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Love Starved

December 1, 2022


"He's just doing that to get attention."

That's what love is. Paying attention. Caring.

The WEF can't stop us from loving
and it may make all the difference.

by Henry Makow PhD

"Do You Wish People Cared About You More?"

I asked this question in a Gab poll Wednesday. 
From 60 replies, 62% said no, while the remainder said yes or a bit more.

The question seems to have offended the "No's"

"This question doesn't make sense,"  one replied. 

Others replied that God's care is sufficient.

"I don't care what people think about me because the things I stand for is exclusively to show Christ I am the person He wants me to be!"

"I wish people cared more about themselves and the Creator. maybe those go hand-and-hand because I found once I started praising and loving God I started caring more about myself and how I act and treat myself and others. Strange question though."

"Is this a leftist question? Who cares ether way ? You got a life to live and help others on the way, till God calls us home. You'll have plenty of friends in your life but will they be with you in Heaven? Did you tell anyone of Jesus"

It made some people angry.

"this is a very selfish, self centered, narcissistic question. Do you need people to care about you? Personally i prefer people to stay the hell out of my business."

"Most people are lying, stealing, cheating, back-stabbing, thieving, assholes....i.e. psychopaths. I don't need them, want them, care for them, or care about them, or want them in my life. I'd rather shoot them than look at them. Other than that, I have no hard feelings on the subject. I trust my dog more that any human."

Do you need people to care about you?

And if so, why?

A friend who died unloved said, "you're nothing if nobody loves you."

While this is relying too much on other people, it's stupid to deny that we all need attention. Just look at how YouTube and TikTok have exploded with attention-seekers. Everyone's taking selfies.  Is everyone so starved for attention in their personal lives that they have to seek it from the general public? Followers?

sunlight.jpgThe truth is that love is like sunlight to a plant.  We blossom when someone takes a sympathetic interest in us.

Is this still happening? Everyone seems to be wrapped up in their own lives.

The discovery that Satanists have totally subverted society is jarring. We have seen the patina of civilization evaporate like morning dew. We have been brutalized by the "social distancing," masks, and other lockdown bullshit. Many truly unfortunate people have been crippled or killed by the so-called "vaccine."

Yeah, that's a lot to bear. People have been a disappointment, with some important exceptions.

But rather than clam up, let's start exuding an interest in people we respect and like.

The WEF can't stop us from doing that, and it may make a great difference.


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Comments for "Love Starved "

G said (December 2, 2022):

We are a severely abused and wounded global society. We model them, THE DESTROYERS, if we turn our backs on each other. He who says he
needs no love from another lies, or is so damaged he cannot see beyond his injuries. It is he (or she) who is most in need of an authentic touch of human friendship and compassion. Inside each is
an innate drive to connect and be understood, if not appreciated and valued. If we don't pull together we hand victory to those who would
pit us against each other and we would virtually and regrettably allow them to carry on with their destructive, perverted, toxic,
DEHUMANIZING, TOTALITARIAN agenda. Love, help, and care about each other, or fully play into the enemy's hands. Your choice.

LF said (December 2, 2022):

You are correct. Most people are too busy, to care/love. That is one major reason, which allowed, Covid 19 to attained the traction that it did.

The vast majority of people who, I have encountered, who believed the Covid 19 narrative, could not be bothered, to ask me why. They were too busy trying to survive life, and or trying to fit in. This is communism’s primary attack point.

Make people so engaged in merger survival, that they are unable to love, ie care. They will believe anything, just leave me alone. The person is so miserable, they avoid, anything that may possibly make them even more miserable. Especially truth. Especially if truth is too hard to comprehend. Especially if that truth, contradicts their previous believes.

In short we now live in a loveless, uncaring world.

Doug P said (December 2, 2022):

I wish people cared about other people more and especially society at large more. I do not think most people care about themselves. I'm an introvert, don't need for others to care although its nice when they do.

Al Thompson said (December 2, 2022):

Love in the proper way has been mostly destroyed by the communist “new world order.” It’s not supposed to be this way but that’s the way it stands right now. I’ve given up on even worrying about it unless someone brings up the subject. My response is that my dogs love me unconditionally. That’s all I need or want. I’m in heaven with my dogs. No woman that I know of could even rise close to that level of love that I get from my dogs.

A natural love among men and women would improve if the governments were not so evil. Most people have a bad attitude because they feel the restriction in their own lives. The level of trust is very low right now but it can be improved.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at