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Jan 20 -- It's As Simple as This

January 20, 2023

pilot-locked-out.jpgSince nothing new stands out this morning, I lead with this mini-sermon. Take your medicine naughty children!

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While contemplating our predicament, I am often reminded of the crash of Germanwings flight 9525 in March 2015 killing 150 people. When the pilot went to the can, the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, a suicidal depressive, locked the door  crashed the plane into a mountain. The analogy is that Satanist psychopaths, Cabalist Jewish central bankers and their Freemason flunkies, (i.e the WEF) have locked out the Captain (God)  and are flying the plane into a mountain. This is woke-Communism. It's as simple as this.

Satanists have brainwashed us to reject our Creator so they can take His place. We are satanically possessed.

God is the Moral and natural order, the map to our intended destination. God is synonymous with spiritual ideals/absolutes such as Love, Bliss, Justice, Truth, and Beauty.  Our souls connect us with these ideals.

If you don't believe in God, you don't believe in the difference between Right and Wrong, or Good and Evil. You don't believe in Life. They tell us like has no purpose.  God's purpose for each of us is the Purpose of Life.

Satanism is the religion of Death. It destroys its followers (e.g. the vaccinated, feminism.) Satanism (Cabalism, Communism, Woke) is a catastrophic cancer

   The Satanist MSM is hiding the escalation in Ukraine and the drift to nuclear war.

This is from Gonzalo Lira's Twitter Feed.

ANYTHING can happen, once the US/NATO launches an air-war against Ukraine. Because they WILL strike at Russian territory, claiming they are "interdicting" Russian air defences. The Russians will take this as a declaration of war--and they will react accordingly.

This is the most dangerous stage of the conflict: Will saner heads prevail in Washington--or will they double-down on this war against Russia. They have ALWAYS doubled-down before--always. No reason to think they won't double-down again. The next step for US/NATO is not sending tanks--it's going to war via air-power against the Russians.

That's what they think--that's why they're preparing for it. After tomorrow's Ramstein meeting, I bet Lloyd Austin declares that the US/NATO will impose a No-Fly Zone over UA.
Russian Orthodox Church issues apocalyptic warning
"We pray to the Lord so that he enlightens those madmen and helps them understand that any desire to destroy Russia will mean the end of the world," he added.

The Patriarch's remarks echo a statement by former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev on Thursday, who warned those countries wishing to see Moscow defeated in Ukraine that nuclear powers such as Russia had "never lost a major conflict on which their fate depended." Should such a nation lose a conventional war, it could trigger a nuclear conflict, he added.
   Bank of America customers complaining-their accounts are being raided

   Lots of reports on Instagram, Tiktok, Reddit of problems at Bank of America. $BAC---Many customers are missing money and not getting answers.
tate.jpgFresh & Fit With Andrew Tate - New Zealand PM Is Criminal, Jessica Arden
I see why they're trying to frame Andrew Tate. He explains to women that their task, procreating and raising the next generation, is far more important than career. He says women are not cut out to be political leaders. Men protect and provide for them because their task is more important. All political leaders in the West are WEF puppets.
Gonzalo Lira- "Andrew Tate is no role model--he is a backlash. He is the living embodiment of what a lot of men--young men especially--would like to be able to do: Not be scared all the time. Because every day, in every way, men are told that we are worthless--we are hated. And we're sick of it."
Murdered For Her Bed by Dr. Vernon Coleman

Charlotte FC soccer player Anton Walkes dies at age 25 following boating accident

Are they making up these excuses now for vaccine deaths?
Family of Toronto woman killed after not wearing mask sues hospital and security guards

Is our own government trying to starve us? Whistleblower reveals U.S. government behind attacks on America's food infrastructure

curtis.jpgWhy does Jamie Lee Curtis have a picture of a naked child stuffed inside a suitcase on her wall?

Strong Epstein vibes.


14 Incredibly Awesome Animal Videos That Will Help You To Smile During These Troubled Times

Illinois Is in SHOCK as 88% of Counties REBEL, Refuse to Enforce Ban on Guns


54 mainstream media figures tied to George Soros funding

Among the recipients from Soros' big pockets are "reporters, anchors, columnists, editors, news executives and journalists linked to organizations like ABC, CBS, NPR, Bloomberg News, Reuters, The New York Times and a host of additional outlets."

Utah doctor, three others charged for Not Poisoning Patients


 Ottawa's Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway to get a new Indigenous name

The new name for the parkway will be shared at a ceremony and public event on Sept. 30, the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Just give the country back to the natives and get it over with. I'm sure they will do the right thing.

This is just a ploy the WEF uses to replace whites. First you replace their history. Then you replace them.

Catherine Austin Fitts: A Coup is Being Prepared by Using the WHO

Agitprop.jpgRuss Winter-- Young Black Man Nails the Divide-and-Conquer Agitprop Agenda

As an African-American male, I am deeply appalled at the divide-and-conquer agenda we're seeing in film and television. They are putting out films that portray black history as "unfair" and "vengeful" against whites. They are trying to incite blacks like me into aggression vs whites. Propaganda 100%.

Stew Peters Calls on President Trump to Apologize for Pushing COVID Death Jabs

No apology will be accepted. Trump is promoting genocide. He is a mass murderer and traitor.
Cringe----Martha Steward shills for Pfizer

They're getting desperate

Reader--"but... I'm sure Stewart got the catering gigs at Pfizer for at least two yeas...
think of the target audience this aims at..

Martha Stewart: 'Unvaccinated Citizens Should Be Executed'


B3-EK335_CROSBY_FR_20190702111144.jpgDavid Crosby- Vaccinated and Dead

David Crosby on Twitter: "Of course I do .....I took one ...truthfully have to be a room temperature IQ not to understand them and ascertain that it is the correct move"


VERY URGENT: After four shots, Covid jabs sharply REDUCED immune function in mice

But as governments around the world continue to press boosters on largely unwilling populations, this paper shows more clearly than ever the risks they are running - and why further Covid vaccinations must be suspended unless researchers can prove that the immune collapse found in mice will not also happen in humans.
Died Suddenly

Coke paid minority rights orgs to smear as racist opponents of sugar.

Christopher Wray at Davos openly bragging about how the FBI colludes with social media to censor Americans. At this loint, the FBI might as well rename themselves the Soros Scouts or American Stasi.


Satanic Panic: Martensville Police Cover Up [Documentary]


meme-simp.pngElon Musk's Twitter actually has an "unsafe" warning on this link to E Michael Jones' latest interview

The learned Dr. Jones and Dissident Mama discuss Americans' "identity theft," Judaism as an ideology, Hollywood's degenerate influence, de-Christianizing the West and globohomo mission creep, the "holocaust industry," abortion as a "fundamental Jewish value," how the ADL is crying wolf, and why now is a "moment of opportunity" to be precise and forthright in our speech and assessments, not coy or cucked.

Original video:

More about the interview:


Nixon was the last real President?

The Most Important Tucker Carlson Segment To Date: Nixon, Ford and the Deep State


Julia Harbeck

 Both my son's got the shot even though I begged them to hold off. Both only got the one shot and both had adverse reactions. My oldest son seems to have it the worse as he is over weight. Severe headaches. Ear pain. He is more prone to catching everything that goes around when he never used to be and lives alone. Numbness and tingling in his arms. What is the lastest treatment to get this vaccine out of the body. He really feels he is slowly dying since the symptoms are more and more frequent. My younger son has muscle aches and spasms sporadically all over his body. They are finally starting to reduce in number over 1 year later.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Jan 20 -- It's As Simple as This"

Al Thompson said (January 20, 2023):

“God is the Moral and natural order, the map to our intended destination. God is synonymous with spiritual ideals/absolutes such as Love, Bliss, Justice, Truth, and Beauty. Our souls connect us with these ideals. “

I agree. We need to understand that when we ignore these ideas, nothing but trouble follows. The things in my life seem to go better when I keep the natural order or natural law in the forefront of my mind and actions. Finally, there is something that works well and is very dependable. My life is much happier as a result.

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