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Alex Jones Was Railroaded & We Were Deceived

October 16, 2022

Alex-Jones-Ordered-To-Pay-1-Billion-1140029524.jpgJones was found guilty of "defamation" when he called the Sandy Hook "Massacre" a hoax.

"What you witnessed was not a trial on the merits, but only the damages portion AFTER a verdict is reached and one party is already found guilty."

The general public was being played because they don't understand the difference between a trial on the merits verses a trial on damages.

by MM

Alex Jones did not sell out. He was not allowed to use the truth as a defense because the corrupt Judge/Court would not allow an actual trial on the merits.

The Judge ruled Alex Jones was guilty on a technicality before any trial was allowed.  

Before litigants go to trial there is a "discovery period" in which both sides get to ask the other side for evidence and information.  They can request documents, emails and take people's deposition. 

Once all that is done they go to trial to find the truth.  However in Alex's case, the Sandy Hook Plaintiffs' claimed Alex did not turn over all of his emails in discovery.  So the Judge ruled in the Sandy Hook Plaintiffs' favor that Alex was "hiding evidence."

Therefore, the Judge just became the jury and "ruled on the [nonexistent] trial on the merits" as a sanction against Alex, finding he was guilty of defamation. The trial on the merits was hence CLOSED.

Next, the Judge just moved the case straight to the damages portion which just decides how much money does Alex Jones owe the Plaintiffs. 

Similar to a criminal trial once a person is found guilty then the next part of the trial is the sentencing --what's their punishment --how much jail time?

Folks -- there was no trial on the merits -- did you just miss that ??? 

That's why Alex Jones kept saying it was a "Kangaroo Court."--The Deep State Court made damn sure Alex would not be allowed to use the Truth as a defense, which happens only in the trial on the merits portion of a case.

 What you witnessed was not a trial on the merits, but only the damages portion AFTER a verdict is reached and one party is already found guilty. 

Then, the jury just decides how much money Alex owes to the Sandy Hook Plaintiffs. 

ALEX-JONES-DEFAMATION-TRIAL-10_1665717349230_1665717349230_1665718183724_1665718183724-634529299.jpg(Plaintiffs celebrate their bonanzas)

In the Damages portion, the only thing the Court allows Alex to say or be questioned about is related to how much money he has or makes and how sorry he was that he hurt their feelings to mitigate their emotional pain and suffering to reduce how much money he owed them.

 Alex's legal team was not allowed to question any of the Plaintiffs. Alex was not allowed to say he was innocent or complain that the Court was unfair. Alex can complain only to the Appellate court that the trial court was unfair.


Because the Corrupt Court had already moved the trial to the Damages portion, I understand the logic of Alex attorneys to forego James Fetzer's evidence and expert witness testimony.

The general public was being played in this Sandy Hook Defamation case because they don't understand the difference between a trial on the merits verses a trial on damages.

 Alex Jones' "trial," in its entirety, is the proverbial "canary in the coal mine" showing us all that our Constitutional Rights to a Fair, Just and Impartial TRIAL have been LOST !!! 

 Alex Jones was completely RAILROADED !!! The courts have hundreds of tricks up their sleeves to undercut your constitutional rights to a fair and just trial. 


 Jordan Maxwell confided in me that both Alex Jones and he were "tapped on the shoulder" and pressured to join the "club" (Freemasons) upon threat of torture and killing of their beloved family members and friends.

The deal "They" offered Alex and Jordan was that they could keep on doing what they were doing-- but there were going to be "parameters" on what Alex and Jordan could say. They had to "stay in their lane," and then their families will be safe. 

So Alex appears to be a low rung powerless "club" member.  However,  the Club double-crosses their members. 

"They infiltrate their organizations.  Jordan was taken advantage by all sorts of people. Jordan had a significant trust fund left to him to continue his work but some snake trustee ended up stealing his trust money and it was never able to be recovered. Jordan died penniless in poverty. There is a price to tell the Truth --and your reward is not on earth.


First Comment from GW

Alex Jones (c) owes the public an explanation of
A ]  at what point in time did he change his position re the purported Massacre at Sandy Hook?
B]  - Why? he changed his opinion. 
C ]  line by line refutation of the points presented in Jim Fetzger's book NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK.

until we see and hear The Big Noise from Austin aka Alex Jones (c)  I don't have a bit of sympathy for him.  Yeah ... the non-sense in Court was  railroading of the worst kind.  Yet Mr Jones come off as a poltroon.  What we're left with, is - given  the opportunity to take the thing to the logical conclusion ...  truly walk the walk  -  he bailed out. 

Reply from MM

Again GW does not get it.   Alex Jones is NOT ALLOWED to publicly speak ever again on Sandy Hook without incurring hefty sanctions and fines from the Court and inviting more damages claims and lawsuits. Alex is silenced!

The ONLY place Alex Jones has a legal privilege and right to say his truth and refute what happened is in his appeal.
The Court of Appeal is the ONLY functioning court left for Alex to have a modicum of "free speech." 

I bet the Court of Appeal will dismiss Alex Jones appeal in a heart beat --Then Alex can try the United States Supreme Court.  But I doubt he will fair any better then James Fetzer, who received no reason just a "postcard" denial not to review his Sandy Hook case.  

Alex Jones and James Fetzer were both denied a trial on the merits in our Masonic Admiralty "Sea" Courts 

We need to go back to the Courts of the People bring back the True Constitutional Courts of Record or Common Law Courts, which supersede Admiralty Courts.  This may be a golden opportunity to Save America !

But Alex and James can't do it alone, resurrecting a Constitutional Court means We the People must step up too! 


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Comments for "Alex Jones Was Railroaded & We Were Deceived"

Doug P said (October 17, 2022):

re " Masonic Admiralty "Sea" Courts" The sea courts are not Masonic but based on a merchant tradition and by logic. The Law Merchant system has been around since before Christ.

The great innovation of Christ is a regulatory principle that governs courts so that people do not suffer from statutory abuse. This requires a definition of evil that is independent of our rulers. Lawfully, they can be convicted by a grand jury. This system is based on Christian law.

It's the system our drug dealers, pedophiles, and child-molesting Satanists do not like. Our system of common law is being replaced by Jewish Pragmatism.

Luciferians are like rubber Jews, and they, like most people, now want a society based on power, privilege, and pleasure rather than contract, responsibility, and happiness. It's these stupid assholes who want an uneven playing field and are destroying natural consciousness from within the governing systems. This problem has nothing to do with merchant law.

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