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January 22, 2023

gates-6656.jpgHow to find barcodes of vaxxed people
 by JS

Actually, it's not difficult to detect the false MAC addresses. To begin with, Apples' I-devices don't show the MAC codes. The following brief instruction is for Android phones.
There are three ways to get the false MAC addresses displayed.
The easiest way is with the onboard bluetooth function of an older smartphone. Open the settings app, navigate to Bluetooth, activate Bluetooth and wait for the result of the scanning. Before that, activate the option ‚Show unknown/unidentified devices', if there is. With a little luck all the bluetooth devices within reach are being listed immediately, both known and unknown.
If that doesn't work, download a bluetooth app from the app store, open it, activate the option ‚Show unknown/unidentified devices', if there is, and activate bluetooth/scan. If the app doesn't do it, may be another one will.
If that doesn't work either, there is the option to get the phone into developer mode.
From Bill--
In order to see these many Mac-numbers on your phone you have to do two things:

1) get your phone into the developer mode
2) next turn on / select the option: "Show Bluetooth devices without names"

1. go to Settings > About Phone>
2. tap continuously on build number until it says "you are now a developer "
3. go to Settings -> System -> Developer options
4. turn on "Show Bluetooth devices without names"
That's all because there is nothing more to say concerning the 'how to detect...'

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