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Justin Trudeau's Pedophile Problem

December 7, 2022

The acorn doesn't fall far from the pedophile. Justin Trudeau with his father Pierre Elliot Trudeau at a Montreal Expos baseball game in 1987. Pierre Elliot Trudeau was Canadian Prime Minister from 1968-1984. Evidence suggests Justin was sexually abused by his father who was a pedophile.

Justin's $2 Million payout to Statutory Rape Victim

"According to the father of the girl, his daughter was "much, much younger" than the 17 -years-old that had been previously mentioned in the press. Trudeau was discovered with the daughter by her father in his family home in June 2001."

Justin Trudeau Pedophile

by Cathy Fox
(Excerpt by

When Trudeau was a teacher at West Point Grey Academy,
Vancouver, British Columbia he sexually abused one of his underaged pupils. Trudeau was at the school between 1999 and Jun 2001.

Justin Pierre James Trudeau's lawyers sought out the woman at the end of September 2019, eighteen years after Trudeau's sudden departure from the school. They lawyers demanded that she sign a non-disclosure agreement regarding their past relationship. This was just before the Canadian Federal Elections of Oct 2019, when Trudeau was Prime Minister, and seeking another term as Prime Minister. [4]

The girl signed the $2.25 million (c.£1.8 million) mutual non-disclosure, non-disparagement agreement, in exchange for her continued silence, on the Wednesday evening of October 9th 2019.[2] The terms of that agreement prevent both the accuser and Trudeau from acknowledging any aspect of that relationship, without triggering a six-to-seven-figure liquidated damages clause. That penalty starts at $500,000 and scales up, depending on the magnitude of the breach. [2]

The girl's father, a prominent Canadian businessman, was not a party to the $2.25 million mutual non-disclosure non-disparagement agreement. He was incorrectly copied into an email between the negotiating parties ie his daughter and Trudeau's lawyers.[2] The businessman therefore has a good case that neither he nor his daughter are in violation of the agreement, and he presumably ensured that the bank transfer was completed before he disclosed the existence of the agreement to the media!

trudeau-logo.jpgAccording to the father of the girl, his daughter was "much, much younger" than the 17 years old that had been previously mentioned in the press.[2] Trudeau was discovered with the daughter by her father in his family home in Jun 2001 [2]. If the daughter was 17 in Jun 2001, and the relationship appears to have gone on for many months both on and off campus, then when it started she may have been something like 15 years old...

At the time, around 2000, Canada's age of consent was 14 years old which was raised to aged 16 in 2008. However Canada outlaws sex between adults and people younger than 18 when the adult is in a position of responsibility for the well being of that child.

Justin Trudeau was in a position of responsibility for the well being of that child and his behaviour would have been illegal at the time in Canada [2].

I presume the situation is similar to that of statutory rape in the UK, in that in statute law the child cannot legally give consent. The actions of Trudeau are those of a sexual predator. He took advantage of an underaged girl, when he was in a position of responsibility over that child. As well as being in a position of responsibility over her, she could not give legal consent and was almost half his age. Trudeau betrayed the trust of the school and the parents. In short Trudeau is a paedophile.

When Trudeau was discovered by the girls father at their family home, it prompted private demands to school administrators that he be removed from his position immediately. "There was a small settlement at the time".

Trudeau's friends said that the typically outgoing and exuberant young man was suffering through a bout of depression following his father's death in 2000, and his brother's death in 1997. They postulate that anything improper was likely a result of his fragile emotional state at the time, not because of any nefarious character trait.

The agreement presumably is a civil law agreement. Perhaps Trudeau and the school could still be sued by the businessman if he so wished but it likely would be counterproductive for his daughter and himself.

ingvaldson.jpgJustin's Paedophile Friend Christopher Ingvaldson

Whilst he was at West Point Grey Academy, Justin Trudeau's fellow teacher and friend was Christopher Charles Ingvaldson [10]. Ingvaldson also turned out to be a paedophile. Ingvaldsen was discovered downloading child abuse images in 2010 when he was teaching at nearby Vancouver all boys private school - St. George's School. He was Head of Social Sciences.
St. Georges School

Reports at the time said that his "offenses did not involve the school in any way or endanger the students" [10] However the court transcript states...    

"Investigation by the Vancouver Police found that the offender was using primarily two Internet Protocol addresses to access the Internet - one at his place of employment at St. George's School where he was a teacher, and one at his home where he lived with his wife.  At St. George's the offender was using a laptop computer provided to him by his employer. "

Forty one images of pre-pubescent boys and girls being sexually assaulted and penetrated by adult male penises. There were also images of very young children in sexual poses. These images have been filed and sealed as exhibits in this case and counsel agree they are examples of child pornography at the "high end of the scale", lacking only the element of violence.

Australian police, in a project code named "Project Ocean", were investigating use of the Internet, particularly Facebook, in circulating child abuse material. The police uncovered a 14 member group on Facebook entitled "Little Girls Love To Play Too". Ingvaldsen was a member of that group [45].

Ingvaldson pleaded guilty to two counts and was sentenced to three months in prison and two years probation in 2013. Ingvaldson had to provide a DNA sample and listed as a registered sex offender for 10 years.

When pedophiles Justin Trudeau (JT) and Christian Ingvaldsen (CI) were teachers at West Point Grey Academy they lived in the same apartment at the corner of 12th Avenue and Granville Street with Ingvaldsen's wife Pansy.

blackface.jpg"Ingvaldson and Trudeau were very close. Ingvaldson even contributed a chapter to a book, Pierre, edited by Nancy Southam, detailing his memories of meeting the former prime minister when he was staying with Justin at their home in Montreal." [82a]

After becoming Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau encouraged Ingvaldson to run for political office as a member of the Liberal Party. Ingvaldson obliged and announced his desire to be the Liberal MP candidate in the district of Vancouver-Kingsway, and developed a social media pages announcing his plans to run.

"The criminal charges shocked everyone. Trudeau cut off contact. Trudeau says that a person wants to think they will always be there for their good friends, but that is not the case. There is a line that can't be crossed he said, visibly disturbed."

Trudeau could have been visibly disturbed as he was worried that any paedophile talk about Ingvaldsen could also rub off on him as he had also crossed a similar line.

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PT said (December 7, 2022):

I've never understood how any non-disclosure agreement can be binding when it serves to conceal a crime.

The whole premise of that is ridiculous.

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