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Hitler's Favorite Jew: The Enigma of Otto Weininger

January 27, 2023

(Otto Weininger, b. 1880, suicide 1903)

"Women, like children, idiots and criminals, should not be allowed to participate in public life."

As Weininger would understand it, Judaism is an attitude characteristic of our culture that encourages selfishness and belittles moral idealism.

This piece has been excerpted from Hitler's Favorite Jew: The Enigma of Otto Weininger by Allan Janik.

Hitler's Favorite Jew: The Enigma of Otto Weininger

    By Allan Janik
(Excerpts by

In his Eastern front military headquarters called the Wolf's Lair, Hitler asserted this on the night of December 1, 1941: "Dietrich Eckart once told me that he was acquainted with only a single decent Jew, Otto Weininger, who took his own life when he recognized that the Jew lives from the deterioration of other nationalities." ... (Discusses his influence on prominent philosophers and writers.)

Much of the literature about Weininger is hearsay, even in respectable circles. All claims about him must be subject to the careful scrutiny that is now possible thanks to the new critical edition of his works and letters. That is not to deny that Weininger's words have fuelled the fires of racism and misogyny until this day, especially in France and Italy, where he has long been a favorite of Fascists and post-Fascists. Textual nuances and contextual niceties are hardly stock-in-trade in those quarters. Unfortunately, Weininger's words can be, and have been, all too easily instrumentalized by bigots in aid of some of the most dubious causes....


It may appear as though Weininger made it too easy to cull texts from Sex and Character that strongly reinforce the idea of its author as a rabid racist, woman-hater, and anti-Semite. Just consider the following theses that may be gleaned from his text:

About Woman

    Woman is thoroughly sexual.

    Woman's physiology determines that she is incapable of rational thinking. That implies that she is neither artistically creative nor moral in her nature.

    Woman is completely nihilistic.

    All Women are either mothers or prostitutes, fully egocentric or entirely without a self.

    Only Women are happy.

    Women, like children, idiots and criminals, should not be allowed to participate in public life.

    Love and understanding are incompatible.

It is important to point out here that the German word Weininger uses for Woman, "Weib," has almost completely changed its meaning since his day. Today, Weib is roughly equivalent to "Bitch," whereas in Weininger's day, "it could be a value-free synonym of the purely descriptive term "Frau." For all his questionable views on women, Weininger's text offers no evidence that he ever intended to use 'Weib' in itself as a disparagement...,"

sex-char.jpg(His master work, 1903)


    Jews are very feminine.

    Jewish antisemitism proves that nobody who really knows Jews can like them.

    The concept of the citizen fully transcends the Jew.

    It is impossible to imagine a Jewish "Gentleman."

    The real Jew has no self and thus no intrinsic value.

    The Jew is more lecherous that the Aryan man.

    Jews lack depth. That is why there are no Jewish geniuses.

    Agility of mind among Jews is really lack of conviction. That explains why there are so many Jewish journalists.

    The Jew is an unbeliever, profoundly unreligious.

    The Jew's eroticism is sentimental, his humor is satire.

    The spirit of modernity is Jewish. It is the affirmation of sexuality on the part of the morally weak man.

Why did Weininger write so provocatively if he was not a fanatic? It is not easy to understand, especially when he emphatically rejected all forms of discrimination, legal and moral, alongside these allegations.

    In rejecting the women's emancipation, Weininger sharply insisted that he is not objecting to the idea that:

    A woman gives the orders in her house, while her husband no longer dares to contradict her. She walks in unsafe areas at night without the protection of an escort. She lives on her own. She visits men. She is allowed to hear discussions of sexual topics. She desires to earn an independent living. She desires to study at a conservatory or a university. Briefly, woman's desire for external equality with men.

In short, he found none of these scandalous ideas of his time problematic; since that is true, Weininger should be classified as a progressive. He had a problem with women's desire to possess a male soul, which her biology rules out.

(He denied being a misogynist.) "Justice is one and the same for both Man and Woman. Nobody must presume to deny or forbid Woman anything as being "unfeminine," and it is a vile judgment to find a man who has killed his adulterous wife not guilty, as if, legally, she had been his possession.... this book is the greatest homage ever paid to women.... Most people theoretically pretend to respect Woman and practically despise women all the more: I have reversed this relationship.... Man must overcome the aversion against the masculine woman in himself, which is nothing but common selfishness. (Löb, 307)

A few pages further the full radicalism of Weininger's view is stated in no uncertain terms:

"Thus at last the demand for abstinence on the part of both sexes is fully explained from the supreme view of the problem of Woman, seen as the problem of humanity (Löb, 311, my emphasis, AJ).

... In Weininger's view, only when men abstain from sexual relations with women are both truly human.

What is the obstacle to realizing that ideal? Weininger's answer is "Judaism." ... Weininger made the situation even more complicated by characterizing Judaism in a way that is virtually unthinkable today:

    "I do not mean either a race or a nation, and even less a legally recognized religious faith. Judaism must be regarded as a cast of mind, a psychic constitution, which is a possibility for all human beings and which has only found its most magnificent realization in historical Judaism....

As Weininger would understand it, Judaism is an attitude characteristic of our culture that encourages selfishness and belittles moral idealism. That such a pseudo-ideal should be the target of an ethical critique of modern society seems strange to us, but we forget Weininger lived in an idealistic culture dominated by the notion that progress resulted from the application of scientific knowledge to the physical world (the Vienna Circle originated in Weininger's Vienna with one of his fellow students, Victor Kraft, as a senior member) and oriented towards solving social problems.

The concrete embodiment of the middle class's social reform was in Vienna's private charitable organizations; they were focused on everything from educational reform to world peace and the abolition of poverty. During World War I, such idealism disappeared, which is yet another factor that makes (Stefan Zweig's) The World of Yesterday so very difficult for us to understand today. Old science is funny and old values are absurd. But we need to understand them if we are going to solve the enigma of Otto Weininger. To this end, our study is divided into nine chapters:

    The Road to Eros und Psyche

    The Viennese Origins of Sex and Character

    Sex and Character I: Early Sexology and the Theory of Plasms

    Sex and Character II: Towards a Psychology of Male and Female

    Sex and Character III: The Lot of Men and Women in Weininger's Moral World: What is and what Can Be

    Judaism and anti-Semitism

    Weininger's End: Suicide

    Hitler, Wittgenstein and Joyce: Three Weiningerians?
Makow- I find Jannik rather pedantic. Weininger's important insight was recognizing that Jews like women tend to be subjective as opposed to objective. They live in a solipsistic bubble , a world of their own creation, defined by their self-interest. (John 8-44) This is the Cabalism or Satanism infecting our world today like a cancer. They think they can make up reality, that there is no objective truth. 
They are reality creators, scam artists. Hence the Chosen People bullshit, "Zionism," the Scamdemic, Hollywood and Agenda 2030.

Morality is objective. It is God's POV. God, Objective Truth is Ultimate Reality. Thus, as in the Ukraine war, we only hear about Russian aggression, nothing about what Organized Jewry (NeoCons) did to prompt this "aggression." This is true of antisemitism in general. But many Jews like myself are actually very idealistic which makes it easy for Organized Jewry to deceive and manipulate us.

They want to force us to accept their lies by labelling the truth as "hate speech" and disinformation. This is the meaning of "comply." Never forget that Communism is a satanic cult. Communism is cabalist Judaism.

Of course, you cannot generalize about all Jews or all women. Many are objective and scrupulously honest.


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