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Jan 5 - Jabbers Panic Over Hamlin "Vaccine" Injury

January 5, 2023

hamlin-hive-mind.jpg("Nothing to see here," Satanist media speaks with one voice.)

Damar Hamlin will never recover.
The importance of his collapse in front of 80,000 live fans and ten million on TV cannot be overstated. Even the stupidest people will be able to put 2 and 2 together.

This was a priceless anti-vax commercial. The tide is turning. Increasingly, people will clue into this crime against humanity.

NEW Stew Peters (1/4/2023): EXCLUSIVE REPORT: The TRUTH About Collapsed NFL Player Damar Hamlin - Full Show


They are going to be putting out a lot of these fires.

Retired NBA All-Star John Stockton Says He Knows of 150 Pro Athletes Who've 'Dropped Dead' Since COVID Vax Rollout, Claims 'It May Be in The Thousands by Now'
NFL players are worried sick about the "vaccines" they were forced to take but they are not allowed to talk about it.

The NFL has a huge liability issue with the NFLPA and players/coaches injured and killed by the vax.
• Pfizer is a major sponsor of the NFL.
• Damar Hamlin is the tip of an iceberg that the NFL does not want exposed.
• But people no longer trust MSM coverup stories alleging conspiracy theory.


More Than 270 Sudden Cardiac Deaths in US Athletes After Vaccination: Peer-Reviewed Study

Jim Stone - "Popular consensus is that Damar Hamlin will be a game changer---I disagree. If it is only one incident, everyone will be able to kid themselves and return to "normal". If it happens again, everyone will try to half kid themselves. If it happens a third time, WATCH OUT, that is when tshtf. But on the field, everyone knew. They knew. By now they have all heard about the clotshot, everyone knows and the third incident is where denial will be totally abandoned."

Hamlin showing "remarkable improvement"

Reader- "The Feds. keeping watch over Hamlin's corpse...paying, blackmailing doctors and staff as they prepare a double to appear following magical "recovery". Something of this nature will be crafted by Satan's Chosen to keep their long contrived genocide alive."


 Why is the federal government moving in on Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin's sudden cardiac event, witnessed LIVE by millions? By Ethan Huff

After being hauled off to a local hospital in Cincinnati following his sudden collapse on the field mid-game, Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin is now under surveillance by the federal government for some unknown reason.

Probably they are guarding the corpse while they figure out how to spin his death, or hope everyone forgets about it.

Staggering 76 Percent Of Nurses Don't Know Where to File a Vaccine Injury Report


Paul Joseph Watson is excellent chronicler of our current sc-fi movie world.

Watch This

mcd-promotes-death-jabs.jpg5G is a weapons system designed to KILL people, says weapons expert Mark Steele

The COVID-19 vaccine adverse reactions data read like the destruction of mankind as millions of North American citizens die and are injured in the medical experiment that is in breach of the Nuremberg Code and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court," Steele said.

"The fact that the COVID-19 vaccines vector data was made in biological chemical weapons laboratories proves that they are only masquerading as vaccines, with the emerging data of sterilization, ill health and death across the West revealing their true purpose," Steele said. (Related: Study: 5G exposure a "significant factor" in higher covid cases, deaths)

According to Steele, the 5G network has the capability to target acquire and attack the vaccinated due to the nano metamaterial antenna from COVID-19 vaccine.



"Most people are not just comfortable in their ignorance, but hostile to anyone who points it out." - Plato, The Allegory of the Cave


Jordan Peterson claims he is being forced into 're-education' and social media retraining for criticizing PM Justin Trudeau - sparking Elon Musk to respond that 'silencing' is 'extremely concerning!'

    Dr. Jordan Peterson said he is being required to complete social media retraining
    The controversial Canadian psychologist is being investigated by the College of Psychologists of Ontario, according to a decision released on November 22
    Peterson says the investigation is due to his retweeting of Pierre Poilievre and writing posts that have been critical of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
    Twitter suspended Peterson in June for referring to transgender actor Elliot Page by female pronouns, but he was reinstated after Elon Musk's acquisition

     Attack on Jordan Peterson proves most professional organizations are Corrupt Masonic Trojan Horses

jagmeat.jpg This is the Commie imposter keeping Fidelito in power

Jagmeat Singh - The Fancy Clown
    What makes his behaviour so frustrating to many Canadians, who could usually care less about the NDP, is Singh's perfect blend of hypocrisy and cluelessness. Jagmeat Singh and the NDP caucus talk constantly about the "record profits" of large companies while workers are making less money due to inflation, despite the NDP voting for policies that created runaway inflation
Germany refuses WWII reparations talks, Poland turns to UN

Chief Wagner on Bakhmut: "There are dozens of Ukrainian defense lines & every house is a fortress - We cannot move quickly"

In a second grim video released, Prigozhin was filmed visiting a basement near the Eastern Front filled with the corpses of his mercenaries, many of whom were convicts and recently conscripted and eventually met their deaths during the fierce fighting for the city of Bakhmut, which has been Russia's main target since the summer.


Huskie and budgie


Guaranteed to make you smile - Squirrel in tree


Victor Hansen Davis- California head to oblivion.

dagger.jpgThe Russians have developed this missile the Kinzhal (translation 'dagger')

In March, US President Joe Biden confirmed Russia's use of the Kinzhal missile, describing it as "a consequential weapon ... it's almost impossible to stop it."

In the entire history of weapons development this is it.

All carrier fleets are just floating coffins now.  One Kinzhal hit would destroy any aircraft carrier.

 Also, the platforms for delivery are endless  including ICBMs.

Carrier fleets were to project US Power after WW2 and this antiquated strategy is now in the dustbin.


"Every Conceivable" Government Agency, Congress Included, Pushed Twitter to Censor; Schiff Targeted Top Journalist to Shut Him Up


 Retired Canadian general, now in Ukraine, faces two sexual assault charges

Trevor Cadieu was supposed to take command of the Canadian Army in 2021 but his appointment was suspended as over 'historical allegations' against him


U.S. Forces in Europe Prepare for War With Russia

Gerald Celente, the publisher of the Trends Journal, has said the U.S. is already at war with Russia, but it will only be made official after a nuclear flash.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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