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Jan 25 - Shame! We Didn't Warn the Vaccinated!

January 25, 2023

blame-unvaccinated.jpg"They knew: why didn't the unvaccinated do more to warn us? The unvaccinated knew what we didn't. Some of them said too little. Most said nothing at all. A lot of blood is now on their hands."

I hope my readers can live with this guilt. I certainly can.

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"As the world struggles to come to terms with the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, one question that continues to surface is why the unvaccinated didn't do more to warn us about the potential dangers of being injected.

While well intending citizens lined up, did the right thing, and received their COVID19 vaccinations -- now seeming to do more harm than good -- their unvaccinated friends stood by and let them do it. Some of them said too little. Some said nothing at all.

Even though they knew what we didn't. Our blood is now on their hands."

They will find some way to blame the unvaccinated, even if it's for being right. We were ostracized, fired and threaten with jail. I was jumping up and down from day one. Now we're to blame because they didn't listen.

Massive spike in excess deaths sparks calls for an 'urgent investigation': NHS crisis is blamed for nearly 3,000 more Brits than usual dying each week

    17,381 deaths registered in England and Wales in the seven days to January 13
    This is the highest number of excess deaths since the UK's second Covid wave
    Health experts say 999 delays, long A&E waits and backlogs could be to blame

tedros-gym.jpg(Meet your new dictator, WHO's Tedros)

Michael Hoffman

What are the odds that within 72 hours two elderly Asian men, Huu Can Tran, 72,  would kill eleven mostly fellow Asian people on Saturday on the 34th degree of north parallel latitude in in Monterey Park, California, and then on Monday, 380 miles north, a Chinese man, Zhao Chunli, age 66, murders seven people at locations near Highway 92 in the vicinity of Half Moon Bay, on the 37th degree of latitude, some of them said to be Hispanic farm workers? What are the odds? One in a million? We don't believe in coincidences.
Ukrainian Press Gangs kidnaps men from their homes

Cannon fodder dept

Watch WHO's Tedros cruis'n for bumboys at a (correction) bar

Tedro was in Brazil in that tape, you can see Itaipava (a brazilian beer, and the music is Raí, Saia Rodada - Já que me ensinou a beber. It's not a gym, it's a bar, very usual all over Brazil.


Antifa Is The 'Armed Instrument' Of The 'Permanent Democratic Establishment,' Tucker Carlson Says

 Fox News host Tucker Carlson called Antifa "the armed instrument" of the "permanent Democratic establishment" Monday, citing the weekend riots in Atlanta where police made multiple arrests.

smith.jpgThe stupid die young

55-year-old school Superintendent Michael Smith #died suddenly at his home. Michael posted his vaccine status on Facebook, and encouraged others to do the same.

"2nd shot. I'm smiling. Thank you to everyone who is working so hard on these vaccinations."

The borough of Knowsley, on the outskirts of Liverpool, is the location of the Suites Hotel, a large accommodation filled to the brim with working-age illegal immigrant men. When our team visited the hotel, they could find no women or children anywhere. All the illegal migrants were men in their 20s and 30s.


Ukraine owed the Rothschilds a lot of Money

War may have bailed them out


U.S. raises 'grave concerns' over Mexico's anti-GMO farm policies

banana-billy.pngWHAT? Watchdog Finds That 10.9 MILLION Ballots Were 'Unaccounted' For In California


John Birch Society was set up by Cabalist Jews to debunk their defining role in the NWO

This proves it

"The Jewish Conspiracy Tangent"

Reader--"Revilo Oliver (who I believe to be genuine) said he was one of the founders of the JBS in 1958, but quickly found that whole thing was run by Communist Jews."

Australia's Gun-buyback Program Is a Bust

To put things in perspective, there are reportedly between 260,000 and 600,000 "illegal" (i.e., unregistered) firearms in Australia, and 18,000 of them were "surrendered" in the 12 months ending last July. That's either seven percent or three percent of the targeted firearms privately owned.


image001(2).pngRosa Koire She Told Us Years Ago (About Agenda 2030)

'BREAKING: Canadian judge drops charges on hospital security guards in Stephanie Warriner asphyxiation death, new video shows them slamming her into wall'

'The guards, Amanda Rojas-Silva, 42, and Shane Hutley, 35, were charged with manslaughter and criminal negligence after the incident, but a judge said that there was not enough evidence to take the two to trial. The charges were then dropped.

The guards initially claimed that they were assaulted by the frail woman suffering from COPD, but it ws later found that the guards lied. "Mr. Hutley went as far as to claim that Ms. Warriner delivered several overhand and underhand punches to Ms. Rojas-Silva's face and was kicking her feet," says a court document by the Crown.

"Later on, Mr. Hutley began sobbing and admitted he had not been truthful in the report, saying 'I'm sorry. I would have never said the things I said in there if I knew there was a video,'" the court document says.'

What a fucking joke...caught lying about his actions, judge says "nothing to see here".

Warriner-1-e1606793002183.jpgWarriner was suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and decided that she would go to the hospital. She was presumed to have Covid, though a later test would show that she did not have the virus.

'Video from the incident shows Warriner at the Toronto hospital's lobby in a medical gown with a mask on her chin. She was told to put on the mask, and was then approached by security. The incident between the guards and Warriner is now shown on the security cameras as it was turned by another guard. He says he did so because he "panicked" and "got really anxious." The guard was able to keep his job afterward.

The guard allegedly pushed Warriner against the wall, and then restrained her on the ground. She was then moved away by guards while unconscious. She died in hospital 16 days later. The coroner's report showed that she died from a brain injury from a lack of oxygen due to "restraint asphyxia following struggle and exertion." Her COPD was found to be a possible contributor to her death.

"But for her interaction with the Applicants, Ms. Warriner would likely be alive today," the forensic pathologist said during the preliminary hearing.'

What in the actual fuck...

Family files $16 million lawsuit against hospital, guards

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Jan 25 - Shame! We Didn't Warn the Vaccinated!"

Doug P said (January 25, 2023):

I can't speak for anyone else, but I got sick of being physically pushed around, insulted, losing jobs and losing friends and associations for warning people not to trust known criminals, thieves and murderers long before Kovid was created. I still kept on doing it anyways. Ask me that in person sometime...see what happens. Bring yourself a first aid kit, maybe a change of clothes. Most of you are just too stupid to live in a modern age.

Tony B said (January 25, 2023):

I called this thing a GENOCIDE from day one but almost no one else has used the word. People are STILL not using the word GENOCIDE when most damned well know that's what it is. Why the hell all the pussy footing around not calling GENOCIDE, what it is, GENOCIDE? 

But it must also be mentioned that many of these people NOW complaining about not being warned, WERE WARNED but they ridiculed those who warned them. So now those who didn't take the damned shot are to blame because THEY did take it? BULLSHIT!

Dennis said (January 25, 2023):

didn’t warn either friends or family because in their minds I wear a tinfoil hat. There is no way they will listen to a word I have to say, so I don’t bother. We might very well be nuked soon so it won’t matter anyway. Jesus Christ is the only answer. They don’t want to hear any of that either.

WD said (January 25, 2023):

Three years ago I was in a men's meeting at a local church and brought up the monolith granite columns erected in Georgia, commonly called the Georgia Guidestones. 
I mentioned the statement about reducing the population by 90% and not one comment was made. It got dead silence, and several people I've talked to had all their personal reasons why they had to take the Covid vaccine. You couldn't get through to them. The " you didn't tell us" excuse is bogus and just a means to shift their personal responsibility for finding the truth. I'm just another conservative white man whose experience and education mean nothing to anyone in these United States. I'm grateful to doctors like McCullough and Tenpenny who put their medical careers on the line to tell the public the truth.

MCR said (January 25, 2023):

his is typical of hive minded people.

First, they listen to a bunch of shit,
and do what everybody else does.

They do not think,
they do not observe,
and they do not study science
or history to know when something
does not add up.

When someone of intelligence tells them
otherwise, and why, the hive minded
still follow the hive, even if it kills them.

Then, the hive minded blame the intelligent
persons who tried to warn them.

The hive minded then blame the intelligent
persons for not stopping them.

Rob said (January 25, 2023):

Perhaps I saved one or two people, but most would not listen. My entire family and relatives all took it and simply would not listen too me. Luckily no one has died as of yet.

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