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CIA Murdered JFK & Mary Pinchot Meyer

December 16, 2022

mmcoverlarge.jpg(left, Meyer murder scene depicted on cover. Killing citizens in broad daylight, the state of US democracy)

Tucker Carlson recently discovered something which
has been public knowledge for almost 60 years- the CIA assassinated JFK.
Mary Pinchot Meyer, the woman who inspired
JFK to resist the satanic power was also 
brutally murdered by the CIA. Their deaths were
part of an ongoing program of political assassination.
In his book, Mary's Mosaic,
Peter Janney has assembled
the puzzle. The picture is disheartening but truth
is always inspiring.

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Despite the injunction against CIA involvement in domestic politics, the book reveals that the JFK assassination was only the most prominent of hundreds of US political assassinations.

(from Dec 19, 2016)

by Henry Makow PhD

"Mary's Mosaic"  a book by Peter Janney is a memorial to Mary Pinchot Meyer (1920-1964), JFK's confidante, adviser and lover. 

Janney was a boyhood friend of Meyer's second son, Michael, who died when he was hit by a car in Dec. 1956. Janney recalls how Mary, despite her own grief, comforted him and the motorist who was hysterical. In Janney's memory, his friend's mother represented the ideal of womanhood.

angleton.jpgJanney's mother and Mary were classmates at Vassar College. His father, Wistar Janney and Mary's husband Cord Meyer, whom she divorced in 1957, were both top officials at the CIA.  

The book is an act of penance because although CIA Chief of Counterintelligence James Angleton (left) ordered the hit (because she threatened to expose the CIA) Janney's own father and Cord Meyer were both privy to the decision.


Despite the injunction against CIA involvement in domestic politics, the book reveals that the JFK assassination was only the most prominent of hundreds of US political assassinations. Consider names like RFK, MLK, JFK Jr., Vincent Foster and Senator Paul Wellstone. J. Edgar Hoover was probably murdered.

Two earlier Mary Meyer murder researchers, Leo Damore and John Davis, also died under suspicious circumstances.  The CIA has many discreet ways of making murder look natural. Janney quotes William Corson, a CIA insider, ¨Murders are easy, suicides more difficult."

Another Janey source is Toni Shimon, daughter of "police inspector" Joseph Shimon, liaison between CIA, FBI, DC police and the Executive Branch from the 1940's-1980´s. He told her that political assassinations are part of doing business in Washington. He carried out a few himself.

Janney also suspects that Washington Post publisher Philip Graham was murdered by the CIA who then controlled the Washington Post through his wife Kathleen Graham and Managing Editor Ben Bradlee. This casts into doubt the Post's role in the Watergate Affair. Janney says the 18-minutes missing from the Nixon tapes included his threat to expose the CIA role in the JFK Assassination.


Mary Pinchot Meyer is often described disparagingly as Kennedy´s "mistress."  In fact, by 1963 she was part of his inner circle and perhaps his greatest influence.

An American blue blood, her father was a two-term governor of Pennsylvania. She was raised in NYC and travelled in the same social circles as JFK. A statuesque beauty, she was high-minded and had no time for the young Kennedy who was a philanderer like his father. 

Coming of age during World War Two, she was preoccupied with world peace. She married Cord Meyer, an ex-Marine with an artistic temperament. She shared his commitment to the United Nations as a step toward "world federalism." These young idealists didn't understand the real agenda behind world government.

However Cord couldn't find a job in academia and Mary found herself the wife of a rising star in the CIA. She socialized with CIA families but was not afraid to voice her disapproval of CIA programs. After her divorce, she became a painter and experimented with LSD.

Like Aldous Huxley and Timothy Leary, whom she visited, she believed that psychedelics were necessary for people to break the shell of socialization and experience divine consciousness. She started a group of Washington women dedicated to turning on the powerful men in their lives in order to prevent war.

In 1959, Meyer became reacquainted with Kennedy whose marriage was a sham. Mary turned JFK on to pot and LSD. Kennedy was determined to make peace with Russia and Cuba and wind down the Vietnam War. His Nuclear Test Ban Treaty was passed in the Senate. His emissary was meeting Castro on the day of his assassination. 

Needless to say, LBJ reversed all of JFK's initiatives. As a direct result,  about 1.5 million Vietnamese died. About 60,000 US soldiers died and $700 billion (in today's dollars) were wasted in a war which discredited, divided and demoralized the country.  

pinchot-jfk.jpgMary was privy to the power struggle JFK had waged with the CIA and military industrial complex. Recklessly she voiced her suspicions of James Angleton. She had enough credibility and connections to cause him serious problems.

Her murder Oct. 12 1964, two days shy of her 44th birthday, while walking on a canal tow path, was as carefully orchestrated by the CIA as the President's murder. Mary struggled with her assailant and called out for help but was silenced by bullets to the head and heart. Such is the fate suffered by our truest and our best.

Leo Damore was actually able to interview the CIA hit man, now retired, who confessed.  This journalistic coup may have cost Damore his life but he had passed the information on to a colleague who gave it to Janney.



Janney's 550-page book is a 25-year labor of love, meticulously researched and measured. Often the author is quite lyrical, giving it a novelistic page-turner quality.

However, Janney does not understand that the CIA ultimately answers to the Masonic Jewish central banking cartel.  He refers to an "invisible government" but this is the Illuminati world government. He says James Angleton was a mole but whose mole? The  Mossad controlled him  for the Illuminati bankers. They weren't going to let an idealistic President impede their agenda which depends on constant war and ever-increasing debt.

The mass media's complicity in the JFK cover up made possible the CIA-Mossad's next outrage, 9-11. It makes possible new false flags almost monthly, hoaxes like Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon. To be successful today, you have to collaborate with the satanic forces destroying America, or at least not challenge them. However, I doubt if ultimately the corrupt ruling class will enjoy the spoils of treason.

Nevertheless, we may find hope in Peter Janney's courageous achievement. Mary's Mosaic is an impassioned defence of freedom based on knowing the truth: ¨The shining beacon of America--a promise unlike any other for humanity-- was being extinguished...[due to] ignorance...I would do whatever it took, pay whatever price was required, to allow this story this small but essential piece of history---to see the light of day." (391)

No matter how depressing, the Truth is always inspiring and so are people like Janney who risk their lives to tell it.


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Figure 131 CIA's Cord Meyer's Ex Wife was JFK's Mistress Howard Hunt Identified Cord Meyer's Role in JFK Murder













First Comment from James:

If there were any true Christians in America, and I seriously doubt that there are, they would be fasting and praying constantly that God would severely chastise and humiliate this country. 
Based on years of observation and extensive reading, I have come to accept as absolute truth George Orwell's assessment of America:  "America is ... the most murderous, anti-democratic, terrorist nation the world has ever known" (George Orwell).

Makow reply:  Focus your anger on the Masons and Masonic Jew who actually run the country on behalf of the central bankers. The people as a whole are guilty mostly of being duped and accomplices in mass murder. Members of the military are especially culpable. 

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Comments for "CIA Murdered JFK & Mary Pinchot Meyer "

Anon said (December 17, 2022):

If there were any true Christians in the United States, they’d all be praying for the repentance and conversion of the puppet-masters and working to eradicate their own sins, especially their hatred and thirst for revenge, their remembrance of wrongs and refusal to forgive. God does not desire the death of a sinner, but rather that he turn from his wickedness and live, as the Bible clearly teaches over and over and over again. If there were many true Christians, none of the evil that’s permanently overtaken both America and the world as a whole would’ve been allowed to spread. The existence of the satanic power that is poised to control all life on earth only grows stronger when people return evil for evil (another topic that the New Testament and the history of Christian martyrs for 2000 years makes pretty plain).

I shouldn’t have to make this distinction, but many people are so defensive and incapable of critical thinking these days that I have to say it: forgiveness doesn’t mean you give up trying to fight your overlords; i.e., forgiving is not forgetting. But you’d better be darn careful you do it without any hatred in your heart and that you’ve straightened out your own soul first. Judgment begins at the house of God, and the very fact things are the way they are should tell you that this judgment has already been pronounced on us because of OUR sins.

Terry said (December 16, 2022):

am pretty sure you are familiar with Michael Collins Piper. He published that book Final Verdict about the Kennedy Assassination. He merely presents evidence that was either ignored or overlooked. It lays it at the feet of Israel and in particular David Ben-Gurion. He does include the CIA and in particular James Angleton. I mention this with your recent posting on Tucker Carlson. The other thing there is a book Super Mob by Gus Russo which really validates although indirectly Michael Collins Piper.

The sum total of what Piper said was Kennedy turned on the mob(The Jews were the king pins). Kennedy, got wind of the Israel Nuclear program and he went nuts. He called out David Ben-gurion who hated Kennedy. But Kennedy did not let up on it and as a result it is theorized that they plotted his death. Ben-Gurion rather than answer Kennedy stepped down. Ultimately,for me, it answered every riddle on this. it really did. I just think it is something you should toss out there

Pam L said (December 21, 2016):

The brazenness of Mary Pinchot's murder, in broad daylight, in public, near her home sent a message to any elite insider brave enough to expose the cabal. Just as with JFK's assassination where the chauffeur delivers the kill shot. (Zapruder's edited tape is just more zio lies and misdirection). William Cooper has a video on youtube from another angle. When he sent it to Japan in the 70's to get the resolution improved, the Japanese were so shocked they played the video on national TV for weeks. So while the Americans were being regaled with one lucrative bull puckey theory after another, the Japanese were learning the truth.

The Gramps in red long johns who stands with mouth agape pointing at the driver and looking around stunned at his fellow witnesses is for me one of the most poignant moments from Cooper's video. In that moment I realized that the lying ziio media killed his truth not just his president.

Another disturbing fact often overlooked is the number of witnesses and journalists murdered for daring to speak out. The Dallas judge who was in the car that was right behind Kennedy's said the smell of gunsmoke filled his nose. He and his wife had gunpowder residue on their clothes, that is how close the shooter was! So much speculation remains today on some fabled distant sniper. This judge was soon dead as were the 6 or 7 journalists who dared to report the truth as they had seen it. Later investigators got run down in front of city hall or butchered in their shower. The satanic elite dared anyone to step out of line.

The satanists delight in terrorizing us in plain sight to flaunt their power over us. Remember how Aquino was shot by the guard right beside him as he descended the plane in Manila or how outside the DC hotel Reagan was shot/stabbed by the secret serviceman shoving him into the car after Hinckley and cia snipers pened fire, or how Bobby was shot by the security man at his elbow not sirhan..... ? No because news and history and hollyweird is run by the same satanic zio filth directing the hits. They spew lies and murder and more murderous lies.

Adlai Stevenson was assassinated on the steps of the London embassy, shot in the throat by the same type of frozen shellfish toxin dart that immobilized JFK before his driver delivered the in your face nobody can stop us kill shot that was overkill but delivered the message, 'it's real hell owns you now America'.The attack on USSLiberty soon after where LBJ called back the ships that went to rescue US sailors reinforced the point in case the military wasn't paying attention.

Derek said (February 8, 2016):

"Another Janey source is Toni Shimon, daughter of "police inspector"
Joseph Shimon, liaison between CIA, FBI, DC police and the Executive
Branch from the 1940s-1980s. He told her that political assassinations
are part of doing business in Washington. He carried out a few

I'll bet he did. He sounds to me like a Zionist mole.

This, too, is not credible (discussing this with his "detective daughter"??!!):

Joseph Shimon: Lyndon Johnson requested more security than JFK by the 1963 Easter weekend (April 13-14)



Maybe some people can trust their own daughter


Gerald said (February 8, 2016):

So we have a drug using, shallow, adulterous President and a women who does drugs and pushes drugs. And these are America’s finest??

Perhaps the author should take a closer look at the character of this woman that he admires so much.

Andy said (December 26, 2013):

I've learned more from your website than I ever did in school.

God Bless and Merry Christmas.

Laura said (December 26, 2013):

I have always suspected the CIA in JFK's assassination. Thank God your web site exists.

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