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Dec 12 - Fear Stalks the Internet

December 11, 2022

 solzyn-history.jpgWhether its financial catastrophe or nuclear war, fear stalks the Internet. Everything is going to plan. Their Plan (Creative Destruction and 6uild 6ack 6etter.)

The Satanists are going in for the kill. The good news is that people are waking from their slumber. The psychopaths are going to be destroyed along with their banking system. You cannot beat the Moral and Natural Order. When the people push back, as they did in China, the Satanists will run for cover. Truth conquers all. But it needs us to push back

Here We Go! Bill Gates, Johns Hopkins, & the WHO Just Simulated Another Pandemic

Almost 3 years to the day, the same people behind Event 201 just completed a desktop simulation for a new Enterovirus originating near Brazil. The virus has a higher fatality rate than COVID-19 and disproportionately affects children.

WATCH as Mike Adams and Steve Quayle discuss the globalist plan for mass depopulation

The globalists have flipped the switch on their kill grid, which in time will end the lives of billions while transforming those who remain into human-machine, trans-humanist hybrid cyborgs.

PSYOP-MARKET-CRASH Black Swan Edition: Bank for International Settlements Warns of $100 Trillion of Hidden Debt Just Discovered

Is FTX a harbinger of our future?


Merkel Spills Beans on How U.S. and NATO Partners Planned War in Ukraine Against Russia

The bitter irony is that the war in Ukraine, which is dangerously escalating and could spiral into a nuclear cataclysm, was sown by the United States and its accomplices. It is the West that bears ultimate responsibility for this abysmal situation, not Russia.

It's not "the West." It´s Organized Jewry (the Rothschilds)  that control the West.


"Something every lawyer worries about": Police - man murdered ex-wife's divorce attorney, set office building on fire


Dr. Richard Malone still banned on Twitter-

"In the meantime, Musk hasn't lifted the permanent Twitter ban on me or others, who are in the same position as I am. The last thing I shared on Twitter was a video by the Canadian Covid-19 Care Alliance on Dec 28, 2021. That was my great sin... Was it a co-incidence that my permanent bans on Twitter and Linked-in happened two days before my Joe Rogan interview? Over time, I have come to believe it was government intervention."


Bill Gates Caught Admitting 'Climate Change Is WEF Scam' to Inner Circle


zion-gopher.jpgPoilievre is third from the far right

Zionism is an anti-globalist false front. But preferable to Communism. Poilievre is a Stephen Harper-Donald Trump clone, hod carriers for Israel. But at least he won't corrupt and destroy our children.

Canadian conservative leader Pierre Poilievre aligns himself with Israeli oppressors. 

The opposition leader gathered with the NGO "Keep Jerusalem" to promote the party's pledge to move Canada's embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, following a previous move by former US president Donald Trump. At the meeting, Poilievre said: "I repeat clearly and unambiguously: Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and when I am elected prime minister of Canada, I will ensure that our embassy is relocated from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem."


PJW goes to town on London's vomit modern architecture

Study: India's 2021 COVID-19 Vaccine Campaign Caused Approximately 3.7 Million Deaths -

The numbers out of India are very unambiguous - the COVID-19 vaccines cause abnormally high mortality.

They are all DEATH VACCINES. This is no accident.
Brazil Bolsonaro hasn´t conceded

"I am the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. The Armed Forces are the last bastion against communism. They are loyal to the Brazilian people. Their duty is to defend our freedom."


The 40 Day Dilemma: Brazil's Ongoing Crisis - The People Believe Something Big Is About to Take Place in Brazil


Brazil-Stolen-Election.jpgPresident Bolsonaro Vows To Destroy New World Order: "I Will DIE Fighting for My Beloved Brazil"


Over 5 million illegals crossed into the US in Joe Biden's first two years in office.

Man-Made Disaster: Illegals Are Flooding the Open Border Now That Title 42 Is Expiring Under Joe Biden - Migrants From 17 Countries Represented in Last 24 Hours


Stew Peters' Chaos: Credibility that Died Suddenly, Part 3
Chaos Agents, Part 5

Unissant is a potential linchpin to what is likely the largest fraud in the history of the world, and if not stonewalled, might have stopped all vaccine mandates. (Such an investigation would have been stonewalled, most likely, but at least that story would help Americans see for certain that we're under attack in a war by an agent that is not our Constitutional government.)


In his tweet, Musk, 51, appeared to mock pronoun use and said: "My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci." The comment has been liked more than 208,200 times and retweeted 39,300 times since being shared.

santa-gets-boosted.jpgSanta gets boosted. Santa gets heart attack..

"This nauseating piece of propaganda is brought to you by the UK Health Security Agency.  Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse.....Santa gets boosted".


Earth Sit-Rep: Satanic A.I. Is Very Deeply Entrenched Here

"The plan is that humans and most animals will have their physical brains connected wirelessly to a type of super internet, and this will enable certain electrical lifeforms from non-physical realms to get to experience what humans experience, as in emotions and feelings. This would mean that the human brain becomes hijacked by electrical beings from a realm beyond our comprehension.

"These are the last days for humans as we know and define them. Soon our bodies will be vibrating to new frequencies and new experiences.

Glira.jpgGonzalo Lira' The West is Finished

Makow--This is what he says at 14 min The rest is about Twitter and YouTube suppression of truth and the consequences. I don't know why it comes as a surprise. We've always known this.

Reader --At the end of this latest video (below, at 14 min), Lira mentions that Americans are going to be hungry (I must add - this on top of the destructive changes we already live in without much complaint from our sheep pens).  He's correct, hunger here has been planned for a long time, many farmers tried to warn us this past growing season.  No real public reaction at all.

Those who should be waking everyone else are acting as though everything is just like it always was, just a little more corruption.  Clueless.  At best we still hear "It's gonna happen, it's gonna happen sometime."  Too many refuse to see that IT, that great enslavement and genocide so long predicted, is here, right now, staring us in the face, laughing at us because we have all the hardware needed to put a stop to these satanists and everyone continues to sit on his ass taaalllllllkkkkiiiinng about crap that doesn't matter now.  This kind of foolish talk is NOT CHEAP, it shows every chance of COSTING YOU AND YOUR FAMILY YOUR LIVES.

God will not back up, will not protect, such moronic insanity.  Don't kid yourself; this is NOT God's country, It is one of the most evil places in the world.  Evil is now law, good now outlawed, in more and more areas.  This is a country where mothers are so selfish they have their children murdered before or at birth as an inconvenience against their sexual pleasures. Millions upon millions murdered, while those few who attempt to stop THIS particular genocide are beaten by cops, arrested and fined.  One "small" example of life, actually death, in today's U.S.A.  Men are not excused either.  It would be easy to fill a huge book with the evil, satanic acts everyday in this country, all either practiced or tolerated by the majority of its citizens as the decent into insane chaos of the devil replaces the proper order set by our Creator, no longer worshipped in Satan's "cult of man" churches nor existing in the minds and hearts of the multitudes.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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