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Conundrum - Why is Russia Promoting the Covidscam?

October 3, 2022

put-vaccine.jpg(Russia's partial mobilization has turned into one of the world's strictest compulsory vaccination decrees)


Russia begins vaccinating 300,000 mobilized citizens

Evading mobilization (and mandatory vaccination) could lead to 10 years in prison

Putin: Western elites are false prophets trying to force humanity onto the path of outright satanism.

Rabbis Say US Destroyed - The last one here, a new guy, says when Moshiach comes Goyim are destroyed.
 Fears Credit Suisse is on the brink of collapse

One of the world's biggest banks insists it is in a "strong" financial position, amid fears of a looming Lehman Brothers moment that could spark a major crisis.    

Scotiabank client booted from bank after complaining about rainbow-themed app -

Read the comments

 Rapper Coolio Dead at 59

Was vaxxed

next-trick.pngE Michael Jones--Germania Delemdea Est or "Why Germany must be Destroyed"

Dr. E. Michael Jones sits down with Luis Alvarez Primo to discuss as well as the current state of affairs in Europe as well as Logos Rising and The Dangers of Beauty

His bitchute channel


In the real world, this is called "getting fired"! And in the real world, people are getting tired of woke morons like Trevor Noah. THAT'S why no one is watching the Daily Show anymore -

Trevor Noah FIRED from "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central
Chris Pirnak

 With the sabotage of both pipelines (which will take at least a year to repair, if ever) there is no longer the lure of natural gas as a motivation to remove the sanctions on Russia and eliminates any future European compromise with Russia on energy. It eliminates the biggest leverage Russia had over the EU. I suspect the West wants a permanent cutoff of Russian natural gas supplies to Europe and that is why I think they took such drastic and destructive means to end Europe's dependency on Russian gas.

Jim Stone was the victim of a hit and run driver while riding his electric bike


experts-baffled(1).jpg'The Graphene Oxide Demon'' effect strikes a Vaxxed bus driver in Turkey - Watch the horror unfold

Martin Armstrong------"2023 Will Be Year From Hell" - Europe 'Could Suck The Rest Of The World Down The Tubes'

"In Europe, I believe they are actually deliberately doing this, and this is Klaus Schwab's 'Great Reset.'..."

Mexico was the deadliest country for environmental activists in 2021

International nonprofit Global Witness said out of 200 murdered activists worldwide in 2021, 54 were from Mexico

Edward Hendrie---
Insurance Pays Pediatricians a Bounty for Every Fully Vaccinated Child

Alex Pietroski, a reporter for Waking Times, alleged that "it is now very difficult to find a pediatrician who will accept a family who doesn't vaccinate. Even parents who partially vaccinate or follow a different schedule have a hard time finding a doctor. Here's why: doctors have to vaccinate a certain percentage of their patients or they don't get their bonus. BCBS [Blue Cros Blue Shield] says doctors need to vaccinate 63% of their patients to get the payout [of $400 per vaccinated child]."

Texas school boards are being pressured to adopt policies giving transgender students the right to use preferred pronouns, school bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers, according to conservatives who feel schools are stepping on parental rights.

With out a doubt it is not only conservatives that are concerned about this matter! A lot of people from both sides of the isle and those in another isle altogether see the stupidity and absurdity of all of this ideologically amped up bullying


press-conf-3-800x448.pngEverything followed from that brief moment: lockdown chaos, the closed schools and churches, the end of basic rights, the wrecking of business, and then began the spending, inflating, mad welfare checks, and the demoralization of the population that continues to this day...

The 70 Seconds That Shook The World when Trump betrayed the nation's trust and authorized lockdowns


Bolsonaro Outperforms Polls, Sends Brazil Presidential Race To Run-Off

Denmark Bars Most People Under 50 from COVID Vaccine. UK and Sweden Protect Children.

Analyst Says US Sabotaged Nord Stream Pipelines and Essentially Declared War on Russia

china-thanks-eu.jpgJournalist and political analyst Darren Beattie makes the case that the US, or a proxy ally, perpetrated the attack on the Nord pipeline, an act of war against the Germans. He said the motive was to enable the US to "sell our far more expensive LNG gas to Europe and have total leverage over Europe." In the days leading up to the sabotage of the pipeline, there were major demonstrations in Germany to remove sanctions against Russia and to purchase cheap Russian fuel for the winter. Since the destruction to the pipelines, Europe is now beholden to the US for energy.


Project Cirrus: Evidence of Weather Manipulation, Including Hurricanes, by the Govt.

Mark Trozzi MD

Here's a serious warning to doctors and nurses to stop the coerced injection that´s worth posting physically and virtually, and insights into some of the covid enterprise's heads of snakes (Non US readers may substitute your country's parallel governmental agency such as the PHAC in Canada - Public Health Agency Canada).
global-balance.jpgRuss Winter

Demoralize, Destabilize Until a Crisis Finally Arrives (Updated)

It has been said that it takes about 50 years to demoralize a strong, powerful country. For the U.S., that's three generations, starting with the Kennedy assassination in 1963. It takes five to 10 years to destabilize a country, and I would mark the 2008 financial blowup and administration of Cloward-Pivan practitioner Obama as that period. The erratic term of Red Queen Donald Trump greased the skids. The unpopular dementia afflicted Joe Biden and low IQ Kamala Harris are the closers.


Pfizer mRNA Spike Protein Found in Deceased Man's Brain and Heart: Peer-Reviewed Report

"We know it goes to the brain, it goes to the heart, it produces the spike protein, which damages those cells, causes inflammation... it travels... causing damage to blood vessels and blood clots."


BREAKING: 34 US Political Prisoners in DC Gulag Demand Transfer to Guantanamo Bay to Escape Intolerable Conditions in Heartbreaking Letter

Reader- "You would be surprised how few people I have encountered who are protesting about this situation. It echoes the lack of German rejection of the concentration camps under the Nazi regime, or Soviet citizens' terrified acceptance of the gulags. We have only a handful of Congresspeople who have visited the facility and protested. Meanwhile, an attempt to introduce a bill to ban Congresspeople from insider stock market trading has perished in silence."

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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