in ten years); University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign: 46 down to 36 (since 2012); University of [End Page vii] Illinois Chicago: 32 down to 20 (from 2005-2020). Smaller universities are also seeing the loss of history faculty: Emporia State University: 7 down to 4 (over a decade); University of North Dakota: 10 down to 5 (in five years); Grand Valley State University: 31 down to 27 (in ten years); University of South Dakota: 10 down to 7 (in five years); South Dakota State University


Genocide Sudden Death Compilation (one of the best I have seen)

Elon Musk is on Chuck Schumer's Team

No wonder I am still banned

Tweets support for Brazil's Lula


Transsexual Reportedly Confesses to Burning Down 117-Year-Old Church in Portland (VIDEO)

This story is a toxic brew of anti-Christianity, mental illness, and overall lawlessness in a far-left city. Last week, biological male pretending to be female allegedly burned down a historic church in Portland because he was hearing voices in his head.


m-bami.jpgShock as Cameroonian great Modeste M'bami dies aged 40

The football community has once again been left stunned an Olympic gold medallist and former PSG champion died far too young.
This Near Death Story Can Change The Way You See The World | The Truthseeker

 He realized hell is a state of consciousness, very real, and existing in both life and what we call death. Consciousness survives death, and the individual takes their issues, positive and negative, with them to the other side.--

Very interesting personal testimony.  Absolutely worth listening to....., especially for Christians.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Jan 9 - Vaccinated Dropping Like Bowling Pins "

JS said (January 10, 2023):

My son nearly drowned a couple months before his 4th birthday, and I had to give him mouth to mouth in order to revive him. He said, "I met God, God was nice, and He said that I could return to your Momma." My son had no formal religious training whatsoever. This led me to do extensive research on near death experiences which also led me to Ken Adachi's Educate Yourself website, and your website. I have read and listened to hundreds of different NDE's, and they come in all different shapes and varieties. While I don't doubt the authenticity of Mellen Thomas Benedict's experience, I would not want to wager my eternal fate on his testimony. The apostle Paul wrote, "God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of POWER and LOVE, and of a sound mind." The evil ones use fear to manipulate the masses, and we would not be in the mess that we are in if people weren't so afraid of getting sick and dying. Dying is a part of life, and we should all make peace with that fact.  

Tony B said (January 10, 2023):

"In this video Mellen journeys beyond the light at the end of the tunnel. He is shown during his NDE, in holographic detail, Earth's past and a beautiful vision of mankind’s future for the next 400 years. He experienced the cosmology of our souls connection to Mother Earth (Gaia ) and was shown Mankind’s role in the Universe,"

cosmology of our souls connection to Mother Earth (Gaia ) - NOT Christian, Satanic. "Mother Earth" is false religion. God created ALL, earth included. It's His earth, just like everything else that exists comes from God's mind and stops existing if He no longer supports it. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes. Yet the body is reconstituted after time to enjoy heaven forever or to suffer hell forever once the scales are weighed. There is no way around our Creator. 

Luckily for us, He is a God of a love we can't even understand - think, His Son dying that horrible death that we might be saved from the hell we deserve (as a protestant I was taught the "Jewish" God of strict justice with no loopholes) and will give each of us many undeserved chances to escape hell before we die. 

However, the death jab was likely created to grab souls to Satan before they can convert from earthly corruption. I would bet on it.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at