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James Fetzer -Truth Is Irrelevant to Alex Jones' Show Trial

October 15, 2022


Prof James Fetzer, left, who is facing a $450,000 penalty for his book "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" says truth is no defense in 2022 Amerika. Alex Jones and his lawyers did not even try to use it which suggests Jones may be part of a charade designed to stifle dissent.

"I brought together 13 experts--including 6 Ph.D.'s--and we established that the school had been closed by 2008; that there were no students there; and that it had been a two-day FEMA drill presented as mass murder to promote gun control), I regarded this as an opportunity to present this evidence to the public through the judicial system and thereby establish the facts of a massive fraud....

I sought to intervene in all three of Alex Jones' defamation trials in order to point out that, in no case related to Sandy Hook, has there been a jury finding that anybody died at Sandy Hook. I was not surprised that I was opposed by the Plaintiffs, whom I regard as frauds who are milking the system for money, but also by the  Defendants. And I have even reached out to Norm Pattis, one of his attorneys, and volunteered to be an expert witness on his behalf to no avail."

Makow - This is what Satanism (Communism) looks like. Jones has to pay a billion dollars for simply stating the truth. This is the cloud-cooku-cooku-land Satanist Jews and Freemasons are imposing on humanity. The Truth is the only thing that matters but Jones' lawyers dismissed this defence and instead focused on the argument that Jones didn't profit from his lies. Something smells!

by James Fetzer PhD

I also sought to intervene in the Remington case, where (again) I was opposed by both sides. You might think Remington would put up a fight against a $73,000,000 settlement, but it appears the insurance companies are making an investment in anticipation that the outcome will be insurance for every legal gun owned, which is going to render them huge profits in the multi-billions. Once again, the case was not decided on its merits but on the basis of stipulations or agreements.

fetzer.jpgI had released my edited book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook: It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control (2015; 2nd ed., 2016) as a PDF when banned it after having been on sale less than a month In Wisconsin, a lawsuit was brought for an alleged defamation of one of the alleged parents, known as "Leonard Pozner", whom I declared (from the beginning) to be a legal fiction, for publishing that an incomplete death certificate (with no file number, town or state certification) was fake.

The scan of the document had been shared by the Plaintiff himself with a colleague of mine, Kelley Watt, with whom he had over 100 hours of conversation. The document on its face was no more authentic than a driver's license with no number and no state seal. A complete version (with file number, town and state certifications), which was attached to the Complaint, however, was claimed to be not "materially different", which made the case legally absurd from scratch.

Because I knew the strength of the evidence I had amassed through collaborative research with a dozen other experts, including five other Ph.D.'s (where we had determine that the school had been closed by 2008; that there were no students there; and that it had been a two-day FEMA drill presented as mass murder to promote gun control), I regarded this as an opportunity to present this evidence to the public through the judicial system and thereby establish the facts of a massive fraud.

It would turn out that Wisconsin has a rather peculiar Summary Judgment  (SJ) protocol allowing the court to determine whether or not alleged facts are or are not "reasonable", where they may be set aside (as though they did not exist) if the judge--based upon his own subjective opinion--determines them to be "unreasonable", which would entitle him to discount the abundant and compelling proof that I submitted in my defense.

And-Still-They-Lie-1614001966.jpgThe Court systematically precluded or discounted my evidence, including the reports of two forensic document experts, where the Plaintiff and I could not have been more at odds on the facts. I maintained it had been a FEMA drill (for which I had published the manual) where nobody died, while the Plaintiff alleged that his son, to whom he referred as "N.P.", had died at Sandy Hook on 14 December 2012 of "multiple gunshot wounds''.

On the basis of the perverse SJ methodology used in Wisconsin, the Circuit Court either ruled out my evidence as inadmissible or declared it to be "unhelpful", and thereby found there to be no "disputed facts"--which would instead have required a jury trial to resolve--and ruled that I had defamed the Plaintiff. The trial for damages (analogous to the three of Alex Jones, which, unlike mine, are being televised) awarded $450,000 in damages.

When I took my case to the Court of Appeals (District IV), it upheld the Circuit Court and (in consecutive paragraphs) declared that it was "reasonable" to believe that Adam Lanza had shot his mother and then 20 kids and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary and that it was "unreasonable" to believe it had been a FEMA drill where nobody died, in spite of my evidence, which included an FBI Consolidated Crime Report for 2012.

fbi-2012.jpg(Sandy Hook was a simulation like COVID. No murders in 2012)

Given the absurdity of the SJ procedure in Wisconsin, I submitted a Petition Pro se to the US Supreme Court (attached) and supplemented it with an Application for a Stay (also attached), because "Leonard Pozner" was moving to take my blog,, and the Sandy Hook book to satisfy the $450,000 award. In Wisconsin, monetary awards can only be satisfied by money, which intellectual property such as blogs and books are not, but the Circuit Court nonetheless gave them to the Plaintiff.

The timing was striking, since the conversion occurred on 28 July 2022, the morning of which (during the first Alex Jones' trial for damages) my name and those of other Sandy Hook Skeptics--Sofia Smallstorm, James Tracy, and Wolfgang Halbig--would be taken in vain. But if someone wanted to learn what that "bat-shit crazy Fetzer" had to say about Sandy Hook, they could no longer access my blog because it had already been taken.

My SCOTUS case would fare no better. It was sent to Conference on 28 September and on 3 October I would learn that it had been denied. My Application for a Stay (attached) did not catch up with the Petition and would likewise be denied the following week, even though it makes a powerful case for granting a Writ of Certiorari, including satisfying the four criteria that are the basis for selecting cases for our highest court to review.

fema-sched.jpgMy ongoing research on Sandy Hook has further confirmed that it was indeed a FEMA "mass casualty exercise"  as the manual declared (attached). It was on the schedule to be conducted at Sandy Hook Elementary School on 14 December 2012 on the Connecticut branch of FEMA (attached). I believe that Wisconsin was chosen to sue me because its SJ protocols put the facts of the case under the control of the judge. No jury required! And it worked.

So in none of these cases, including my own, was there a jury determination that a mass shooting took place at Sandy Hook Elementary on 14 December 2012. I have done my best to expose the truth in collaboration with over a dozen other experts, but to no avail. It appears to me that the US judicial system, up to and including the US Supreme Court, has been compromised and that we no longer live in a Constitutional Republic, sad to say.
James H. Fetzer, Ph.D., a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota. A description of his case (with links to supporting documentation) can be found at In the wake of the Supreme Court's denials of his Petition and Application for Stay, he is returning to the WI Court of Appeals (District IV) to overturn the Taking Order of his book and blog. His new blog,, continues to publish on Sandy Hook.


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Comments for "James Fetzer -Truth Is Irrelevant to Alex Jones' Show Trial "

D said (October 16, 2022):

t is true that unlike the much less famous James Fetzer (who's case is pending appeal to SCOTUS), AJ long ago stopped disputing the authenticity of the event. Perhaps he thought it wasn't worth it in scheme of things.

In any case, it should be noted that -- as with the various election fraud cases brought in 2020 -- all the lawsuits against AJ were not heard on the merits; default judgements were entered, so AJ was never even given the right to put on any kind of defense, let alone the truth as a defense.

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