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Dec 16 - CIA Killed JFK - Tucker Carlson

December 16, 2022

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The CIA is an instrument of the Deep State

Tucker Carlson reports that an inside source who has seen the hidden JFK files says that the CIA killed JFK and "It's a whole different country from what we thought it was. It's all fake."

They're just discovering this now? The question is why now?


Reader- "We've all known for years the CIA was involved with the JFK assassination, so Tucker's announcement is designed to cover up the main perpetrators of the assassination of JFK. Who, you may ask, we're the main perpetrators? They are the same as the terrorists who attacked the USS Liberty,  did the Oklahoma City Bombing, did 9/11, and who are running the global genocide operation known as the Covid pandemic. Israel did it. Israel killed JFK, and Israel killed RFK, and Israel did OK City Bombing, and Israel did 9/11, and organized Jewry, with the help of goy boy Fauci, and Big Pharma are genociding the world as we sit idly, twiddling our thumbs, asking God to save us. "

Makow - I would expand "Israel" to include the Deep State which serves the Rothschild banking cartel, Organized Jewry and Freemasonry (Zionism & Communism)

Denver Mayor Declares Emergency, says Sanctuary City 'On Verge of Reaching Breaking Point' Amid Influx of Illegal Immigrants

Elon Musk's Twitter permanently suspends account of rival social media platform Mastodon


Manhattan Institute City Journal Article Points Out CDC's Failures And Use Of Overcycled PCR Tests That Led To Hospitals Inflating CV19 Cases, Overstating Deaths, Fueling Fear Amid Fake Pandemic Crisis

Nearly everyone knows that the CDC's colossal failures led to the needless deaths of tens of thousands of people from Covid. The agency's highhanded mandates imposed additional costs by needlessly shutting down the economy, which caused unrecoverable income losses to businesses and families and a major rise in mental-health problems. Adding to the damage, millions of students were deprived of a year or more of in-person learning.

Americans will be paying a long time for the CDC's panicked decision to treat a low-fatality virus as sufficient reason to shut down commerce, motivated partly by the government's growing impulse to treat individual freedom as a threat to authority. In light of this debacle, President Biden's decision to reward the CDC by showering it with resources seems incomprehensible.

uk-leaders.jpgDr. Mike Yeadon shared a photo on his Telegram channel showing how only a few other MPs showed up to hear Andrew Bridgen's speech on COVID-19 vaccine corruption and harm, compared to another photo at the same location when MPs were voting on their own pay increases.


Brazil: George Soros' Part in Huge Corruption Scandal and Current Influence in Stolen Election

The media in Brazil and the rest of the world are ignoring the fact that millions of Brazilians have been protesting in the streets for 43 days against Lula. The Globo Corporation that owns the largest newspaper in Brazil is now a member of George Soros' Project Syndicate and is accused of being a tool for destabilization in the South American country.


Why Hasn't Governor DeSantis Stopped the COVID Vaccines in Florida When He Admits They are Killing People?

He is asking the Florida State Supreme Court to convene a Grand Jury to look into the drug companies that produced the shots, and "hold them accountable."

AND EVERYONE IN THE RIGHT WING ALTERNATIVE MEDIA CHEERED, while people in Florida continue to get the COVID-19 shots, and give them to their children who continue to die and become crippled.

Both DeSantis and Ladapo also bragged about their past actions "against" the COVID shots in this round table discussion. DeSantis goes out of his way to talk about how he opposed mandates, and allowed the people in Florida to "make their own decisions" about getting the shots and giving them to their children.

Ladapo bragged about the fact that back in March this year he was the first Surgeon General to not recommend the COVID shots for children. We covered that story back in March, and I said then that this was a meaningless action, and that potentially even MORE children could end up getting the shots since they were politicizing it. See:
Why Florida's Announcement to Be the First State to Stop Recommending COVID-19 Vaccines for Children is Meaningless and May Result in MORE Children Being Vaccinated

white-lotus.jpgRetraction - My recommendation of White Lotus was based on last season and the first two episodes of the Season Two.
Season Two goes down hill from there. I apologize. Although technically impeccable, the second season is dark and the focus on sex is stultifying. Cabalists have turned intercourse into a sacrament.

17-12 - Finally saw the last episode of Season Two. Mike White redeems himself. It was excellent entertainment.

Boris Johnson has made £1,000,000 from FOUR speeches since quitting as PM

Interview with Edward Dowd - The bodies are piling up

"Our public health agencies are in a cover-up mode, and this is criminal negligence and malfeasance," asserted Ed Dowd.

togetherx.jpgThe US is trying to start WW3 --  Satanists call it "creative destruction."

Putin probably realizes that there is a sizable constituency in Washington that support the use of nuclear weapons and who believe they are essential to preserving the "rules-based order". In short, Putin believes these ideas are "actionable" which is why he expressed concern.
The hoax continues!

Philadelphia public schools requiring students, staff wear COVID masks after winter break

This fall, some states are reporting an increase in cases of the flu, COVID and RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus.

On the evening of Thursday, December 8, 2022, OneWeb launched 40 satellites from Cape Canaveral, Florida, bringing the total number of active satellites in orbit around the Earth to more than 7,000. These cell towers in space are altering the electromagnetic environment of the entire planet and are debilitating and exterminating all life on it.

trump-trumps-himself.jpgAs crypto currencies plummet, Trump launches one of his own

Why not? His supporters are confirmed suckers.

Donald Trump and his supporters hyped up a "major announcement" he was making today. The announcement? He is selling $99 dollar trading cards with him drawn as Superman. Does he really want to run at this point or just squeeze our the last few dollars out of supporters?

They are not even physical cards. They are NFTs which that entire market crashed like a year ago.

2 police officers killed in a remote Queensland location.

Been all over the news in Australia for the past week.

Some suggestion that this is a false flag.

Murderers have been labelled as "crazed anti-vax conspiracy theorists".

Christians in Jerusalem Want Jews to Stop Spitting on Them


so-sick-inter-racial-ad.jpgI am so sick of corporate cabalism promoting interracial marriage. Try to find an ad like this in Israel.

Mixed reviews

Will Italy's Meloni Hold or Fold Against Globalists and Media?

With Meloni having only occupied the Chigi Palace for a few weeks now, it is too early to issue verdicts on the direction her government will take. However, there are signs -- both positive and negative. During her firebrand campaign, she pledged to fight against Covid mandates, illegal migration, "wokeness," gender ideology, environmental extremism, and interference by European Union institutions into Italy's affairs. She fired up Italian crowds with her passionate rhetoric. She promised to be an untiring, uncompromising warrior for pro-Christian, pro-life, pro-family, pro-sovereignty, pro-liberty causes.


UK Parliament COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Debates Deleted by YouTube

PJW--Over 400 hotels in the UK, some of which are four and five star rated, are being used to house illegal boat migrants in the UK, it has been revealed.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Dec 16 - CIA Killed JFK - Tucker Carlson "

Al Thompson said (December 16, 2022):

You said:
“They're just discovering this now? The question is why now?”

In my opinion, Satanists always disclose who they are by disclosure of the facts or they will use hand signals. They always hide behind the truth. That’s why I like the natural law or natural order because I don’t have to rely on writings which may or may not be correct. I think we all read to much. It is like thinking with someone else’s head. It is more productive to figure things out using our own minds rather than repeating someone else’s error. Natural law has all the answers.

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