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Oct 16 - Shameless Canadian Gov't. Continues to Flog "Vaccines"

October 16, 2022


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Despite admissions from Pfizer officials that the "vaccine" doesn't prevent transmission of the "virus" , and countless adverse reactions, Canadian public health tranny, Theresa Tam appears in TV ads urging Canadians to keep their vaccinations "up to date."
This is despicable.


Doctors getting morals

Dr. Wilson --"I have seen many patients who have suffered significant serious side effects from these novel RNA vaccines. Some of these side effects are immediate, and others occur over long periods of time to the point where people don't always realized that it's the vaccine screwing up their health. A Cardiologist who I greatly respect, Aseem Malhotra, has recently done an about face and he's concluded that these vaccines are very toxic and I agree with him.


What are her superiors telling her?  Dr. Long says, "It's always disheartening when people come to me and say privately, I completely agree with you.  I completely agree with you that we should stop these vaccinations, but publicly I will disown you.  That's not being a leader.  It's just  straight up cowardice when you know you are doing the wrong thing and you refuse to change."

Jim Crenshaw--The intention with all of this was to kill billions. How many have and will die from this is unclear. I would say it will easily be in the hundreds of millions. It is mass genocide on a scale that is biblical.
This will not be last weapon they will use. They have many more.

Zombie Apocalypse starting

Reader--"Yesterday evening my friend, an attorney got a call from a co-worker that the head attorney --who owns the firm--
he is in his mid 50s --super smart attorney -- he had a psychotic break --lost his mind!

He started smashing up things, talking incoherently.  My friend and other attorneys and office people and his daughter were called in to contain and help him.

My friend said it was so scary --as this is a brilliant trial attorney --responsible father --all of a sudden gone!

He was jabbed --I think over a year ago --no side effects --until now. "
Vaxxers are a global menace to themselves
 Kaiser Permanente Sued for Wrongful Death After California Husband's Remdesivir Treatment Fails
 "My husband was murdered because of government [expletive]," Christina Briones told The Epoch Times. "I never thought this could happen."
Comments to above article-

 Lisa- I'm an RN who hasn't had a vaccine since I was a child because I know how my immune system works. Of course I didn't get the covid vax, of course I'd had covid before there was one, of course I was only mildly sick, of course I could see who was sick from the get-go. Risk group, risk group, risk group. I didn't share a single risk. The vast majority of people don't and were therefore not at risk. The shot didn't work in 2021. It wasn't about Omicron! It never worked. If you're still getting shots, I am done caring. I tried to warn you. Now the fittest and smartest survive.
My husband and I and our children never got any of the vaccines. However my sister and husband got both vaccines and a booster.
She ended up with a stroke and he got a blood clot in his heart and both are suffering undiagnosed illnesses.

mothers-day.png"I've been working at a Miami children's hospital for 10 years and we are now going back to doubling rooms because there is no space for the patients. Admission numbers are astronomical. We are now doubling rooms which was eliminated prior to covid, and this would have been considered unheard of after covid. Every sort of disease and ailment is on the rise. Symptomatic covid is barely a blip, as it does nothing to children other than mild cold/flu symptoms."

Trump the Traitorous Jew

Roger Stone erupted against Trump and family after Trump failed to pardon everyone associated with Jan 6

Stone had also been pushing a broader effort that would have Trump issue pardons for himself, Trump allies, and lawmakers who joined his election overturn effort by voting not to count votes certified by states.
Reader- The 'police' showed up for the fourth time at my mother's old house!

They are trying to chase me out.Four cop cars and a bunch of the most worthless public servants ever.

I went right into their gathering!  I actually chased them away!  An old man seeing the fear in their eyes.  

When you get wiser you become like Daniel in the Lion's den.  Nothing much scares you anymore.

"If I don't die or suffer side effects, you should admit you were wrong."

Bodybuilder and Fitness Author Doug Brignole Dies Shortley after posting cryptic tweet about the vaccine. Challenge accepted Doug.


The Millennials, about ages 25 to 40, experienced an 84% increase in excess mortality in the fall, he said, describing it as the "worst-ever excess mortality, I think, in history."
Rolo Skavski---The Ukrainians have been able to strike into Russia proper, near Belgorod, with nigh impunity.

If Russia wanted to deter Ukraine from escalating the war with acts of sabotage and terrorism, by unleashing the strikes, that plan seems to have failed. Not enough pain was inflicted, or, perhaps, the people who control Kiev don't care what happens to the Ukrainians going forward, so they're fine with escalation.

Mark Trozzi MD-

The WHO is a Neo-Colonialist Weapon---The WHO was founded to end fascism and colonialism; but now is a weapon of global predators used against humanity. Here is my 15 minute video summarizing highlights and digests from Dr Bell's presentation. Additionally here is the full and excellent 40 minute presentation by Dr Bell.


STOP.jpgWhat do you think caused a 582% increase in gender non-conforming kids? Grooming!

Doctors get a taste of their own medicine

NEWS: 80 Young Canadian Doctors "Died Suddenly" in Past 2 Years While Fully COVID-19 Vaccinated
"COVID-19 Vaccine mandates are killing Canada's young doctors in record numbers. Please share!" - Dr. William Makis MD


President Joe Biden grabs a young girl by the shoulder and tells her "no serious guys till your 30" as she looks back appearing uncomfortable, secret service appears to try to stop me from filming it after Biden spoke @ Irvine Valley Community College

GP_GP200710106230049AR-3211124379.jpgBrother Nathaniel - The American Boob

I don't ask for donations. If you appreciate my work, please support Brother Nathaniel who is a fearless and indispensable critic of Jewish power.


Kanye West goes rogue -

'Y'all Done Poked The Bear Too F-king Long': Ye Goes Off On 'Jewish Media' in Controversial Interview by Chris Menahan | Information Liberation----October 16th 2022, 10:03 am

"When I wore the White Lives Matter tee, I had four SoFi stadium shows -- they canceled my shows! I said 'it's up!'" he says.
"I want you to visit Planned Parenthood -- that's our Holocaust museum."

Kanye is cooking!

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Oct 16 - Shameless Canadian Gov't. Continues to Flog "Vaccines""

HO said (October 17, 2022):

I must admit that I have the same sentiment as that RN when she has given up caring what happens to those stupid enough to have ignored all the obvious signs of this COVID being anything less than a scam. I have lost friends and relatives… all liberals… to this brainwashing and it was their choice to remove themselves from my life.

Complying with this form of subtle tyranny is nothing less than cowardice and complicity, in my view. I encourage and advise all others facing the same crap to stand their ground. It’s obvious that anyone that bases their friendship on your compliance with their wishes and demands isn’t worthy of you. Fear not… it’s not as bad as one might think! Carrying liberal friends and relatives around on your back, years on end, is like having a large ape on your back. When it jumps ship, it’s an elation that passes understanding!

Doug P said (October 16, 2022):

I've given up on talking to people about masks. I've told them about docs on our side, how the mainstream media has been lying, and the most important fact of all, THERE HAS NEVER EVER BEEN A LONG TERM STUDY ON THE EFFECTS OF VACCINES !!!.

You cannot beat stupid, and I am going to do another chapter for my book, "Assholes And Bullshit" called "Stupid Assholes" for the end of January. Stupid is the worse form of evil. The real problem isn't Claus Schwab and his array of bum buddies, it's the stupid assholes we see every day. I'm seeing more masks. I want them to hurry up and die.

I'm taking a break, taking math courses online to live in a universe where everything adds to give my sanity time to recover. Then when the assholes come out with another hoax, I'll be well-rested and sane again, able to deal with them without cracking up myself.

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