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Jan 3 - Sleepwalking to World War Three

January 3, 2023

brazil89.jpegA comparison of Bolsonaro's campaign rally and Lula's inauguration. This was the most obvious fraud ever perpetrated.

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Merkel and Macron's admission that they negotiated the Minsk Agreement in bad faith, to buy time for Ukrainian aggression, means Russia no longer trusts the West and WW3 is inevitable.  Don't tell the sheeple.

This will be the third Rothschild-instigated world war.

Mercouris: "Something Big Is On the Way"

"The Russians have decided there is no way to negotiate an end to this. No one will negotiate in good faith; therefore we must crush the enemy. And that's what's coming." Colonel Douglas MacGregor (9:35 minute)

Russia is gearing out for a massive war, including a nuclear one.

Will we make it to December 31, 2023?

"And yes, of course, a major defeat in a war against Russia would shake this system so hard that it would be impossible to conceal the magnitude of the disaster (think "Kabul on steroids"). And that is precisely why the Neocons cannot allow that to happen because this defeat would trigger a domino effect which would quickly involve the truth about 9/11 and, after that, all the myths and lies the US society has been based on for decades (JFK anybody?).


Encore Dec 22

Why Putin's Winter Offensive Will Prompt US Entry Into The War, by Mike Whitney - The Unz Review

Bound to enrage the Russians

Huge Death Toll After US-Supplied Himars Levelled Russian Barracks In Donetsk, Possibly Hundreds Killed


granny-def.jpg(German defence granny)

German Defense Minister slammed over 'inappropriate' message on Ukraine--"Thanks for the impressions," she said.

Opposition MPs called for Christine Lambrecht's resignation over her "embarrassing" New Year's Eve message

Mike Yeadon- 17,000 medical doctors go after the drug companies

Mark Trozzi MD

On December 15th, 2022 we posted an indexed and time-stamped video of the entire three hour round table with top US experts regarding the so called covid-19 "vaccines". Here is very brief video material to present the important take home messages.


anti-vax-demo-1919.jpg'Stop the slaughter of the innocents': Meet the anti-vaxxers of 1919

When smallpox hit Toronto a century ago, the city's medical officer of health ordered a general vaccination -- triggering protests, court cases, and dire warnings of mutilations, syphilis, and death.
Klaws Swab and WEF insiders explain the selection process of the young global puppets


Trudeau's Half-Brother Says WEF Has 'Compromising Material' On Him That Keeps Him In Check

Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a pawn of the global elite in service of the New World Order, according to a bombshell admission by his half-brother Kyle Kemper, who goes on to claim that Justin does not write his own speeches or tweets but instead performs scripts written for him by his globalist overlords. Trudeau is "not speaking from his heart," insisted his brother, who added "blackmail is a very powerful tool."


When a rookie co-pilot flipped the chemtrail switch before taking off


 rivers-cry-babies.jpgDespite the Jewish role in abortion, Lifesite is another Jewish proxy
 E. Michael Jones--LifeSite News, the premier outlet for pro-life news and information has recently published an opinion piece titled "Christians must resist the diabolical re-emergence of antisemitism." Dr. E. Michael Jones, the editor of Culture Wars magazine, is joined by Dana Pavlic to discuss some of the implications of this.

This is why for 20 years, they have treated me like a skunk at a garden party, and why I no longer donate to them. The failure of "conservatives" to unite on the basis of common ground is one reason for our failure. I am boycotted by Rense, Icke and Rivero as well as Musk.


After Gay Sex Party, Trump Now Promoting Abortion, by Andrew Anglin - The Unz Review

Kari Lake: "Whoever thought it was a good idea to invite 500 gay people into a lavish mansion, 2 pools, and a lot of booze? I think we're going to need the Secret Service tonight....I know there's people in this room who would love to be tackled and frisked by the Secret Service."

Trump is a vaccine mass murderer. For his next trick, he will start his own party and divide the vote in 2024, ensuring four more years of Communist diktat.




The attack on heterosexuals is far worse than anything experienced by gays

One of Mark Passio's best and most important lessons.  "The final principle of natural law, at least the formalized ones, are GENDER".

CDC Urges Teachers Change Their Terminology To Avoid "Gendered Language"

hamlin.jpgBuffalo Bills star Damar Hamlin collapses during middle of NFL game

NFL star Damar Hamlin remains in a critical condition after he suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed on-field during a game. Game was cancelled.

Reader- I saw the hit and it was not that hard. Two questions: vaccination status and how much of a coverup will the NFL, ESPN, Disney, the media be able to pull off? They are captured operations.


Former Jacksonville Jaguars guard Uche Nwaneri dies age 38 'from acute heart failure after collapsing at his wife's home' as the NFL side pay tribute to his 'strong bond' with fans


Transgender grooming of children too 'satanic' even for Church of Satan?

Leader of anti-God organization he founded in 1966 warned, 'Do not harm little children'

PJW- Switzerland to set limits on migration

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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