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Jan 19 - Paul McCartney's Death Decided Beatles' Fate

January 19, 2023


John Lennon was murdered after he decided to reveal McCartney's death and replacement. MI-5 had threatened him with death if he exposed it.

The blood and gore on this cover reference the horror that the three surviving Beatles felt when they saw Paul McCartney's decapitated body in a London morgue in Nov. 1966. (See the head on Paul's lap.) Many songs on this and subsequent albums revealed their grief and provided clues to Paul's death in an auto crash. John Lennon's music became a dirge to Paul. He revealed the accident in the lyrics when played backward. John's grief was such that he wanted the Maharishi Mahesh to transfer Paul's soul into Campbell's body.

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This mind blowing documentary by Joel Gilbert smacks of an Intelligence operation but I believe it is 80% true and casts the Beatles in an entirely new light. The documentary claims:

Paul McCartney was killed when Rita, a female fan he picked up, went berzerk with excitement and caused him to have a fatal accident. This is suspicious since Paul was mangled but Rita escaped injury-free.

MI5 got a replacement, William Campbell, because they feared hundreds of teenage girls would commit suicide on the news of Paul's death. (Ridiculous BS. What was the real reason?)     (Video, 1.40 min)

The current Paul McCartney is really William Campbell

Jim Fetzer suggests this may be a limited hangout  --"I have watched this over the past few days. It is brilliant but omits that MI-5's Maxwell (using a silver hammer from the Vatican) killed Paul, as Richard Balducci has discovered. The rest is consistent with what else I know about Paul's death and replacement. Here's one of many shows with Richard: Otherwise, this provides some fascinating details, including revelations about Heather Mills I did not see coming."  (Makow-Mills supposedly was Rita's new name but she was born in 1968. She could not be the woman who caused the accident and blackmailed Campbell, "Faul" McCartney, into marrying her in 2002. Why did police try to kill her in 1993?)

Makow- The premise that this information was on a tape George Harrison made in the hospital after he was attacked by a madman who broke into his mansion is hard to believe.
It is far too polished and detailed to come from a man who had just been stabbed in the chest. Harrison believed that his decision to reveal the truth was the reason for the Dec. 30, 1999 attack.  I expect that this doc is largely true but as with limited hangouts, something important, the Tavistock connection? is left out. Why else would MI-5 be involved? However, contrary to reports that the Beatles were a Tavistock psy op, after Paul's death, John Lennon appeared to have complete creative control over music and album covers.

A Different Take on the Subject

A reader weighs in--There is a whole YouTube channel dedicated to this subject

"I've read the books and watched the clips; Paul McCartney died in '66, and was replaced. Much trouble in 1980 when "Paul" was arrested in Japan with Marijuana. His fingerprints didn't match his 1960 Hamburg arrest. "Faul"(fake Paul) is two inches taller than P.M. Jane Asher didn't marry the replacement. MI5 was at the lead, and the Beatles were never the same."

Another read-- would suggest your readers check out Mike Williams' research into the
entire Beatles conspiracy which goes far beyond the death of Paul

Mike's channel

Back a couple of years ago he released  4.5 hour presentation on whether
they wrote all their own music: and here's another
interesting video where he breaks down their 1960-1963 period


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Comments for "Jan 19 - Paul McCartney's Death Decided Beatles' Fate"

Mary said (January 20, 2023):

Regarding your recent article on the awful Beatles, are you aware of the connection of the Fab Four and their friendship with Jimmy Savile? Together they visited child brothels. Jimmy was a huge influence on dear old John Lennon--and it showed.  

I was fifteen when the jerks hit our shores and I was never impressed though I had to pretend I was to fit in with my contemporaries, though I never stooped low enough to buy Beatle music. I preferred The Hollies and The Yardbirds, British groups who actually had talent!

Stonka (Poland) said (January 19, 2023):

I haven't watched that video from the beginning to end but what I saw was enough to make the reasonable assessment.
BTW, it's really not necessary to watch any full video to convince me that 2x2=5. It's a loss of time.
The must of watching full video is an empty argument.

I do know that fabricating the second Paul McCartney is simply impossible. This man is a legit musician and vocalist. Noone can fake him. I have 40 years of experience as a musician. It's ridiculous.

I know there's a lot going on about the Beatles. Popularity makes political attraction. I personally don't support any of their social or political claims. They were naive kids.

THEY produce the fake conspiracy theories to ridicule the independent media.
I think you have fallen into that trap.
The best example of producing the fake conspiracies is Fake-Moonlanding.
All that activity is typical Jewish work of disinformation.
All we have to do is to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Alan said (January 19, 2023):

The theory that all four Beatles were replaced

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