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Nov 20 - Who Said it? Elon Musk or Mr. Burns

November 20, 2022

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"Oppression and harassment are a small price to pay to live in the land of the free."

Who Said It: Elon Musk or Mr. Burns?

The Simpsons character and the megalomaniac running Twitter often sound alike.

Take the quiz - I only got 58% right

Trump is allowed back on Twitter by a narrow vote but says he isn't joining


PJW ridicules the anti-Trump reaction

Megalomaniac Musk fires employee who tries to correct an errorWill he allow personal criticism on his vanity site?


 Twitter may face further layoffs - Bloomberg

The next round of terminations will reportedly target the platform's sales and partnership departments

5 Dead, 18 Injured in Shooting in Colorado Springs Gay Club: Police

20131116_EUP004_0-3398127137.jpgThe Most Disgusting Country In All Of Europe

 Legalized prostitution is practiced on an industrial scale by the Germans, and this has earned them the title "the bordello of Europe"...

    Germany is known as the bordello of Europe. It is a hard-won title. With more than 3,000 brothels across the country, and 500 in Berlin alone, its sex trade is worth more than £11 billion per year.  On average, approximately 1.2 million men pay for sex in Germany each day.
That means that sex is purchased in Germany approximately 438 million times a year.

UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt just announced pl;an to murder the elderly and steal their assets


Website for medical professionals who suffered adverse reactions

Dr. Cindy Tuten 1 day ago

While I am not personally involved with caring directly for covid-19 vaccine injured patents, several of my trusted sources working in hospitals and clinic settings are describing the worrisome increase in cardiovascular, neurological, and cancer disorders presenting for assessment and management, particularly standing out because of the involvement of younger and younger populations. The vast majority of these perplexing disorders do not end up being attributed to vaccine reactions - pretty much blamed on anything but! The cognitive dissonance is astounding. I am told vaccination status is no longer routinely inquired about or documented - I guess it's become a "don't look, don't tell" approach to grappling with an undeniable surge in disease patterns that threaten to encompass even those (and perhaps especially those) providing the very services that highlight such problematic developments who historically would have been at the front of the line to sound the alarm. Many of us have regrettably been forced to endure feelings of shame and deep disappointment in a profession which used to impart pride and satisfaction for what we once considered noble. Is there hope to reclaim that again? God alone knows, but the only way of hope is to acknowledge and speak THE TRUTH no matter the consequences.
Steve Bannon Fires Warning Shot: Biden Family Is About to Have their Entire Depraved and Perverted Family Exposed to the American People (VIDEO)

On the laptop from hell the compromise is at a level of treason.  And you'll see all of that.  But the individual perversion of this family, family, not just Hunter Biden,  will shock the American people.  And so hey, you're going to go after Trump, we've held back.  Sorry, not sorry.  We're going to get into the depravity.  The depravity of this family that purports to represent the people of this nation...  It's not just Hunter Biden.  It's the family. The perverted family... It will shock you.  Shock you what's in that laptop.  You want to play smashmouth?  Hey!  We can give as good as good as we get and we're going to give it hard!


jews-get-burnt.jpgJews oblivious to growing antisemitism due to the globalist policies and genocidal vaccines of Organized Jewry (Rothschilds)

See new fighting Kanye West video

Strange how they can't spell FREEMASON

Mention of Freemasons interferes with simple racist analysis. Most Masons aren't Jews but they are on the forefront of everything all Jews are accused of. Assimilated Jews are going to take the fall for Freemasonry and for the Rothschilds again.

The goal of Freemasonry is the Triumph of Communism

Jews have always been willing sacrifices

History repeats itself because no one bothers to learn its lessons


Cat tastes ice cream for first time - Incredible reaction

James Woods Sends a Blunt Message to Former Twitter Employees Ousted After Musk's Shakeup: 'Eat S**t, Every One of You'
"So a bunch of commie groomers get fired from a job they never showed up for, after spending years suppressing the free speech of half the nation," Mr. Woods exclaimed. "They interfere with a presidential election, saddling the nation with a nincompoop clown show... And we're supposed to care?"


branco-vegan-man.pngStudent debtors refuse to pay back loans: 'I'm not gonna feed this monster anymore'

Gov. DeSantis Denounces World Economic Forum Policies, 'Dead on Arrival'

Italy's new firebrand PM launches blistering diatribe saying immigration from Africa would STOP if countries like France halted exploitation of continent's valuable resources


higgins.jpgGoldman Sex

Sex was worth more than a university degree at the toxic 'boys club' of Goldman Sachs, a former female employee has claimed in a shocking new memoir.


Here Are 410 Movies Made Under the Direct Influence and Supervision of the Pentagon

To obtain full cooperation the producers have to sign contracts, called Production Assistance Agreements, which lock them into using a military-approved version of the script.

Hidden in Plain Sight: Some things Public MUST NOT KNOW... Jordan Maxwell's last Lecture


clothes.jpgWe live in a world where the boy who said the Emperor has no clothes, gets sent to his room.



Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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