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Nov 13 - Demonrats Stole FTX Money

November 13, 2022

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BREAKING: Now-collapsed FTX crypto slush fund laundered Ukraine donation money to Democrat candidates to help rig mid-terms.
the corrupt Ukraine regime partnered with a corrupt crypto slush fund to take dollars from the corrupt US government and funnel them into the hands of corrupt Democrat candidates to win rigged mid-term elections.


 Are the SEC and The Federal Reserve Part of the Story of Bankrupt FTX? Derivatives Become an Issue

In a nutshell:...'Crypto exchange FTX lent billions of dollars worth of customer assets to fund risky bets by its affiliated trading firm, Alameda Research, setting the stage for the exchange's implosion, a person familiar with the matter said. ... FTX Chief Executive Sam Bankman-Fried said in investor meetings this week that Alameda owes FTX about $10 billion, people familiar with the matter said.'...(Wall Street Journal online)


"Kanye was Right" - Black CoinDesk Journalist Fired for Noticing That Everyone at FTX was Jew, by Andrew Anglin - The Unz Review

Ye opened the floodgates. The Jews have a crisis of black people basically every day now.

Black journalist Isaiah Jackson, who works for CoinDesk, tweeted the following about the ongoing FTX debacle:

Look up the religious affiliation of everyone involved in the FTX collapse

Kanye was right


Watch this interview with Bankman Fried, simpering little fraud


Biden sends Billions of our children's money to Ukraine for AID! They then Invest it back into #FTX. FTX then uses that Money to become the 2nd biggest Dem Doner in '22. #Corrupt2TheCore

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai on Social Media Censorship and the Deep State's "Limited Hangout" Response and Cover Up


Monsters with human faces walk among us. Many of them work for the US government.

This is the premise of John Carpenter's film They Live, which was released in November 1988 and remains unnervingly, chillingly appropriate for our modern age.

More Thoughts on the Stolen 2022 Election |Paul Craig Robe

Unjabbed woman denied organ transplant

So, where is Danielle Smith and our charter rights that should protect the taxpayers who fund the medical mafia? They don't give a damn and never will.

Alberta's Court of Appeal has dismissed the case of a woman who was unable to get an organ transplant because she refused to take a COVID-19 vaccine. Annette Lewis was diagnosed ...


british-motorcycle-champion-678x381.jpeg.jpgFully Jabbed Four-Time British Motorcycling Champion Dies Suddenly at 35

Canada Doubles Down On Record Immigration-Driven Population Surge



At this point, anyone who allows these snakes to inject them or inject a loved one with anything at all, will get what is coming to them.

The sociopathic health workers know they are killing people, they confess that they know, they're just getting paid to do so, so they just don't freaking care. All of them need to be tried and hung for committing Crimes Against Humanity

vaughan-3.jpgBrandy Vaughn - Big Pharma Whistle Blower Documentary.

Brandy was speaking out and whistle-blowing on the inner workings of Big Pharma. I was watching her live videos when she was showing that her house was being broken in and she was receiving threats. She said she would not back down and keep on speaking out.

After about 3 videos showing the break ins, and her fear, she was found dead at her house.  It was not suicide.  It was murder. This was shortly after the announcement of the Pandemic. These companies are beyond sinister.  They have captured our medical systems.

They are paying our College of Physicians and Surgeons to push lies.

Watch this documentary on a true hero that died exposing the truth about Big Pharma.


emily.jpgYoung actress Emily Chesterton, 30-ish, dies suddenly of "natural causes"
Emily Chesterton was described by friends as a "gorgeous soul" with "fantastic talent"


Paul Craig Roberts, Another Stolen Election

This time it is CNN's own report on its own exit polls that indicates a stolen election.

The reporters compare the exit polls from the 2018 elections with those of the 2022 elections.  The comparisons show that the Democrats lost support in Tuesday's elections among women, moderates, youth, people of color, urban voters, college graduates, and independents.
The Democrats' support among women declined from 19 points favorable to Democrats to only 8 points.  Republican support among men rose from 4 points over Democrats to 14 points.

Dan Andrews Unmasked - The Most Dangerous Man in Australia? 

Lt. Gen. McInerney: 330k Votes Were Shifted From Dr. Oz To Fetterman, 36k Shifted From Lake to Hobbs!
This kind of thing, he said, occurred across the country! All losing Republican candidates who believe they were the victims of cheating should ask for an audit and not a recount!
Gregg Phillips Explains Why He and Catherine Engelbrecht Were Sent to Prison: "we have irrefutable evidence that the entire PA voter registration file is living on a server in China--serial numbers, ballot bundle numbers"


Health Officials Are Nowhere to Be Found as 'Silent Health Crisis' Sweeps Over Europe

Great Britain is "in the grip of a new silent health crisis," seeing "around 1,000 extra deaths each week, none of which are due to Covid."

Gab: Found Here

WOW.......Jew Harley Pasternak to Kanye West:
"If you don't shut up..... I have you institutionalized again, where they medicate the crap out of you and you go back to Zombieland forever."

"Kanye West went off the plantation, or when niggers get too confident, the Kikes come for them."
Tucker Carlson Video:

Tucker champions Kanye.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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