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Dec. 18 - Pope calls Ukraine Conflict a 'Global War'

December 18, 2022

francis-satanist.jpg(left, a Satanist leads the RC Church)

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Pope calls Ukraine conflict a 'global war'

The fight will likely be long as "there are many hands stirring the war pot," the pontiff says

The conflict in Ukraine will likely be prolonged because it's a "global war" with too many interests involved in it, Pope Francis has warned. Russia has been saying that the "proxy war" has actually been waged against it in the neighboring country by the US and NATO.

"I don't see an end [to the fighting in Ukraine] in the near future because this is a global war. Let's not forget this," the pontiff said in an interview with Spanish paper ABC on Sunday.

There are many more pertinent links at this site. Do you think the JUSA wants to provoke a world war? What better method of depopulation? Who attacks an enemy who has the power to destroy you unless you want to be destroyed?

Take my poll here.

Reader- You ask the question, if the JUSA wants to provoke a world war. I don't think the correct answer would be a yes or a no. What the elite want is exclusive ownership of the planet with a population of no more than half a billion. They told us that via Georgia Guide Stones. I think the elite rather have Russia defeated and controlled as a whole or as broken up pieces. At which point the remaining opposition, namely China and Iran, would fall. That would give them total control of the planet. At that point, they believe they will be able to implement any culling method they see fit. Thus, in their collective mind, would be the least risky method. An all-out war does not guarantee victory for their side. Thus, they will be very careful, and not start a world war unless they think Russia is wining clearly.


Are U.S. Bishops Complicit in the Trafficking and Exploitation of Migrant Children?

The Catholic Church is one of the largest recipients of government grants and contracts for immigration-related activities in America. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), which lobbies the government for ever-expanding migrant programs, received over $67 million in migrant-related funding in 2021, it's second-largest source of revenue that year.


Ukraine returned to the Stone Age in one hour: Storm of Russian missiles from 4 points on the horizon - Millions of Ukrainians in the dark - Ukrenergo declared a state of emergency - Nine facilities were hit

Use chrome to translate

The situation in Ukraine at the moment:

+ Kherson, Kharkiv, Kremenchuk, Kirovograd, Kyiv and Cherkassy are in the dark.

+ Railways are out of service in Kharkiv, Kirovograd, Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk regions.

+ Emergency power outage in Odesa, Zaporozhye, Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Cherkasy and Poltava regions.

+Breaks in heating and water supply in Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk and Kyiv.

The head of the administration of Zaporizhia, Starukh, emphasized that "the area was hit with 15 missiles".

According to information, Tu-95 strategic bombers took part in the attack while missiles were launched from the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea and from the North.

Tu-95 bombers fired X-101 missiles into Ukraine from Volgodonsk.

Finally, Geran 2 kamikaze drones hit targets across the country.

BREAKING: FDA Now Says Pfizer's COVID-19 VACCINE Linked to Blood Clotting
FDA researchers found that the vaccines are linked to pulmonary embolisms in older people. A pulmonary embolism is blood clotting in the lungs.


JewsCrimeEuropeOO-600x900.jpgReview: Jews and Crime in Medieval Europe

As Shoham-Steiner states, "Jewish crime was not just a figment of the medieval mind and its anti-Jewish biases. As such, it is a social phenomenon that needs to be addressed by historians." One of the main obstacles to acknowledging Jewish agency is what Salo Baron called the "lachrymose conception of Jewish history."

Makow - Organized Jewry is organized Crime

Plunder the goyim. Jewish central bank charging interest for credit created out of nothing. Credit crunches and pandemic hoaxes costing trillions in money creation and toxic vaccines. Gratuitous wars.

This is what they are doing in Ukraine and what Putin wants to prevent in Russia.
The Ukraine conflict is the biggest challenge to the New World Order since Hitler.
Hitler was false opposition. Hopefully this is not also true of Putin.

This BIG PICTURE is required to understand the little picture. Our corrupt ancestors gave control of the banking system, the bloodstream of society, to these psychopaths.  They were given our national credit cards which they have maxed out for their personal gain by instigating phoney wars and pandemics.


Reader--This is an interesting video. Gonzalo Lira lays out exactly why the whole media tells nothing but lies.  Masterful.  He explains exactly how the Jews control the media without once saying the word "Jew."

System Pigs, Part 1 -- Journalists


65350561-0-image-a-28_1670441237838.jpgMattel releases "Body Image" book to kids which recommends puberty blockers

The book contains advice about how to change gender  - without their parents' blessing and attempts to teach pre-teen girls 'to live comfortably in their own skin.'


I can't believe Musk allows CJ Bjernes on Twitter but not i

Bjerkness is far more incisive than I about Cabalist plans to genocide humanity- What is his secret sauce?

Miles Mathis on Elon Musk

7% of vaccinated Americans have suffered major side effects from COVID-19 jab: poll

'Demonrats and Republicans reported almost the same exact level of side effects... it's not politicized.'

Mitchell further noted that the poll numbers are likely understated, explaining that with polling, "There's always a little bit of selection bias. In this case, if somebody died from the vaccine, we couldn't poll them."  

Trump is the epitome of false opposition. His supporter are the epitome of rubes.


"We are fighting for the gay community, and we are fighting and fighting hard," Trump said." --AS AMERICA GOES UP IN FLAMES.

Compare with Putin who recently banned gay propaganda

Trump Sells $99 NFT Trading Cards of Himself, Confusing Allies - The New York Times

Donald J. Trump's political opponents have long criticized him as something of a cartoon character. On Thursday, the former president made himself into one -- but with the aim of turning a profit.

In his first significant public move since opening his 2024 presidential campaign last month, Mr. Trump announced an online store to sell $99 digital trading cards of himself as a superhero, an astronaut, an Old West sheriff and a series of other fantastical figures. He made his pitch in a brief, direct-to-camera video in which he audaciously declared that his four years in the White House were "better than Lincoln, better than Washington."


sherman.jpgReward to catch killer of billionaire couple is raised to $35 MILLION after they were found strangled beside their swimming pool in 2017: Son says 'I am forever haunted by what happened to them'

    The deaths of Canadian billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman in 2017 remain a mystery on the five year anniversary of the killings
    The couple's son has offered an additional $25 million for information leading to an arrest, bringing the total reward money to $35 million
    Couple was found beside their indoor pool in their Toronto mansion, fully dressed with belts tied around their necks and attached to the pool railing
    Barry Sherman Lobbying Conviction Could Have Removed Trudeau From Office
    Is there something that Trudeau and his handlers desperately want to hide from the people of Canada? "A conviction for violating the Canada Elections Act Section 502(2) (h.01) meant Justin Trudeau would lose his seat in the House of Commons for accepting prohibited gift or other advantage."

Makow- I find it difficult to believe the RCMP represented a threat to Fdelito. I suspect they were murdered for refusing to stop selling Ivermectin.
    fidelito-dictatorship.jpgIn Canada, the The Integrated National Security Enforcement Teams now pay visits to your home for speaking out against Trudeau online.
    X-files show predicted the use of vaccines to shut down immune system
    Predictive Programming: X-Files Episode Exposes COVID Lockdown Tactics
    Reader - I have been totally caught off guard by the propaganda we're exposed to about Ukraine.  

To one who remembers, it's a reboot of old anti-Russia Cold War-style propaganda.  Evil empire and all that. Mordor.

Here's my pick for the top five lies we've been told about Russia's Special Military Operation:

    1) Russia has been deliberately targeting civilians
    2) Russian forces have suffered far more casualties than those of Ukraine
    3) Russia has been forced to buy arms from South Korea and Iran
    4) There have been massive protests in Russia against the SMO and against the mobilization of reservists
    5) President Putin's support from the Russian population has plummeted

Who's buying these lies, now??


Harry Vox

How can it be that with such a substantial mountain of evidence that this Covid 19 pandemic is nothing more than the biggest organized criminal enterprise in human history that people are still in the dark about this fact? How can it be that the voices who did speak out against this crime comprise persons with much more substantial credentials than those who participated in this crime against humanity - yet were able to be marginalized by those criminals so effectively, to the point where the people are not even aware of the existence of this greater body of knowledge and credibility?

And how can it be that the information systems of this earth are under such an iron grip of censorship that most people who eagerly and aggressively support the "official" lies do so completely unaware of the existence of such substantial numbers of scientists with far greater credentials who stand in strident opposition to the genocidal Covid-19 plan of these criminal elites?

How can it be when it is generally accepted by the most credible scientific organizations that Covid-19 was 100% manmade, that almost half of all Americans have never even heard that there are any questions about its origins?

How can it be that with so many people dying suddenly of heart attacks and so many children dropping dead too young from the shots that so many people have never heard that there are any such issues?

These questions have a clear answer, and this video answers all those questions.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Dec. 18 - Pope calls Ukraine Conflict a 'Global War'"

Tony b said (December 18, 2022):

People must now understand (it's so obvious) that Vatican II is NOT the Catholic Church but the culmination of Satan's long attempt to destroy that Church. The true Church will last til the world ends but not under any of the masonic/Jewish/satanic bunch now in charge of the Vatican. This present "pope" seems hell bent to be antichrist. The days are numbered for that whole perverted bunch.

But it must not be overlooked that much of the world's present satanic chaos is a direct result of those who have perverted the Vatican. Otherwise sanity could not have so completely collapsed into the end of civilization in 60 short years with so many people apparently actually believing the "woke" insanity.

This also shows why those false "leaders" of Judaism have ALWAYS made no bones about the Catholic Church being their main enemy, their necessary destruction of it.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at