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Oct 28 - Cabalists are Cancelling YOU like They Cancelled Ye

October 27, 2022

(You will own nothing because they will own everything, and they will still be unhappy because you are still alive.)

C'mon folks. Humanity is the  prisoner
of a satanic cult, Cabalism. But they won't let us speak about it? Yup, Cabalist Judaism. (See Left)

I know it sounds like science fiction

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Latest-  UPDATED Ye Cancel List as of 10/26/22: Thou Shalt Not Blaspheme God's Chosen People!

- Concert at Sofi Stadium cancelled
- Suspended on Instagram
- Suspended on Twitter
- Fox News documentary scrapped
- Banned from Fox News
- Interview on The Shop cancelled
- Drink Champs interview deleted
- Banned by JP Morgan Chase
- Boycotted by WME
- Deal with Balenciaga terminated
- Boycotted by Vogue Magazine
- Dropped by CAA talent agent
- MRC documentary scrapped
- Boycotted by UTA
- Disavowed by ex-wife and family
- Banned from Daily Wire
- $1.5 billion Adidas deal terminated
- $1 billion Gap deal terminated
- Boycotted by Foot Locker
- Disaffiliated from Def Jam
- Assistant and lawyer resign
- Wax figure removed from museum   (Hitler still welcome there)
- Banned from KANO STEM player
- Banned from Sketchers

Russia stopped the COVID hoax & Agenda 2030--Russia is getting the Ye' Treatment

Key takeaways from Putin's SpeechFreedom from Satanism

Putin Says Russia Will Never Be "Wiped Off Geopolitical Map" As West Plays "Dirty Game" In Ukraine

"Russia is not challenging the western elite. We are not trying to become the hegemon," Russian President Vladimir Putin said early in an important speech before the Valdai Discussion Club meeting outside Moscow on Thursday.

Putin said in his remarks that Russia merely wants to "defend its right to exist" and "won't let itself be destroyed and wiped off the geopolitical map." This as nuclear rhetoric and threats of defending red lines between Moscow and the West have reached heights not seen since the Cold War.

"The World After Hegemony: Justice and Security for All" LIVE
   ------  Video of Putin Speech and answers


This is how the infantile, satanically possessed West responds.

The Daily Fail Online:  Putin's deluded rant to the world: War-mongerer says 'western domination is over', calls for a 'new world order' and warns we have entered the most dangerous decade since WW2

    Putin laid out thoughts on foreign policy in a rambling speech in Moscow, accusing West of fanning flames of war in Ukraine - despite being the one to order the invasion of neighbouring country eight months ago
    Also accused West of rejecting his peace plan and stoking tensions over Taiwan and said area is part of China
    Blamed West for causing global food crisis, in what appeared to be an appeal to allies in China and Africa
    It is the latest in series of bitter speeches Putin has given since invading Ukraine on February 24 this year

biden-armageddon.pngOrganized Jewry is determined to start a nuclear holocaust

In Stunning Strategy Reversal, (((Pentagon))) Will No Longer Rule Out Use Of Nuclear Weapons Against Non-Nuclear Threat
Well, we're finally there: stocks are officially trading off nuclear war headlines.

Moments ago, as part of his closely-watched speech, Vladimir Putin appeared to talk down the likelihood of a nuclear attack in Ukraine:


Which, however, is more than can be said about the US.

As Bloomberg just reported, the Pentagon's new National Defense Strategy rejects limits on using nuclear weapons long championed by arms control advocates (and, in the not too distant past, by Joe Bide) citing burgeoning threats from Russia and China.
* * *
Yuval-Harari_Web.jpgW.E.F.-Bigshot Gay Jew Yuval Harari - The elite survive, the rest drown

Dr. Yuval Harari is making headlines again with his remarks about humanity as a whole. In his most recent appearance, Harari says "You will have a small elite that'll makes all the decisions even if it doesn't benefit the majority of the population.... If bad comes to worse, scientists will be the Noah's Ark for the elite... leaving the rest to drown."

Geert Vanden Bosche - Warns In 3 mos. Vast Pandemic from Vaxxed. Only IVM & HCQ Can Mitigate

Vanden Bossche,predicts a vicious wave of covid-19, with cases already rising in parts of Europe. The coming re-emergence of SARS-CoV-2 will escalate quickly, he contends, and make all other waves pale in comparison. It will, he believes, be driven by the vaccinated, or more accurately, by the misdirected and scientifically dubious policy of repeated mass vaccination.

Karen Kingston - Covid Vaxxes with 5G & LED Lights Equals Extermination


VIDEO:  Geo-Strategic Realpolitik Intelligence Series for Military, Intelligence, investigators and Journalists.
This is the big picture on one important aspect of the coming Jewish dirty bomb attacks on a US city and Ukraine.

Brad Salzburg --------Trudeau Transforms Canada To 3rd World-Dominated Country
As buried by media, demographic signs point to the demise of Anglophone-Christian Canada.

"In all, 69.4% of recent immigrants do not speak English or French as their mother tongue. Most immigrants who do not arrive in Canada speaking an official language, reported speaking Arabic (10.3%), Tagalog (8.4%), Mandarin (7.9%), and Punjabi (6.5%)."

RED ALERT!!! Every Covid vaccinated person must eventually watch this video......

The most serious issue concerning this worldwide predicament is the pervasive ignorance regarding what is truly the greatest MANMADE public health disaster in human history.  In other words, very few vaxxed individuals really understand what has been injected into them WITHOUT THEIR EXPLICIT CONSENT.  They are completely uninformed about the highly toxic ingredients and detrimental nanobot biotechnology that courses through their circulatory systems.

Coaching in 24 times zones around the globe, I can say that the various physical consequences, both chronic and acute, which are directly related to the extremely dangerous and deadly Covid injections, are unknown to the vast majority of vaccinated folks.


Ukraine Has Been Turned Into Tool of US Foreign Policy, Has Practically Lost Its Sovereignty: Putin


Twitter employees are freaking out, & left-wing 'experts' fear that free speech will allow 'dangerous' information to reach millions.

Musk: "Sorry Kids, but Free Speech doesn't need 5,625 Karens' to watch over it"!

pastor-a-p.jpgPastor Artur Pawlowski was heavily persecuted throughout the pandemic.

Prophecy over Artur.  It's not too long.  Nine minutes.

Also, his brother, Dawid Pawlowski's testimony:


SHOCKING - Here is What Really is in the Vaccines
Evidence presented by La Quinta Columna shows forced Trans-humanization of society is happening now.

If you have not watched this documentary about Sandy Hook I thoroughly recommend it. Very well put together documentary.


No 'Covid' inquiry will focus solely on safety of fake vaccines, says UK government, as they desperately seek to avoid direct responsibility for mass murder and monumental destruction of health - while continuing with the same mass murder program with still more fake vaccines


rishi+sunak-1101817657.jpg"A Globalist If I Ever Saw One - I Believe Conservatives Are Doomed" - Nigel Farage Blasts New UK PM Rishi Sunak (VIDEO)

Former UKIP party leader and GB News commentator Nigel Farage blasted the new British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak as "our first former Goldman Sachs employee" and "a Globalist if I ever saw one".

Rishi Sunak was president of the Oxford University Investment Society before joining Goldman Sachs in 2001 as a junior manager. In 2004, he left the leading investment firm to get his MBA at Stanford, where he met his future wife, Akshata Murty, daughter of Indian billionaire Narayana Murty, founder of global IT company Infosys.

Infosys is an Official Partner of the World Economic Forum, where the company is hailed as "a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting." Infosys chairman Mohit Josh writes for the WEF website and in August 2020 praised the potential of the COVID pandemic, which offers a "unique opportunity" to "rethink how money is managed and used in our society." Josh then argued for a digital Chinese-style currency.

This is what (((Communism))) looks like

Matt Le Tissier on why he was ousted by Sky Sports

Refused to wear BLM badge


French physician exonerated for questioning COVID bullshit

In its ruling, the French governing body for doctors found that Christian Perronne, 67, acted in the best interest of citizens and his profession in critiquing covid treatments and vaccines on social media, in national television interviews, and in a best-selling book.


Paypal quietly slipped the $2500 back into its user agreement.

Not a conspiracy anymore as US citizens were given a 'covid-19 violation decree' social credit system by stealth.

Russia to ban sharing LGBT 'propaganda' with adults as well as children

The controversial Russian ban against promoting so-called "gay propaganda" looks set to be extended to all adults.

The move represents a toughening of an existing 2013 law, which makes providing information about being LGBT to children a criminal offence.

Those convicted face large fines for promoting what Russia calls "non-traditional sexual relations".


Vernon Coleman - What's happening to your money?

Shops, hairdressers and so on will face a rise in business rates of over 10% next year. This will add a collective £3 billion to their business rates bill. 'This massive rise should get rid of whatever shops and other businesses are left after the winter,' said a proud Government spokesman. 'Those who say we don't know what we doing simply don't know what they're saying.'

1_Kind-hearted-boy-12-who-died-suddenly-from-heart-attack-at-school-is-named.jpggoogle images for "died suddenly"

12-year-old has heart attack and dies at school

DIED SUDDENLY | OFFICIAL TRAILER - Streaming November 21st


 Matthew Lau: Ottawa's woke plan for washroom equity

Ottawa is flamboyantly committed to demonstrating its wokeness and wasting everyone's money

The government claims its proposed regulations will not only improve sanitation but also help "build a more inclusive Canada," address systemic inequities, make workers more productive, increase workplace safety, improve employees' physical and psychological health, reduce discrimination against 2SLGBTQI+ communities, positively impact Indigenous workers, disproportionately benefit the poor, reduce gender-based discrimination and increase fairness and equality. Whether forcing federally regulated employers to put menstrual product dispensers in men's washrooms will also serve to slow the pace of global warming, the government did not say. But you never know.

Bro Nathaniel -Divorce from DC

Under DC, your children face mandatory health-endangering 'vaccines' required to be educated.
Under DC, your children will learn to hate their skin color and their White Christian heritage.
Under DC, your borders are ravaged, drugs come pouring in, human trafficking explodes, and your demographics are altered forever.
Under DC, your property taxes increase, tied to escalating inflation, and home-ownership becomes a thing of the past.

Under DC, Third World illiterates are re-settled in Middle America, and your culture and racial unity are dismantled forever.

Under DC, firearms are eliminated and all you're left with is squirt guns.

Ask yourself this question: Do you smile with satisfaction that you and your family are benefited every time you send in your tax returns?

Seriously, can any good thing come out of DC?


NFL Unvaxxed Just Use Ivermectin

Patenting of GMO Humans

Proof of Formations in C-19 Shots

Final Push for Depopulation

Prof. Delores Cahill, PhD & Maria Zee - 10/25/22 - @9 mins. police & Agenda 21, 16 infertility, 24 deaths, 32 cattle,  48 law - Legal approach here of interest.

EU Targets Now Remaining Unvaxxed

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Oct 28 - Cabalists are Cancelling YOU like They Cancelled Ye"

Doug P said (October 28, 2022):

It all started when we all decided to go along with the big lie. I was eleven years old sitting in my principal's office at a public school in trouble for saying the holocaust didn't happen and that no one believes it. Just go along with it anyways or you will face a lot of opposition and your life will be difficult were his words of wisdom and implied threat.

All the other adults said the same thing, they didn't believe it but were going to go along with it anyway. Every single - except maybe one or two Jews I have met have had parents or grandparents that survived the holocaust. How is this possible?

Jews believe that they have a license to create a reality that benefits them. The problem is that it doesn't. Living a lie benefits no one. Most Jews will suffer the same fate as the goyim, and they are so misled to believe they are something more than pawns. They are the most brainwashed, most confused people on this planet. They are identical with the goyim bullshit worshippers - the ones we see still wearing masks.

When a bunch of judges all vote the same, it's a sign of corruption. We get the same indicator when every jew has grandparents or parents that survived the holocaust.

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