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Dec 23 - Zelensky & Churchill Have Much in Common

December 22, 2022

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Both are gay Jews. Both are Rothschild pawns. Both are instrumental in starting a world war to kill millions of goyim
and assimilated Jews. (The Nazis spared the Zionists.)

Our corrupt ancestors gave our national credit cards to people who want to destroy us and everything good in life. Mankind is satanically possessed. Globalization, "Wokeism" and Agenda 2030 institutionalize this Satanism i.e. the NWO.

Satanism is not a chic club you join. It's a sickness you get, a spiritual sickness that eventually destroys you. Satanism is the worship of death and destruction, ugliness, sickness and depravity. All of our social institutions have been subverted by Satanists.

We have not been spared as individuals. Most of us are satanically possessed. Think porn and the stock market -- sex and greed -- the North-South of our minds.

Restoring our social institutions will take time, but we can begin to banish evil from our own minds immediately.  A reason our opposition to Communist tyranny has been so lacklustre is because the Satanists have done a good job of degrading/possessing us. If we can purge this sickness, we might be able to stand up to Evil. 

The devil is our roommate. We need to confront him in our minds. I was addicted to the stock market for most of my adult life. This was literally the devil taking control and destroying me, spiritually and financially, very hard to overcome.

Satanism destroys its adherents. Look who is suffering and dying most - the joiners, the people who took the "vaccine." It applies to everyone who partakes in the poisoned banquet proffered by our satanized society.

Everyone promoting the current satanic dispensation, the COVID vaccines and Agenda 2030  will be discredited, disgraced and punished.

Pelosi Compares Zelensky Addressing Congress to Churchill Asking America to Join WWII

Watch Live: Zelensky Addresses Congress & The American People After Pelosi Compared Him To Churchill

Winston Churchill -- Crypto Jew

Winston Churchill- Jewish Banker Sock Puppet     and

pervert-zel2.jpgTIME "Man of the Year"

Winston Churchill- Homosexual Pedophile

Martin Armstrong - The Nightmare Fall of the United States

Martin Armstrong explains, "The computer (Socrates program) is showing that January is going to be the major turning point for the entire year of 2023. . . . The currencies are rallying against the dollar, and that should go into early January and then after that, this thing looks like death warmed over.  Perhaps it is the insanity of handing Patriot missiles over to Ukraine.  I know Ukraine very well, and I am telling you they will use them offensively and not defensively.  They will use them to attack Russia.  Their whole objective is to expand the war."

Armstrong says, "Our computers say nobody will believe the elections.  This is what our computers show.  We are moving into total political chaos.  This is the fall of the United States.  Our Republican form of government does not work.  It is too susceptible to bribery. . . . I would like the tree to fall in the right direction and we have a real actual democracy.  We don't live in democracies.  That's all propaganda.  A democracy would be if we decide to go to war in Russia and Ukraine and not somebody in Biden's Administration.  The people never go for war, it's always the leaders that go for war."

There is much more in this in-depth 1-hour and 2-minute interview.

Chuck Baldwin---- The Birth Of Christ And The Birth Of America Are Linked
    The United States of America is the only nation in human history established by mostly Christian people, founded upon 2,000 years of Christian thought, New Covenant Teaching from Colonial pulpits and Biblical Natural Law principles from the minds of America's founders and dedicated to the purpose of religious and personal liberty and equal justice under the law. This truth is easily observed within America's earliest history.


NFL Legend Franco Harris Dies Suddenly at 72- Was CDC Spokesperson for COVID "Vaccines"

Ronnie-Hillman-e1671694366370.jpgFormer Broncos RB Ronnie Hillman Jr. Dies at 31

Vaccines keep on working

Guggenheim Partners Announces the Untimely and Unexpected Death of Scott Minerd, 63

It is with great sadness that Guggenheim Partners announces the untimely and unexpected death of Scott Minerd, one of Guggenheim's Managing Partners and its Global CIO.  Scott died suddenly on Wednesday afternoon, December 21, 2022, from a heart attack during his regular workout.


Cabalist vaccine decimating US army ?

'We lost a great hero': Decorated Navy special operations commander found dead at his San Diego home - one month after taking over elite SEAL Team One

    Cmdr. Robert Ramirez III, 47, was found dead at his San Diego home on Monday


bankman-fraud-mother.jpgFTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried is FREED on $250 million bail - the largest pre-trial bond in HISTORY - after returning to US from Bahamas: Family puts up home as collateral

    Where did this $250 million come from?
    "The truth about Ukraine now is obvious. It's all about Russian regime change. For whom, at to what end, you must ask? Israel is the answer. Why? Russia is a protector of Israel's neighbors, who are in the way of an Israeli World Order as prescribed by the Talmud. This abuse of the American state, by Jews, has to stop. This menace is far more insidious than Ye Kayne West could ever enunciate. Israel and Jews are going to drag the world in a world war.

Sasha Latypova - Pharma Research Analyst - States Per FOIA Request Revelations

 60 Mil Brass  & 29 Scientific/Medical Advisors are Behind Covid Vaxxes - Operations Structure Outline Shown - @46 mins, et seq. See @47 mins. - These are officials who are behind the vaxx genocide going on.

Dr. Peter McCullough: Covid, The Jab, The Freedom Stripping Agenda

Dr. Dave sits down with Dr. Peter McCullough to discuss the jab (and its countless negative side effects), mandates, and the political / social climate surrounding said topics. Simply put, this is a must watch segment that shines quite a bit of light on data that the deep state would rather remain hidden.


medmafia.jpgReader--I came across Dr. Lanctot's book years ago who openly spoke against the medical establishment, she eventually lost her medical license because of it. It's too bad that most people haven't even heard of her. The only person I know who read her book is my naturopath. I hope more people will take the time to read her book and get to know this incredible doctor.



Massive con - total control over everything you do

How Elites Will Create a New Class of Slaves | Whitney Webb | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 162

Reader-- "I don't know if you have heard of this brilliant 33 year old lady, but she is worthwhile to watch. Starts around just after 4 minutes.

Reader--"In response to your articles about symptoms either after Covid infection or the jab....they sound like hypokalemia (low potassium) and hypomagnesemia (low magnesium).  I had the infection and experience the same symptoms for half a year:  inflammation, muscle twitches, electric shock sensations, body pain, couldn't walk etc.  I began taking potassium and magnesium supplements and following a strict carnivore diet.  All symptoms went away.  

This article explains how hypokalemia is fatal and causes the symptoms described:


soul-scarring.jpgStill don't think the world is run by a satanic cult?

The Satanists have given their victims a guilt complex. They are not allowed to notice who is destroying them, nor speak of it.

Dr. Byram Bridle's lawsuit is now public. Notice of arrest issued for Professor Glen Pyle.

It's a great read on how scientific discourse should be done in 2021 and beyond. A model for all other institutions to follow about how to properly respond to those whose views you disagree with.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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