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Nov 12- Bank Man is Fried ---Another Jew F**ks Up

November 12, 2022


Memories of Madoff: In a week when Mark Zuckerborg lays off 13,000 at Faceplant,  Jewish wonderkind Sam Bankman-Fried, left, losses $16 billion when his Crypto Exchange FTX collapses, and he is accused of transferring two billion to his girlfriend
Caroline Ellison who has close family connections to the SEC and the Demonrat Party.
(Here she is promoting amphetamine usage.)

He joins a long list of shysters that includes Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos who mercifully is not Jewish.

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Bankman-Fried's net worth peaked at $26 billion. In October 2022, he had an estimated net worth of $10.5 billion. By 11 November 2022, the Bloomberg Billionaires Index considered Bankman-Fried to have no material wealth. Before Bankman-Fried's wealth eroded in November 2022, Bankman-Fried was a major donor to the Democratic Party and many left-wing political causes.

 Born and raised to an upper-middle-class Jewish family in California, he is the son of Barbara Fried and Joseph Bankman, both professors at Stanford Law School. His aunt Linda P. Fried is the current dean of Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. (Higher education in the West is a make-work project for Jews.)

Bankman-Fried secretly transferred $10 billion of customer funds from FTX to the trading company Alameda Research, which is run by his girlfriend Caroline Ellison, Reuters reports. A large portion of that total has since disappeared, they said. One source put the missing amount at about $1.7 billion. The other said the gap was between $1 billion and $2 billion.

In a subsequent examination, FTX legal and finance teams also learned that Bankman-Fried implemented what the two people described as a 'backdoor' in FTX's book-keeping system, which was built using bespoke software. They said the 'backdoor' allowed Bankman-Fried to execute commands that could alter the company's financial records without alerting other people, including external auditors.

The FTX Collapse in 90 Seconds (YouTube)

Rumor he has fled to Argentina

Makow-- The great thing about Satanism is that it destroys its adherents. Understand? All the woke BS is about destroying the suckers who adopt it, and the society they belong to.
FTX counted celebrities such as NFL star Tom Brady and ex-wife Gisele Bundchen as investors, PitchBook data shows. They also had San Francisco-based Iconiq Capital, which manages money for Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey on their books--not to mention all of the consumers whose deposits are currently unavailable for withdrawal. Other big losers include the Canadian Ontario teachers' pension fund, which invested $95 million.
Influencer Oli London, 32, reveals he is transitioning back from a Korean woman to a British man - and slams schools for 'normalizing changing genders' and teaching kids 'to idolize weak men like Harry Styles'

Oli has spent more than  $271,000 on surgeries, Botox and fillers over the past eight years. He has had a total of 30 surgeries


1_BPM-MEDIA-Shaynah-was-described-as-a-completely-selfless-person-01.jpgChildren don't need mothers, an obsolete concept

Mum suddenly dies at carnival after telling friend that her heart 'feels a bit funny'

 Shaynah Olyvia Smart, 28, suffered a cardiac arrest just an hour after arriving at this year's festival and was rushed to hospital, where she later died. She was the mother to seven-year-old Jeshane and two-year-old Jaziah, who are now being cared for by their dad.


Of 200,000 Subjects in mRNA Vaxx Trail i9n 2013, Only 5 are Alive Today

Viewer--"Very few things shock me anymore, but this guy's video did."


Kanye Touched The "Third Rail"--Now He Must Be Destroyed

Any "conservative" or "Christian" writer, analyst, blogger, pundit, researcher, etc., that is not warning you about the clear and present danger of Zionism is failing you, our country and Freedom itself. And the reason that most of these "good" men are failing us is because they are scared to death of touching the "third rail."

They can talk about Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, the "Deep State" and anything else they want to talk about with barely any repercussions. It takes ZERO courage to talk about any of the above. But if you talk about Israel and Zionism, there will be hell to pay."



mRNA Vaccines in Our Foods & Health Canada the Big Pharma Shill -Dr. Byram Bridle, Vaccine Specialist

They're putting mRNA technology in our food !!!

Canada tosses over 24 million expired COVID shots as demand plummets

Due to a lack of demand on a global scale, governments and manufacturers are throwing away millions of unused COVID shots.

BREAKING: Republican Sheriff Joe Lombardo Wins The Nevada Governor's Race
32k vaxx deaths reported on VAERS, 60k permanently disabled. The real numbers are likely 10x or more considering pro-vaxxers don't report and doctors are pressured not to report. Tiffany Dover didn't report. If Pfizer/Moderna bombed a city and killed 32k we would consider that a declaration of war

Crypto Jew Donald Trump won't survive his advocacy of the toxic "vaccine."

Ann Coulter to Trump---Shut the fuck up, forever

sue-employer.jpgKanye West-  They want to monetize and traumatized. Talks of his mother being "sacrificed."


Do you want these people as your pilots?

British Airways will allow male pilots to wear make-up and carry handbags in an overhaul of the airliner's strict uniform rules.

Airline bosses reportedly told staff in an internal memo yesterday 'be bold, be proud, be yourself' and said they hoped the refreshed guidance would be 'embraced by everyone regardless of gender, gender identity, ethnicity, background, culture, sexual identity, or otherwise'.

They are also introducing pronoun badges in a bid to allow staff to 'wear uniforms that express their true identity'.


THE REAL ISSUE NOW IS THAT IT IS NOT SAFE TO FLY WITH ANY AIRLINE WHO MANDATED THE RONA JABS.  (i.e. an experimental bioweapon on human lab rats.   The covid jab is not a vaccine.)

America's airlines are headed toward a major strike. Josh Yoder is with US Freedom Flyers, and they are currently in a major legal fight to fight against vaccine mandates not just for pilots, but for all Americans.


bugnolo.jpgThe Return of Friar Bugnolo who claimed two billion would die in 2022

The Friars' latest video Manifesto:
"... the Free Peoples of the Earth must now take decisive coordinated action. We must act and not react, because the time is short, and our genocide has already been put into motion.

Wherefore, WE the Free Peoples of the Earth, to liberate ourselves from the cruel, evil, satanic, malign, misanthropic designs of the Globalists, do declare:

THAT WE ARE FREE FROM THE MOMENT OF OUR EXISTENCE and that no group of men or women, however powerful, rich, influential or cruel, has the right to govern us and expect from us obedience and service.

That injustice by its very intention, make all governments lose their authority. That all peoples have the right to remove corrupt leaders, classes, elites, groups, and secret societies which militate against the honesty, freedom, independence, good and rights of human persons anywhere at any time.

Therefore, empowered by the Natural Rights due every Human Person, we declare the Globalist Elite to be OUTLAWS, guilty of capital crimes and by every rational and reasonable measure deserving of immediate arrest, detention, trial and condemnation.

We hereby call upon all our fellow brothers and sisters of the Human Race, to rise up against this Global Conspiracy and take whatever actions are necessary to remove from power, ownership and control, anyone who is cooperating with it. This is our call to rebellion, revolution, and liberty. As a Race we cannot survive, as we have always lived on Earth, without it! "


never-said.jpgMark Trozzi MD

Dr Shoemaker gives a concise summary of Fauci's covid crimes, including his role in creating both the SAR-C0V2 virus and the much more deadly mRNA "vaccine". We also discuss Fauci's role in suppressing safe treatments for covid-19, and orchestrating the promotion and profiting of the deadly injections.

This is a red alert to the American police, military, militia, and everyone else whose duty it is to defend the people. Fauci unlawfully spent American tax payer dollars to produce a viral bioweapon. He set up a shell company that he founded called Moderna (modern rna) to produce the much more deadly portion of the bioweapon: the genetic mRNA injections. Fauci was instrumental in blocking the treatment of covid infections, so the disease could be used to prod the American people into being taxed to pay to poison themselves and their children, while making record profits for Moderna.

Lastly Dr Shoemaker and I discuss detoxifying and treating the effects of the poisonous covid injections.


 The good news, however, is that the Kherson public relations disaster will have no meaningful impact on the outcome of the war.

US threatens to intervene militarily in Ukraine -----Russia preparing for this eventuality
Gonzalo Lira ruminates on latest developments.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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