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Dec. 3 - Italians Hunted Like Stray Dogs (Goyim)

December 3, 2022

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Two million unvaxed Italians over age 50 face fines

"Even with the Meloni government, the No Vax over 50s will get fines of 100 euros for failing to comply with the vaccination obligation. Today, November 30, the 180 days set to justify failure to comply with the vaccination obligation, for health reasons or because they had contracted the coronavirus in the meantime, expire. And the first fines would have already started.

This is almost two million fines for as many recipients who did not get vaccinated by last June 15, the date on which the vaccination obligation for over-50s expired.


Musk says Twitter was 'acting under orders from the government to suppress free speech' as he releases Hunter Biden laptop files that show execs replying 'handled' to requests from 'Biden team' to delete tweets

How is what Twitter did by suppressing Hunter Biden info any different from Musk suppressing my free speech?

The Cabalist Jewish character of the Communist NWO is the third rail of politics and the reason why people like me are still banned.


Apple plans to LEAVE China as COVID protests delay production of its products: Tim Cook could move factories to India and Vietnam after brutal lockdown at iPhone plant mean key deliveries won't arrive in time for Christmas

girl.jpgCabalist hate crimes against humanity

Teacher Speaks Out: "I Know 2 Kids Who Died Suddenly in the Last 3 Days"



It looks like the messenger RNA IS transferring from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated' ~ Dr Peter McCullough

 China further unwound COVID restrictions Friday, loosening testing and quarantine rules in the wake of nationwide protests calling for an end to lockdowns and greater political freedoms. Anger and frustration with China's hard-line pandemic response spilled out onto the streets last weekend in widespread demonstrations not seen in decades.

New UN 'Climate' Religion Seeks to Update Morality, Ethics  by Alex Newman

SUMMIT OF MT. SINAI, EGYPT-The Deep State's new "climate" religion focused on the environment and care for "Mother Earth" rather than sin, salvation and the Creator, is emerging alongside a growing United Nations push for a new system of morality and ethics.

Ex Disney Star China McClain exposes Satanism in Hollywood.

The entertainment industry is about influence. Satanic images affect you

Japanese Prof Fukushima Calls Out the Covid "Vaccine" BS

Kyoto University Emeritus Professor, Fukushima: "Stop the bad science and do the right science. You have vaccinated so many people. And yet, only 10% of the members of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare who are leading the vaccine campaign have been vaccinated."


rand-paul-compliance.jpgRand Paul: Fauci Caused 7 Million People To Die; "We've Caught Him Red-Handed, He Won't Get Away"

Senator Rand Paul asserted Thursday that Anthony Fauci is directly responsible for funding dangerous research that likely killed millions of people, and that he "won't get away."


Mark Trozzi MD

Dozens of physicians in Ontario refuse to abandon the Hippocratic oath, critical reasoning, and human rights; despite the ruthless criminal covid agenda, and the CPSO's active role in it. Here is a 1 1/2 minute short video. We are holding the line against forced misrepresented deadly injections, the obstruction of safe treatments for covid, cover-ups of covid-injection deaths and injuries, and the destruction of Canadians' health care. People are being deceived, violated and processed like unwanted animals. We reject that. Please stand with us, for all of us, and for future generations.


A Film About the Impending 5G Apocalypse - Humans Are Free

The 5G Trojan Horse (Documentary)

educators-drag-tree.JPGCanada's lamestream media pleads for more government bribes

Our tax dollars used to deceive us


Thirty-eight people control the lives of the other eight billion, says French billionaire

According to French billionaire and RDH President Philippe Argillier, this shadow government infrastructure is behind the government officials who are paraded in front of the world. The people we see, in other words, are just puppets following the globalists' orders.

PJW---Demographic change - supposed to ignore it

Diversity is not a strength-crime i soaring, Hindus fighting Muslims


Reader---I most strongly recommend you watch this guy =  Australian Senator Gerrard Rennick  laying it on properly ,  in full throat !! to the Senate of Australia  !!

eleven minutes of truth-telling


Neurolink  - Musk's computer-assisted humans will be as successful as Zuckborg's metaverse

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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