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Jan 24- "There's a Quiet Revolution Taking Place"

January 24, 2023

(The quiet revolution is that the masses are waking up.)

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Catherine Austin Fitts is well-informed, honest and articulate. In the two videos below, she says the globalist plan is to use fake pandemics (WHO) and weather change as excuses to introduce a Chinese social credit system based on a central bank digital currency.

She says the central bankers had a choice, complete control or lose control. They chose complete control. We will be living in"a digital concentration camp." They regard our money as their money and will cut us off if we misstep. We also have a choice: Go with the flow and become a slave. Or find ways to detach from their system, get money out of banks, use cash.

CAF says she is not convinced CBDC will succeed or that they will be a crash. She says COVID has been enormously profitable for certain sectors of the economy which is "engorging itself" on other sectors which they buy on the cheap.
Dr. Jane reveals the DOD/HHS plan to track you down by your injection status, including those who took the shots, when the majority realize this is mass genocide and don't want any more; and the Deagel Forecast shows that, although the entire world has been subjected to medical tyranny, it is the United States that is the real target; did you know that pharma companies have violated federal laws for many years as a part of their normal business?

F-ck your ineffective face masks, F-ck your fraudulent lethal mRNA Pfizer & Moderna COVID gene vaccine, F-ck your vaccine passports, F-ck your green climate scams, F-ck your digital ID & CBDCs


Globalist Harari's crazy ideas: Useless eaters will slaughter each other

The future of the masses will thus depend on the goodwill of a small elite. Perhaps this goodwill will last for several more decades. But in the event of a crisis - a climate catastrophe, for example - it would be very tempting and not particularly difficult to simply throw the superfluous people overboard."

This is code for the Cabalists always intended to genocide the goyim.


Berlin to incinerate 800 million expired Corona masks

Four German federal states have burned a total of over 17 million expired Corona masks. They were bought with taxpayer money. The government wants to burn 800 million masks in total.


Clarkson Fights Back: Goes On Offensive Against Woke Take-Over

"You do know there's a war going on, don't you?"

He wasn't talking about Ukraine. He was talking about a full-on left-wing campaign to unstitch and burn the fabric of Britain. And the genius is that no one really knows that what they're doing is serious. We laugh as they change the name of the Sir Francis Drake Primary School to something less slavey. We think it's all a big joke. But it isn't.

Mark Trozzi MD

Here is a two minute video in which Dr Yeadon calls for criminal charges of the perpetrators and profiteers of the covid-19 bioweapon injections. His statement comes from the declaration of more than 17000 scientists and MDs including myself: the Global Covid Summit, which is also linked to in today's post:


 The Red Thread of Judaism---Where does the tradition come from?

The second goat was then killed as a sin offering and the scapegoat was sent into the wilderness. Once there, the person in charge of the scapegoat would tie a rock to the red thread on the scapegoat and shove the animal off a cliff (Yoma 4:2, 6:8).



Zelensky-wfh.pngFormer Marine Corps officer Scott Ritter says the US-led NATO military alliance is driving the war in Ukraine with the ultimate goal of defeating Russia.

The conflict is not about defending Ukraine as the Western media wants to tell us, it is and has always been about defeating Russia.

NATO is already in direct war with Russia, and Russia has every right to attack targets in NATO countries such as Germany and Poland, which act as logistical centers for the supply of ammunition to Ukraine.

Scott Ritter: NATO is a suicide pill for the world... Pray for Russia to win

Mansplaining-- You don't put gasoline in a Tesla

Reader--"People make fun of these women.  One women mentions that her boyfriend gave her the Tesla -so he's obviously rich.
Reality: Men like thin beautiful -and Stupid Women because that makes them feel smart."


PJW skewers brain dead woke traitors in the West for criticizing Japan's sane immigration policies

putin-lazar.jpgPutin is a Jew-documents from the president's biography confirm rumours

 Putin is a Jew-documents from the president's biography confirm rumours - Fitzpatrick Informer
Putin's alleged nationality card shows that his mother is Jewish. It is highlighted with a red box. It reads "/EBP./" at the end of her name, which is an abbreviation for the Russian word for Jew

The best advice - Select your thoughts


It's official! Boris Johnson has his head up his ass

BORIS JOHNSON: The sooner we can help the Ukrainians to their inevitable victory, the sooner their suffering will be over - and the sooner the whole world, including Russia, can begin to recover from Putin's catastrophe

Cabalists believe they can make up reality but sometimes reality interferes


Happy-New-Fear-cartoon.pngThe WEF agenda around 15-minute cities is a plot to destroy a free life. This must be stopped now.

Some cities that are following the WEF urban agenda are Paris, Portland, New York, Ottawa, Bogota, Barcelona, Melbourne, Oxford and Milan. Last year, they announced that Pleszew was Poland's first 15 minute city. This has already began.

The Left-Wing Identity Crisis
Twitter's open discourse a catalyst for mass public-awakening

There is a seismic shift happening amongst the normies. There is a growing resistance to MSM narratives in mainstream and Left-wing circles, particularly on Twitter, which has huge influence that bleeds into all the other platforms as well.

In conclusion, Elon's intervention into Twitter's nefarious criminal activity not only exposed unprecedented levels of corruption within the government and private enterprise; it paved the way for truth and logic to reign supreme via public discourse, which resulted in a consistent stream of organic mass normie-waking, followed by the current watershed of awakening.


I take it back

Konstantin Kissin is another traitor Cabalist Jew

"Russians want to push America out of E Europe. They're coming for what we have."


Min 50.30



gates-warns.jpgDuring the PSYOP-19 program Australia was one of the most horrifyingly draconian WEF "penetrated" examples of bio-tyranny. As such, the antipodal nation will once again serve as the testbed for the followup "pandemic" which is currently being seeded and normalized as man-made. The purposely absurdist zoonotic COVID-19 narrative was always by design meant to fall apart, just as the grim truth about the DEATHVAX(tm) was always meant to be admitted to the surviving genetically modified humans (GMH).

Former German Army Chief of Staff says Neocons stabbing Germany in the back


Spanish in revolt against Commie Government

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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