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Oct 5 - Child Mutilation is Bonanza for Hospitals

October 5, 2022

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Child mutilation is a big money maker for hospitals

Reader- "The fury is mounting nationwide over this Satanic attack on children"

Hospitals, Clinics Are Promoting Services To Gender-Nonconforming Kids. Here Are 47 Of Them.

At least 47 pediatric gender clinics, many at prominent children's hospitals, have broadened the scope of their patient criteria to include not only transgender-identified children, but those they describe as "gender creative," "gender diverse," or "gender nonconforming." Some of these programs see patients as young as two and three years old.

Evidence currently indicates that roughly 60-90% of children who identify as transgender but do not socially or medically transition will no longer identify as transgender in adulthood.


Must watch---JP Sear --Gender Reassignment is Very LUCRATIVE! The usual suspects are funding this.


Just wait for the undamaged line to get bombed. 

Gazprom Says Undamaged Nord Stream 2 Line Could Ship Gas to Europe

Must watch--Paul Joseph Watson

UK houses illegals on cruise ships while senior citizens freeze.

Russian super sub is on the prowl

The 600-ft. submarine was delivered to the Russian Navy in July as part of Russian President Vladimir Putin's top-secret program that aims to develop and operate a series of a new class of "super weapons."

webpc-passthru.jpg(Do those boys look normal? Raising children without heterosexual role models is satanic child abuse)

US Ambassador to Hungary with his rainbow family

Why Viktor Orbán is fighting a war against 'LGBT ideology'

from Edward Hendrie

15,000 persons died in the U.S. alone from COVID-19 vaccines.

People Who Have Received the COVID-19 Vaccine Account for 94% of all COVID-19 Deaths in the UK

World Council For Health Calls for Immediate Recall of All COVID-19 Vaccines

child-sex-president.jpgMike Yeadon



Ukrainians defend referendum they used to join Russia


Lao Tzu Quotes

"let go the desire to have."


jill-chesterfield-biden.jpgHas WWIII Begun? What the U.S. Corporate Media is not Reporting about Russia's Annexation of Ukraine Regions

If one is only getting their "news" about the current war in Ukraine from the United States Corporate Media, they are getting a very slanted view which basically states that Russia is in trouble and is losing the war, and is getting desperate.

Someone who does not take the time to read Russia's perspective from their English news sources, as well as other perspectives from both western and non-western sources that disagree, may be totally unprepared for what is about to happen next.

Guess what folks. Money is already digital. The real issue is CASH

How digital money might play out

fall-girl.gif(l. Endangered species. Straight white girl. --


In Europe today and elsewhere, the dissolution of the Caucasian race has finally made it to the top of the power-elite's prioritized task list. The most frightening aspect is that most people are not willing to accept that the premeditated destruction of Caucasians has been the plan for quite a long time. This nefarious plan has existed for well over half a century and got incorporated into the power-elite's agenda in the 1950s. It is called The Kalergi Plan.
Stew Peters

OBGYN confirms post-vaxx horrors: Calcified wombs, infertility, and miscarriages surge, depopulation


hertzl-masons.jpgTucker Carlson- The criminal dealings of the Biden family

Covered up by FBI and the mass media.

This is what globalism looks like

China opens unofficial police stations in Britain to hunt down people for their return

The 'service centres' are often run from innocuous locations - such as Chinese restaurants or convenience stores

Northern Truthseeker

Important Report Out Of Germany: ZERO Evidence Of 'Graphene Oxide' In ANY Of The KILL SHOTS!

The bottom line is this... Graphene Oxide is nothing but a 100% misleading factor in this entire SCAMDEMIC and most definitely was 'injected' into the mindset of people to send them off in a 100% wrong direction...

inequality-equal.pngThe denialism about Russia's anti-human COVID policies has to stop---It's extremely embarrassing

The usual suspects are frothing at the mouth after your humble correspondent politely pointed out that Russia's Ministry of Defense forcibly injects all military personnel with unproven genetic goo, and that there is now clear proof that mobilized Russians are being subjected to this same unfortunate affront to basic human dignity.


Parsing Putin's Speech--Rolo Slavsik

Putin's "Anglo Satanism" Speech is New Development in Russian Rhetoric

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Oct 5 - Child Mutilation is Bonanza for Hospitals "

KL said (October 5, 2022):

Please add to list

I am not sure if you know about Toronto sick kids Motherisk program similar maybe to Duplesis orphans which I'm not sure you've documented where kids were taken from mothers and thrown in jail for false hair tests.

Gideon Koren who ran the program I believe is being shielded by Israel. He is still going to conferences and prob still published papers. Or Ben Levin that did the first iteration of pedo education in Ontario that was arrested with crazy crimes and still doing conferences. I wonder what that guy is up to now.

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