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Nov. 10 -- West Withers Under ZOG-WEF Jackboot

November 10, 2022


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Our corrupt ancestors gave our national credit cards to our worst enemies.
Phony pandemics and war are just pretexts to max them out,  i.e. plunder
the national treasury.

National debt could soon cost as much as a second military

In the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, the government paid $475 billion in net interest payments, which already exceeds what was spent on veterans' benefits and transportation combined, according to CNN.

The Defense Department's budget was $722 billion in the 2022 fiscal year, and President Biden's 2023 budget request is $773 billion.

Moody's Analytics is even less optimistic than the CBO, estimating that federal interest payments will top the defense budget by 2025 or 2026, CNN reported.

The interest payments have been surging amid the Federal Reserve's recent moves to curb inflation, including by raising interest rates. In the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, the government paid nearly 35% more than the prior year in net interest payments, according to CNN.

The national debt grew to a record $31 trillion last month, CNN reported. Nearly $8 trillion has been added since 2020 as the government borrowed heavily at near-zero interest rates amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


exit-polls.jpgPaul Craig Roberts - Another Stolen Election

This time it is CNN's own report on its own exit polls that indicates a stolen election.


Demonrats haven't figured out how to rig the exit polls




This country is full of damned morons today!  Constant yak,yak,yak about a vote for one of two Rothschild owned prostitutes, meaning it will make NO DIFFERENCE WHATEVER WHICH BUNCH "WINS," but those trying to vote have suddenly discovered that the crooked voting machines, in the hands of the crooks every day since the last crooked election, are still crooked and their "vote" is still a mockery, as usual.  The only real difference in the last two elections is that the Rothschild/talmudic Jewry/WEF/satanic armies are in your face about it and no longer give the faintest damn what you think.

YOU HAVE ONE OPTION - GET THE DAMNED GUNS OUT, MORONS!  Do you really expect any authority existing to be on your side?  If so you are too brain dead to function in society.  The only way there will be justice in nations like this one today is for the people themselves to restore it.  Such is not "vigilante law" it is the salvation of what is left of Christian civilization.


Gonzola Lira-  How does a party with lowest approval rating in history win?

Gonzalo Lira - They Stole it again


fix-is-in.jpgOhio Red Tide - What happens when there is an honest count

Whopping Majority Issues GOP Even Greater Win Down Ballot in Ohio

Nevertheless, the Demonrats tried to gerrymander


Russia retreat from Kherson is causing confusion and consternation in Russia

So Who Is to Blame For the Kherson Retreat Really?  by Rolo Slavskiy

If you put impoverished third world migrants in luxury hotels, they will come

illegal immigrants were offered meat at every meal, 24-hour access to snacks and drinks, babysitters, television programming in English and Spanish, and even their choice of mattresses for their beds. All of this was paid for on the taxpayer's dime!


PJW-- Sunak gives away UK taxpayer money while UK taxpayers freeze and starve

PJW is one of the last competent reporters alive

Canadian nurses board declines to discipline member who opposed tyrannical COVID restrictions

New book from James Perloff

perloff-front-cover.jpg"So why the shift from geopolitics to spirituality? Because after watching and fighting the "Deep State" (or "Establishment" as we used to call it) for 44 years, it's pretty clear to me that their control is more consolidated and entrenched than ever, and the chances of mounting a successful revolution against it, in the midst of an unprecedented surveillance state, are increasingly slim. I don't mean to sound "defeatist." This doesn't mean I've given up hope for humanly overcoming it--which I believe would please God. However, I also recognize that sometimes days come when--as when Constantinople fell in 1453, or the Alamo in 1836, or Richmond in 1865, or Berlin in 1945--that the reality must be finally faced that a particular battle in time has been lost.

In such circumstances, I believe the answer is not despair, but a turning to God--not only because we are accountable to Him, but because appeal for divine intervention may actually be our best hope for avoiding a disastrous outcome.

In such circumstances, I believe the answer is not despair, but a turning to God--not only because we are accountable to Him, but because appeal for divine intervention may actually be our best hope for avoiding a disastrous outcome.

She has been tested and proven to follow orders

Freeland is Washington's front runner for next NATO Chief


Ontario cities, hospitals discuss bringing back masks amid child virus surges

The bullshit never ends---Medico-Stalinists are bound and determined to ruin the economy over Christmas for the third year in a row with intrusive masking mandates, restricted capacities, and most likely lockdowns.


Reader---Henry this recent interview with Glen Beck and Whitney is full of info.. Glen even said it is one of the best interviews of his entire career. As I watched that I remembered my bookmark of her interview with Dr. Reiner Fuelmich of the public grand jury. She did that in Aug. 2021. Here are the two videos. video 1)The Hidden Hands Behind the Unfolding Global Takeover (Video)

Part Two-


gabriel-poliquin-vaxxed-to-the-max-561x321.jpegJabbed Lawyer Collapses During Emergencies Act Inquiry in Canada

At 20 MINUTES into the following link, Tony Lyons interviews Edward Dowd about his upcoming book "Cause Unknown":

Dowd says: "There will be no movie-story ending, and we do not need anymore smoking guns, We Already Have MORE THAN ENOUGH EVIDENCE For Crime And Lawlessness. What Needs To HAPPEN NEXT Is To Force The Corrupt Mainstream-Media And The Justice System To Finally Do Their Job".

Dowd says: "The insurance industry is already in dire straits because, unlike in the case of death, disability cases involve long-term cash-flows that may force insurance companies into bankruptcy. So, they need to take action NOW because I do not want them burned".

 In German, CHABAD expert Wolfgang Eggert speaks of the latest CHABAD efforts to launch WW3 (using a much quicker playbook than the CHABAD used to launch either WW1 or WW2):

WW3 is designed to slaughter a large number of Goyim "livestock" and bring the Moshiach Ben David (better known as the Antichrist) to rule over the Talmudic "new" world order.


Here, Gemma Doherty goes through the latest issue of THE IRISH LIGHT and shows how CSO data prove that there was in fact NO COVID "PANDEMIC":

THE IRISH LIGHT is the ONLY truthful (non-Zionist-controlled) newspaper in Ireland.

Government publishes horrific figures on COVID Vaccine Deaths: 1 in every 310 people died within 1.5 months of receiving the COVID Vaccine Booster

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Nov. 10 -- West Withers Under ZOG-WEF Jackboot"

James Perloff said (November 10, 2022):

Great lead story on the soaring national debt. That is why they are raising interest rates—to collapse the economy. It has nothing to do with “fighting inflation.” The Fed itself causes the inflation by its creation of fiat money. There was no net long-term inflation in America before the Fed was established.

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