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Dec. 9 - The Tide is Turning

December 9, 2022

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These days no news is good news.

But there are many signs that the tide is turning. As the vaccine injuries pile up, the mass murdering globalists will be discredited and dismissed. Thanks to the Internet, Agenda 2030 will be stopped. The good news is that the globalists have exposed themselves and mankind can begin to purge itself of Satanist control. You can't beat the Moral and Natural Order.

House Passes $858 Billion Defense Bill Repealing Vaccine Mandate for Troops

This just proves the "vaccines" are not about health.

 The House on Thursday overwhelmingly passed an $858 billion defense policy bill that would rescind the Pentagon's mandate that troops receive the coronavirus vaccine, pushing past the objections of the Biden administration as lawmakers in both parties united behind another huge increase in military spending.


Senator Kyrsten Sinema Leaves Democrat Party - Announces Her Independent Status

Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema announced Friday that she has left the Democratic Party and has registered as an independent, saying she's turning her back on the "broken partisan system in Washington" that prioritizes denying the opposition party a win rather than "delivering for all Americans."

Vanguard Quits Climate Alliance In Major Blow To Woke Investing

Vanguard's exit comes at a time of increased saber-rattling and legal maneuvers by Republicans against investment firms pursuing woke agendas in general and anti-fossil-fuel agendas in particular.


Who is behind this domestic insurrection?

'This was malicious intent, it was no accident': Portland officials say state-wide attacks on electrical substations were deliberate: Sabotage at SEVEN plants across America have left thousands without power  

    Two Portland electrical substations were deliberately targeted last month, officials reveal amid several other states reporting attacks
    Power at the substations led to residents briefly without power on Thanksgiving
    The attack comes as North Carolina and Washington were also targeted
    Electricity in North Carolina was restored on Thursday after the attack at two electric facilities on Saturday
   twit-illegal-procedure.jpg Tweets the DNC Asked Twitter to Take Down
    Allegations have surfaced on social media that the infamous "Laptop from Hell" belonging to presidential candidate Joe Biden's son Hunter contains photos of him together with a topless niece, aged 14 at the time.

The photos have been presumably seen by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani who, together with former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, personally turned over the evidence to jurisdictional authorities in the state of Delaware.


Stephen Lendman - Ukraine's Grim Fate - Thank you (((NATO

Kiev's mayor, Vitali Klitschko, admitted possible "apocalypse" in Ukraine this winter, saying the following: "Kiev might lose power, water, and heat supply."

"The apocalypse might happen...when it's not possible to live in homes considering the low temperature." An estimated 2.8 million residents may have to leave the city if it's without heat in winter cold. Bad as things are now, they'll worsen ahead as Russia more greatly damages or destroys Ukraine's power grid in pursuit of achieving its SMO aims.

Canadian Mortality Surge: Year of the "Pandemic" Vs. Year of the "Vaccine"-------The data is irrefutable.

In 2020, the total excess deaths came in at 16,333 with a YoY increase of 0.04%. The previous two non "pandemic" years 2018 and 2019 had the identical YoY increases in deaths at 0.04%. Therefore, Canada never experienced a COVID "pandemic" whatsoever.

Reviewing the OECD tables for the year of the DEATHVAX™ rollout campaign 2021, we see that the total excess deaths were recorded as 33,133. That is more than double the previous "pandemic" year!

gym.jpgWoman suddenly drops dead while working out at gym

Footage from a gym has shown the horrifying moment a 28-year-old woman suddenly collapsed while working out. WARNING: Graphic images.

Reader-- Note how she looks around in a disorientated state before collapsing to the ground; there's also no clutching of the chest before she drops. This stuff simply isn't normal.

WHO member states agree to develop legally-binding pandemic treaty

"I welcome the agreement by @WHO Member States to develop a zero draft of a legally binding #PandemicAccord designed to protect the world from future pandemics and to continue discussions on the draft in February 2023," said WHO CEO Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.


Israel- A Light Unto the Nations

Israeli arrested for trying to kill his sister, have sex with her corpse. Were you aware of this not being illegal in Israel?

"Necrophilia is technically not a criminal offense in Israel, according to a High Court of Justice ruling from 2018 determining that sexual offenses only apply to the living."


Musk wants "absolute free speech" on Twitter -

brinton.jpeg'Non-Binary' Biden Official Who Stole Designer Luggage From Airport Charged With Second Incident In Las Vegas


Harry Vox - How can it be that the many can't see what is obvious to the few?
Private school in Chicago initiating children into homosexuality

passing around dildos


'The inmates were running the asylum': Elon Musk calls out former safety czar Yoel Roth and confirms right-wing accounts were suspended when 'NO rules were broken' after bombshell Twitter Files exposed 'Soviet-level' censorship

coleman.pngDr.Vernon Coleman: The Jabbed Are Seriously at Risk of Developing Cancer
"The entire medical establishment should be taken out and hung for they are all traitors to their profession and to mankind."
I warned in 2020, two years ago, that the covid-19 jab would cause a huge range of health problems - including myocarditis, strokes, heart attacks blood clots, etc. Everyone in the mainstream media laughed.

Mark Trozzi MD

People have been deceived and injected with a bioweapon. The genetic injections do not prevent covid, and rather cause massive death and disease; but they are still being pushed on the public.

Many countries blood banks, including Canada, are blocking natural people from donating clean safe blood. So all blood transfusions are from genetically modified donors and carry toxins including the spike protein, mRNA, and pegylated nanoparticles. The spike protein is toxic to tissues throughout the body, especially blood vessels and hearts.

baby-will(1).jpgIn New Zealand, currently ruled by Jacinda Ardern who is the WEF agent occupying their prime minister's office, a court has ruled against one family's rightful request that their child
receive clean blood, from natural healthy donors. Baby Will needs heart surgery. The parents want the surgery; but do not want their baby given toxic spike protein and mRNA nanoparticle laden blood. Real science robustly supports these parents decision.

Recently another New Zealand baby died with the covid-injection-spiked blood in a similar situation. The New Zealand courts have ruled against the parents, and ordered that the baby be taken from them, and placed in government custody. The court "granted" authority to the covid-agenda-compliant doctors to administer the toxic blood during the Baby Will's would-have-been life saving heart surgery.  Here is a 5 minute report and call for help; and a 36 minute interview with Dr Anne O'Reilly and attorney Sue Grey who are supporting baby Will and his family.

Indonesia Criminalizes LGBTQ+ Relationships and Extramarital Sex With New Law




John Thiessen: 60-year-old quadruple-vaxxed Canadian homeless advocate dies eight days after fourth mRNA injection


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Dec. 9 - The Tide is Turning "

Al Thompson said (December 9, 2022):

You can't beat the Moral and Natural Order.” I agree.

The “new world order” was finished before it begun. And the reason is that it is founded on evil which always gets bad results.

I call it the “evil world order” and it’s failures are self-evident.

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