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Jan 1 - "Brazil is Finished"

January 1, 2023

knifed.jpgLike Trump, Bolsonaro surrounded himself with traitors. Left. Backstabber General Mourao

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"Army general Mourao, Bolsonaro's VP who betrayed the president and supports with the rest of the military the election fraud and the communist thief Lula, is a 33-degree Mason. The last hope is gone." --Marcos

SAO PAULO, Dec 31 (Reuters) - Brazil's acting president, Hamilton Mourao, on Saturday criticized outgoing far-right leader Jair Bolsonaro for allowing anti-democratic sentiment to thrive in the wake of this year's election, in a veiled dig in a New Year speech.

For Communists, like Rothschild-owned Reuters,  anyone who believes in individual freedom is "far-right."

Bakhmut falls! - Councilor Zelensky: "We have thousands of dead" - 30 times greater losses than the Russians! - Ukrainians Ambushed (Hard Video) - WarNews247

free-donut.jpgNever forget

Putin Says 'The West Lied About Peace' in New Year's Address To Russia

 "For years, the Western elites hypocritically assured all of us of their peaceful intentions," he says in lengthy speech to his people.


CJ Evans- 2022-2027; A nation in decline and the probable timeline to war

"We must not mistake people reacting to their misery and heartache as their awareness of the truth; they are now nothing but rats in a highly controlled lab experiment. These people do not want to know this truth, and do you blame them? Only several percent of humanity understand these times, and as the older and wiser people who know of this conspiracy die off, there are fewer younger folk to replace them."

russia-war-us-nuclear-targets-map-vladimir-putin-donald-trump-fema-cold-war-WW3-1306804.jpgThe 15 Worst Places To Be in the Event of a Nuclear Attack on the US


Swiss banker Pascal Najadi files criminal charges against new Swiss President Alain Berset

In the criminal complaint, he detailed how the health minister told Swiss television SRF on 27 October 2021 -- a month before the referendum on extending the COVID certificate requirement -- "with the certificate, you can show that you are not contagious."


Reader--"Hello, Henry, hope all is well for you and your doing fine. Another crazy year flew by, and I must admit reading your articles was a daily routine to keep informed, learn stuff I never knew, and to keep my head up with all the new knowledge. Your recent article about the Civil Rights was a home run. Again, without your knowledge all that material would have never been read. It reminds me of the Robert Edmonson article to where you were the only one to ever give the guy due credit. People like yourself along with Mr. Edmonson, Benjamin Freedman give us gullible naive Christians a major heads-up on what is coming our way by the devious forces. Without you gentleman not caring for Americans I don't know where we would be today because you guys have brought so much awareness to us that the ones who didn't have their heads in the sand knew how to prepare. To me its like receiving a guide by a caring person/group trying to help navigate innocent people from the dark forces. With all that being said , "I would like to wish a happy new year, and I am looking forward to next year to keep reading and learning! Thank you for caring, Have a good one H!

Reply--They say one attentive reader is a writer's reward. You are worth a million.

Hasn't read HM.COM

PETER HITCHENS: Why do we stir up trouble in foreign countries but can't even run our own?

disney.jews.JPGThe Walt Disney Co. saw $123 billion of its market value evaporate in 2022 as its stock dropped 44 percent amid profitability concerns, CEO musical chairs, and a suicidal embrace of woke identity politics.

is a running account of the vaccine mini (so far) holocaust


PBS Frontline -- Breaking the Bank, on the credit crunch

Good Cop

Elon Musk's CIA Beginnings


greg-pierzchala-1-6210064-1672243651247-2598902335.jpgFrom Jim Faith on Fecesbook

Justin Trudeau and your liberal regime are solely responsible for the violent death of OPP CONSTABLE GRZEGORZ PIERZHALA on Tuesday December 27 2022. This young man's life was cut short by two violent criminals! Randall McKenzie should never have been out on BAIL. This criminal has multiple firearms crimes and assaults and was banned from legally possessing a legal firearm. Randall McKenzie while incarcerated stabbed another inmate and when released on BAIL never appeared for a court date. This criminal should never had the ability to be roaming around any community but a prison. You and your regime Justin Trudeau created Bill c-75 which is a catch and release Bill. Arrest a violent criminal with a history of firearm violence and release him into the population to reoffend and murder a perfect young man and snuff out his future. You and your regime Justin Trudeau are responsible for softening penalties on crimes committed with illegal firearms and the illegal importation of illegal firearms across our boarders! Justin Trudeau and your incompetence are the reason Constable Greg was murderedand you should atone for your actions. RESIGN!!!!!!!!! LEGAL FIREARMS LICENCED OWNERS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM IN CANADA. THE PROBLEM IN CANADA IS JUSTIN TRUDEAU AND HIS HYPOCRITICAL POLICIES AND ILLEGAL FIREARMS POSSESSED BY CRIMINALS!


Here's an articulate video presentation by "The Patriot Nurse" on what's changed in the establishment medical system since Covid that explains, in her words, "why you need to become your own doctor." She doesn't mean that literally, but that each person know how to take care of their own health problems outside of the medical system, which no longer has your best interest at heart. She says a lot of the most caring people have been forced out of the system due to conflicts between their conscience and the new dangerous protocols they are forced to use.

snowden-crime_1.jpgHere is an article about David Attenborough, who is probably the closest thing to a full-fledged Satanist you are ever likely to come across in your life:

David Attenborough was once the brainwasher-in-chief who directed the channel BBC2 for the Beast's Brainwashing Corporation (BBC). Starting in 1952, Attenborough presented very many of the utter lies of Freemasonic "science" as "truth". In the 1970s, he made the following spectacular but nonsensical statement that epitomized how the mainstream presents as "fact" all the lies of Freemasonic "science":

"If the evolutionary span of life on Earth is represented by a year of 365 days, then man made his first appearance on the evening of the 31st of December, just as the daylight was fading".

"There is something pretty horrible going on. Over 1800 deaths a week more than we would expect, and it's been going on for a long time now...and we need an explanation"



Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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