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January 4, 2023

racketeering.jpgHow to ID Cult members

Hidden in plain sight, the evil communicates and casts spells.  It wants your soul.

"Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws."

        -attributed to Confucius


How to ID Cult members (not a comprehensive list, see for more detailed info):

-Family lines.  Many are born into the Cult.  Some who are accomplished are invited in after proving themselves to the Cult.
-People with massive wealth had to join to keep or get that wealth.
-Anyone with significant decision making power is in the Cult.  Government officials, corporations, college admission officers, judges, etc.  No one gets to a powerful position without Cult approval.
-Top schools are their training ground (Ivy League, etc)
-They use signalling and signels.  Hand signs, tattoos and emblems, sculptures, marking on the ground and even the organization of cities (geomancy).
-They follow the principle of Inversion.  Cross dressing, trans and homo-sexual are part of their spiritual practice.

-Magick numbers.  Especially "6".  This is where the word HEX comes from.  They literally cast spells on people.
-Sun Worship.  Since ancient times.  These logos are all around us.
-Always a "Hidden Hand".  The first rule is "Don't talk about Fight Club".  The second rule is "Don't talk about Fight Club".  Enforced with a blood oath and death for loose lips.
-Popular culture and mass media are all controlled by the evil.  Watching or reading these things is like pouring poison into your mind.  Beware!

It doesn't matter what you believe, THEY believe this and are using these things against YOU.

There are also good things and people who follow Truth, Compassion and Tolerance; Falun Dafa aka Falun Gong, which is being persecuted in China by the CCP. Even in the face of evil, good people can prevail! More info:

The final signal that will be revealed is likely the alien presence behind the evil.  People will be shocked to find out how many people fell to their spells.  Understanding the source, where it comes from and how to deal with it will be the key in the future.  You might not fully understand this yet, but watch and file it away for the future, there is no doubt we will see this.

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