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Nov 26 - Musk Backs DeSantis in 2024

November 26, 2022

Musk-says-he-will-support-DeSantis-if-Florida-governor-runs-for-president-2202691562.jpgPlease send links and comments to

The glaring difference between Trump and deSantis is that Trump midwifed the deadly vaccines and lockdowns while deSantis' Florida passed on the whole scamdemic hoax. Trump is a crypto Jew and Judas Goat. Americans deserve to be fleeced if they support him. He could have been a great President but then he would have been shot.

Elon Musk backs Ron DeSantis for 2024 presidential run

Reader - "IMO, Desantis is a trojan horse set up to challenge Trump and then take the fall. I live in Florida and I can tell you that while Desantis has done some good things, he initially went along with the virus scam, as well as the vaccine. He hasn't really done anything that any other republican governors haven't done; he's just been played up in the media. When you really break it down, there is no real substantive difference between Trump and Desantis on covid. Both are pro-vaccine but anti-mandate. Both initially supported the lockdown. Simple as that.

At least with Trump, he will go off-script, and when they inevitably steal it in 2024, he will call out the fraud, whereas Desantis will legitimize the process as he has continued to do. Despite all his very important flaws, Trump was one of the only individuals to call the Arizona mid-term results fraudulent. He also gave Ye (and Fuentes) an audience. On the other hand, one need only look at who is supporting Desantis: The Lincoln Projects, Jeb Bush, Bill Kristol, Ken Griffin, etc.... Trump has 100m in war chest almost all small grassroots donations; Desantis has $200m nearly all billionaires and Wall Street donors. That really tells you all you need to know.

As of now, I will vote for Ye. He now has a highly effective champion in Nick Fuentes, who is a genius."

Elon Musk's connection with Graphene Oxide

Elon Musk To Build "Alternative Phone" If Apple And Google Boot Twitter From App Stores

Jab Injured Woman Develops Blood Clot In Her Eye, Nerve & Organ Damage & Fertility Issues - Tucker Carlson


jew-wizrd-oz.jpegLarry Romanoff- The City of London is seat of Worldwide Jewish Power and Criminal Activities

Independent and superior to UK government

China may have 'passed the point of no return' as Covid infections soar. Government has changed all protestors Covid QR codes to RED. Effectively locking them down.
"Died Suddenly" Is Typical Trash from Stew Peters

The same guy who discredited us with the "COVID is snake venom" garbage

But unfortunately the film taints and tarnishes the material on the clots and other important information1 by covering it with a lot of garbage.

Edward Hendrie

Despite Efforts By the Government to Conceal the COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths Data Shows Most People Dying of COVID-19 Are Vaccinated
The vaccinated decedents were killed by antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) caused by the vaccine.

The Expose news site reported on the government statistics from Canada 27 showing that the vaccinated population of Canada account for 89% of all COVID-19 cases, 86% of all COVID-19 hospitalizations, and 90% of all COVID-19 deaths.


al-roker.jpgVaxxed and Boosted Al Roker Hospitalized for Blood Clots


Study Shows that Male Fertility Has Plunged 62% Worldwide and It Is Accelerating

For Western countries, the following NYT article gives relative uptake of the COVID-BIOWEAPON-JAB:

Portugal (95%), Canada (91%), Australia (88%), Spain (88%), New Zealand (87%), Iceland (86%), Italy (84%), Ireland (83%), Denmark (83%), Finland (82%), Britain (81%), France (81%), Norway (81%), Belgium (81%), USA (80%), Germany (78%), Luxembourg (78%), Austria (78%), Sweden (76%), Netherlands (74%), Greece (74%), Switzerland (71%), Lithuania (70%), Hungary (66%), Estonia (65%), Czechia (65%), Slovenia (61%), Poland (60%), Russia (60%), Croatia (57%), Kosovo (49%), Serbia (48%), Slovakia (48%), Albania (47%), Georgia (44%), Romania (42%), North Macedonia (41%), Ukraine (36%), Bulgaria (30%), Bosnia and Herzegovina (29%).

This table may be propaganda.

Or else it shows that common-sense or human intelligence appears to increase the further EAST you go.

is-donald-trump-a-freemason.jpgIs Donald Trump a Freemason? Is Trump Tower in New York a Satanic Temple?

Worldwide Government Reports confirm COVID Vaccination may have killed .75 Million People across 38 major Countries in 2022 so far & Pfizer Documents prove this may lead to mass Depopulation

Official Government figures prove that every single country that coerced millions of its citizens into getting the Covid-19 injection has suffered tens to hundreds of thousands of excess deaths so far in 2022. For instance, the USA alone recorded 350,000 excess deaths by the end of September 2022.

And further official government figures prove that mortality rates per 100,000 are lowest among the unvaccinated population in every single age group, including children, and are, therefore, highest among the vaccinated population.

Meanwhile, data provided by 27 countries across Europe proves that excess deaths among children have increased by 552% ever since the European Medicines Agency first approved the Covid-19 injection for 12 to 15-year-olds, and then 5 to 11-year-olds just a few months later.

This is extremely strong evidence that the Covid-19 injection is killing children because deaths were below expected levels right up until the point the EMA approved the Covid-19 injection for kids.

If we couple all of the above with the fact that confidential Pfizer documents confirm -

    The contents of the Covid-19 injection accumulate in the ovaries;
    90% of pregnant women lost their baby during clinical trials; and
    Animal studies found an increased risk of infertility following Covid-19 vaccination;
  epperson-1989.jpg The whole plot was laid out in 1989 - credit
While the scenario is credible, this did not appear in Epperson's book and is fake.

Fmr BlackRock Fund Manager EDWARD DOWD Says Vaccinated 'Bodies Are Piling Up,' Fed Is Trying to 'Inflate Away' US Debt
    30-Year-Old Co-Founder Of Crypto Trading Platform Amber Dies "Unexpectedly" In His Sleep

    Vaccines causing devastation - A street view
   " A few weeks back in a department meeting, we brought up the fact that it seems only the vaxxed are getting sick. We've been bringing this up since the spring. Now suddenly, there are no notifications I was with my boosted boss a week or so ago. We were extremely close for several days and he got sick. He got covid again. I know he did because he personally texted me saying he tested positive and it was kicking his butt.
    Newly Elected Conservative School Board Fires Superintendent, Bans Critical Race Theory
    pardon.jpgJews being traitors -
Bette Midler Trashes Thanksgiving: Pilgrims Were 'Undocumented Aliens from Europe'


The Roundtable Insight - Martin Armstrong on the Economy and the Geo-political Trends


man talk   -  women still don't understand that by eschewing their traditional role as wife and mother, they are unemployed and unemployable in biological terms

Kids In The Hall ---Amazing "Anti-Woke Sketch" From 1993!      Totally prescient


Proof of BlueTooth in Vaccines! Turning Humans Into Robots!


Ukraine End Game  -- The West is responsible for the suffering of the Ukrainian people by sustaining the puppet Zelinsky regime

The widespread power outages are accompanied by freezing temperatures that will inevitably lead to an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. Millions of Ukrainians will be forced to flee across the border seeking refuge in Europe. Others will be left to hunker-down in makeshift emergency shelters that are sporadically heated by diesel-powered generators. There is no prospect that Ukraine's dilapidated power-system will be fixed quickly if ever.

assymptomatic.jpgActress Cara dead at 63

Trudeau Lies Under Oath
 BREAKING: Justin Trudeau Lies Under Oath: "I Did Not Call People Who Were Unvaccinated Names"

Inquiry should have been into the scamdemic, the cause of the protest, and not the Emergency Act.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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