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Nov 25 - Pandemic of the Vaccinated

November 25, 2022

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Government-mandated genocide

Majority of Covid deaths are among vaccinated Americans for the first time -- now that 230 million have had at least two shots

    58 per cent of Covid deaths are in those who have been vaccinated or boosted
    As more people get vaccinated, they make up a greater proportion of fatalities
    Higher risk individuals such as the elderly are also more likely to have the shots

5 Million Watch Stew Peters' New 'Died Suddenly' Film in First 24 Hours, Smashing Left-Wing Censors

'Died Suddenly' blows the lid off of the genocidal depopulation agenda at the heart of the COVID jab scheme.


Zionist mind games aren't working

The assertion that to stand against Zionism is the equivalent of antisemitism should be the last straw for progressive Jews--making it all the more likely that they will never identify with a Zionist Israel.


undertaker.jpegCovid Blog Give Died Suddenly 6.7 out of 10

Presenting only the left-wing/Democrat culprits and not their right-wing/GOP counterparts was a missed opportunity. It also places the film in the tribal politics category.

Mark Trozzi MD

Here is a 30 minute Michael Alexander interview with Glen Jung of Bright Light News, recorded prior to the tribunal. Alexander outlines the issues at hand. This goes far beyond the persecution of dozens of Ontario physicians who have maintained our scientific and ethical integrity and stood against the covid-crimes-against-humanity. It is about basic human rights and Ontarians having access to real health care; that is access to ethical and honest physicians; rather than only having access to physicians who have been cooerced into violating their oaths, abandoning scientific inquiry, and processing people according to an abusive and destructive agenda directed ultimately by the likes of Fauci, Gates, Tedros, Schwabb and their minions.

New UN 'Climate' Religion Seeks to Update Morality, Ethics

Meanwhile, the UN Development Program put out an important document ahead of the COP27 calling for a new moral and ethical system to replace the old one--based on the original Ten Commandments, which the UN claims "evolved" with mankind--as the previous moral code was apparently not suitable for protecting the climate. Interestingly, numerous scientists over the years have argued that the "climate cult" was in fact working to create a new religion, where repentance for CO2 emissions rather than sin would become the norm. And here we are.


G20-Covid-Passports-768x703.pngMartin Armstrong- G20 To Impose COVID Vaccine to Restrictions on International Travel

The world masters dictating to us, the scum of the earth, have adopted under the pretense of the COVID vaccine the means to shut down migration and travel internationally. This will naturally further restrict global economic growth, and everywhere we turn, these people claiming to be world leaders are leading us into a cliff on the other side of 2032.
     Klaus Schwab ADMITS IT! - GREAT RESET MODELED AFTER CHINA! - Globalist Tyranny Is Coming!

Klaus Schwab says China is a "role model for many countries" and proclaims a "systemic transformation of the world" on Chinese state television.


Kiev Goes Dark As NATO Sacrifices Ukraine

As a result of the ongoing massive strikes on Ukrainian energy infrastructure facilities, the situation in the war-torn country is becoming critical. Cold weather has set in all over Ukraine, and most citizens were left without water and electricity. Many of them will not be able to survive in such conditions. However, the Kiev regime continues to fight with Russia with bravura slogans, ignoring the price of hundreds of lives of civilian people. Kiev's Western partners continue to fuel the fire and expose the hypocrisy of their policy.

Russian Lawmakers Pass Law Banning LGBTQ 'Propaganda' Among All Ages


 brazil.jpgBrazil's Bolsonaro fined for challenging election results
A top judge said the president's "bizarre" election claims were based on a "fraudulent narrative" about faulty voting machines

Brazil Was Stolen: Communist Judge Refuses to Examine Fraud, Wants to Fine Bolsonaro's Party and Freeze Funds
Truckers have completely shutdown the roadways and have suspended the export of all agricultural products, both foreign and domestic.

DANGER: "Anti-Vaccine" Thoughts are a Mental Illness Requiring "Treatment"


who-promises.jpegThe political plandemic - virus strikes blue states and provinces only

Alberta Prohibits Schools From Mandating Masks, Online Learning


Alberta urges Trudeau gov't to fire the head of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
'Alberta has lost confidence in RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki


 Almost five million refugees entered Russia since late February
The figure includes Ukrainians as well as citizens from new territories added by Moscow, a top official has said


Pentagon fails to pass new financial audit, unable to account for over $2 trillion in assets
As Washington's yearly defense budget hurtles towards the $1 trillion mark, the DoD continues to operate with little to no oversight of its spending practices


Civil rights group outraged after Canadian province looks to introduce 'unexplained wealth' seizure law

'Unexplained Wealth Orders could be used to confiscate property where there is no evident legitimate source of funds.'


Excess Mortality is Worse than It Seems

52% Increase in Medical-cause Mortality among UK 25-49-year-olds?


(Ukraine goes dark and cold. Civilians suffer for NATO expansion)

UKRAINE was Central to BIS - The Overlord of WEF

"When Russia crossed into eastern Ukraine to save the regional citizens from their annihilation, these are the real toes they stepped on. It explains why the EU and US literally freaked out!   Biolabs and Nazi's were perks, but the real devastation was to the global Sustainable Development Agenda that was using Kyiv as their unregulated BASE.

In essence Putin has been fighting against the UN as the uni-polar global government threatening its future existence.   That BASE has now been obliterated.   As a former member of the WEF, Putin likely is well aware of the truth behind Ukraine in this realm as well as their HUB for all things BIS; human trafficking, child trafficking, guns, weapons, the Dark Web, Mafias, prostitution, drugs, etc...

The National Bank of Ukraine is under the auspices of BIS.   PUTIN is fighting the entire World Order. That Order begins and ends with BIS. All other agencies work for BIS - including the US CIA and FBI, the EPA and FDA, NSA and the Pentagon, the UK, MI6, Germany, Belgium, Schwab, Australia, Japan, Canada, are all servants under the stakeholder regime.  Bank of International Settlements.  BIS.

The Board of BIS is made up of six Directors:   US, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, and Italy.   They officiate over 12 additional member representatives. The US Member is Jerome Powell. All member reps are within the Banking Cartel.   Party affiliations waiver between 'socialist' 'green' and 'communist'.   There is no such thing as Democracy despite the twisted verbiage coming from leftist manifesto's.

When BIS determines a country is at risk of achieving independence of the Cartel, they send in their 'representatives' to realign and officiate back to the status quo.

    We are perhaps globally 70% officiated.   The bastards of the 30% continue to fight - and the retaliation has been - droughts, blown up factories, blown up oil depots, and the destruction of animal, coal and agriculture refineries.

This is the reality.   Align or DIE. "


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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