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Why Didn't Alex Jones Use the Truth as Defence?

October 15, 2022


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Asked a reader. His reply-

"Because.. he's joined the club.

Remember back when Hillary Clinton called him out on national television. Why AJ, among all the others? Think in terms of esotericism and the occult. He's on the alter of sacrifice, giving himself to their trust. While it appears as though he's being attacked, the public display is actually an initiation. AJ had done a lot of damage to their system with opening the minds of the people. Then comes the honey pot. You know he has a thing, it seems, for Jewish women. Are these traps?

Think of a person who can produce a documentary such as Terrorstorm. Worked with the crews who produced the documentaries on Waco and OKC. His radio show during the time of Sandy hook had all the juicy details. And then they sunk their talons into him. He admitted during one of his shows years ago that if you have kids, they can come after you. I'll take it as an admission.

Plain and simple, they've got him by the balls somehow. Sandy Hook is too easy to prove as a fraud. Imagine how defeated he must feel not being able to talk about it. You know how the enemy works with their blackmail. Only a person truly enslaved is not allowed to criticize the enemy. What do they have on him where he can't expose the obvious?

Think about that for a moment..

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Comments for "Why Didn't Alex Jones Use the Truth as Defence? "

TT said (October 15, 2022):

Because Alex Jones did not provide a credible defense, [photo of girls on your site, the obvious crisis actors, the ongoing drill], you are correct that something is not right. His sodomized eyes maybe best show which team he is on.

Another example of 'controlled opposition' may be project veritas . Notice in the attached link, its leader twice evokes the sigil of lucifer, communicating with demonic spirits,

@ 1.29 to 1.40 veritas guy doing the sigil sign with the three pumps, and then he doubles up @ 6.57 to 7.03!


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