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St. Maximillian Kolbe: Freemasonry is a Jewish Proxy

October 28, 2022

(Maximillian Kolbe, 1894-1941, a Polish Franciscan friar murdered at Auschwitz. He was canonized in 1982 for sacrificing his life to save a Jewish family man. Pope John Paul II said he was "the Patron Saint of our difficult century.") 

Humanity Blind to Masonic Control - 

Mankind is the victim of a hoax so mind boggling and monstrous, it is in denial. Humanity is controlled by a satanic cult, Freemasonry, rarely mentioned in public discourse. Masonry itself is a proxy for Cabalistic Jewish central bankers (the Illuminati.) This cult has manipulated political events and culture for more than 200 years. Our "freedom" is an illusion cultivated by their media. Our leaders are their witting or unwitting agents.

Maximilian Kolbe was an expert on Freemasonry. Here are his chilling conclusions summarized in an essay by Antonio di Monda.

from Aug 22, 2013

"Father Kolbe Against Freemasonry" (transl from Italian)
by Father Antonio Di Monda
(edited/abridged by 

Freemasonry is a secret society, formed largely by Jews organized and founded by "freethinking" English in London in the year 1717... One of these purposes is the total liquidation of the supernatural world and the destruction of all religions, especially the Catholic Church.

 It is characterized by a mortal hatred for the Catholic Church and its Pope or Vicar of  Christ on Earth. . . They are declared enemies of the supernatural, morality and of all religions... And, in fact, explains Father Kolbe, "Freemasonry is infecting the school, art, theater, cinema and literature with paganism." 

Freemasonry cultivates authentic Satanism, i.e. exercising the worship of Satan, even as it labels this as one of the "fairy tales" invented by the anti-Masonic groups, to slander an "innocent honest and association."

In addition to dominion over the world, the Freemasons are the authors of all the political movements, agitations and the most important revolutions in history:

"From their workshop - says Father Kolbe - emerged the French Revolution, the whole series of revolutions from 1789 to 1815, and also the World Wars.

Voltaire, D'Alembert, Rousseau, Diderot, Choiseul, Pombal, Aralda, Tanucci, Hangwitz, Byron, Mazzini, Palmerston, Garibaldi and others worked under their direction [...]. . Freemasonry put them all on a pedestal..."


Freemasonry is a 'association formed, for the most part, of Jews. The spirit of Freemasonry is certainly Jewish: "The connections (between Freemasonry and Judaism) are much more intimate than you might think... the spirit of Freemasonry is that of Judaism in its most fundamental beliefs, its ideas are Judaic, its language is Jewish, its organization is almost Jewish.  Every time I approach the sanctuary where Freemasonry performs its work, you will hear the name of Solomon, the Temple of Hiram [...], the God of Abraham. "

Freemasonry proposes the liquidation of the supernatural and of every religion. Freemasonry, in fact, not only is based on the most comprehensive and radical naturalism, but rejects, by itself, every supernatural.  The very essence of Freemasonry - at least, for example, than the Italian - naturalism is Hence the exasperated worship, idolatry of human reason and the cult of unlimited freedom, unfettered by any law  ; his materialism complete, despite the more vague statements about God, the soul, etc. ... Hence also the fight against all religion and especially the Catholic Church, founded so largely on the supernatural. "New Masonry (the sort after 1717) becomes militant in the service and defense of a naturalistic religion, a new religion of humanity stifles and destroys all forms of the supernatural."

Freemasonry is the enemy, of course, of all morality.  And therefore fosters selfishness at full blast, even if everything is cleverly disguised under the guise of philanthropy.

So it sounds, for example, the oath of the 3rd Degree of Freemasonry shamelessly enhances the pleasures of sex, idolizing the generative force, without restraint and discretion.  In fact, the model of society today is based on hedonism ...

Freemasonry has committed the greatest crimes, causing wars, revolutions and upheavals of every kind: "Freemasonry financed and supported the Russian Communist Revolution of 1905 , in 1918 financed the Communist Bela Kun in Hungary and the "Brother" Edouard Benes in Czechoslovakia in 1936, the Spanish revolution. In 1945, U.S. and allied troops could easily occupy, indeed had already done, the territories of 'Austria, Czechoslovakia and Hungary, but to honor the agreements of Yalta the Mason Churchill and Roosevelt Mason left the field open to Stalin.'

It can be said, without exaggeration, that progressivism is now deeply tearing apart the Church after Vatican II (1962-1965), is a product of the influence exercised by Freemasonry on the Church: between progressivism and Freemasonry there is an affinity and thought  . And, to end with a note all Italian, the Italian Risorgimento is the work of Freemasonry.


Father Kolbe writes that there is a Masonry within Freemasonry. Freemasons in fact are controlled by others.  "The outer garments are the so-called 'blue Masons,' while the so-called "red" belongs to a small number of people, mostly Jewish, who, fully are aware of their purposes, they direct the whole large mass of the "enlightened" Masonic organization."

 These leaders are unknown and always act in secret, making it impossible for the opposition.  They are the ones who prepare the work plans. Hence the 'identification between Freemasonry and Judaism, at least in the terms suggested by what we have said. What is reflected eloquently in the famous Protocols of the Elders of Zion...the promotion of a" world revolution, which ultimately would result in a world dominated by the Jews, "is not a myth" .

Great_Seal_of_United_States.jpg(Masonic symbol place on US one dollar in 1933. "Annuit coeptis" - 'He has favored our enterprise .")

Therefore, we can safely speak of a Jewish Freemasonry.  Or, if you want, Jewish or not, there is a Freemasonry which tends to world domination and is in charge of all subversive movements against God and the Catholic Church.

Father Kolbe writes: "We can safely identify a criminal mafia called "Freemasonry ".  The hand maneuvering all this toward a clear and specific goal is "international Zionism", as several studies show".

Freemasonry, considered especially in its leaders, apparent or hidden, is for Father Kolbe, the greatest enemy of the Church.

"At first glance - he says - it might seem exaggerated the claim that the main, the largest and the most powerful enemy of the Church is Freemasonry . . But this is simply the truth: Freemasonry is the greatest enemy. In fact, with tentacles reaching everywhere, it is able to affect everything and everyone... Among its ranks, in fact, there are governors, ministers, businessmen, personality of the highest rank, so it can rule the roost everywhere and always  .  It has abundant means so they may have in their hands almost all the media: "The cinema, theater, literature, art (are) largely directed by the invisible hand of Freemasonry»

 Rightly, then, Father Kolbe can speak of Freemasonry as the "head" of the infernal serpent!

Paul Craig Roberts - UK/US Gangster States
----------------------- Illuminati Killed Communism to Reclaim Russia

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Comments for "St. Maximillian Kolbe: Freemasonry is a Jewish Proxy"

A said (October 29, 2022):

Many people read but I try to get to the roots

I have always wondered how money alone could oversee the Napoleonic wars.

I was right. The Freemasons were an aide and played to the money powers. Brother for Brother.

Freemasons are used without their knowledge too and unaware of the roles they play.

Tony B said (October 28, 2022):

Unfortunately few want to bother with the book Origin of Masonry translated by the Lebanese Awad Khoury from French to Arabic (only later into English and others) which gives the date of masonry's origin (under its former name) as 43 years after Christ's crucifixion in the court of King Herod Agrippa and nine Judaens (since called "Jews") for the express destruction of Christ's Church which was exploding in growth. The organization was secret, to be handed down to the child of each member most likely to keep the secret through generations. But it was too secret, unable to do much damage to that Church until one such member bought a dying London Christian stonemason guild building in 1717 and renamed The Mysterious Force to Freemasonry; opening up membership to power seeking goyim. Thus the true age of this Jewish organization is about the same as that of Christianity, which it still wishes to totally destroy.

Cartier said (August 25, 2013):

This is an excellent article, straight and to the point. The truth of the matter, however, is faith, which is defined as a belief in things unseen and unknown. Their real purpose is not to destroy the supernatural, but to destroy our faith in it. For whatever we believe, it is our faith that is our shield and fortress against them. Once they make us doubt ourselves and our place, they'll have us. As they do most of us now.

I know what they will never take from me; do you?

Alberta said (August 24, 2013):

Maximilian Kolbe first encounter with Freemasonry was in Oct 1917 in Rome when he was a student of the Gregorian University. There was a celebration in the streets of Rome by the Freemasons celebrating the 200th anniversary of their founding. This was also the month of the miracle of the sun at Fatima and the beginning of the Bolshevik revolution. Everywhere he could see banners held high with depictions of Lucifer trampling upon St. Michael the Archangel. The Masons were singing blasphemous songs and chanting, “Satan will reign in the Vatican and the Pope will be his servant.” (from his biography, the Twice Crowned Knight).

What was Maximilian’s response? He thought deeply about the prophecy of the Mother of Our Savior in Genesis as the woman who would crush the head of the serpent with her heal and her espousal relationship with the Holy Ghost as implied in the dogma of the Immaculate Conception. With the approval of his Superior and with an Apostolic blessing from Pope Benedict XV which was later elevated by Pope Pius Xi, Maximilian Kolbe was granted permission to establish a militia world wide.

Maximilian Kolbe founded two cities. One in Poland and one in Nagasaki called, each in their own languages, City of the Immaculata. His monthly magazine, Knight of the Immaculata , had one million readers in Poland alone and was translated into other languages including Japanese and Latin for the clergy. It is from this magazine that he wrote about the evils of Freemasonry,

Maximilian Kolbe was a man who had not time for polemics. He called for total dedication to combat the forces of Freemasonry. His weapons were the Rosary with the bullets being the Miraculous Medal. He called members of his army to be Saints with a total fidelity and commitment to Mary the Immaculate, thus, calling for an army of pure vessels as Mary as she lived her earthly life with all the holiness and humility of her Divine Son.

St. Maximilian Kolbe added to the prayer of the Miraculous Medal for Mary, who was conceived without sin. to pray for those who do not have recourse to thee, especially the Freemasons

So, for you Catholics who are whining and complaining about the Masonic takeover of the Catholic Church as well as the world, read the Mariology of this great Saint who called for complete dedication to the heroic virtues of Mary even at the cost of our own lives. Otherwise, your whining and complaining is is a far bigger problem than can ever be thrown at us by the Freemasons.

Oh, by the way, the City of the Immaculata in Nagasaki as well as its occupants were totally spared from the damage from the blast of the atomic bomb .

Chetsy said (August 23, 2013):

reply to JG below:

Jesus' message was never about "control." We are free to accept Him and the things of God or not (the weeds planted amongst the wheat are to be left until the end). If there are some in the Church that have used their positions of authority for political/personal gain then it is a corruption. They are not the main issue.

Having said that, the freemasons are all about corrupting the culture, de-Christianizing it and stealing souls away from God's love and the great defense against the satanic forces He gives us. That's why they push naturalism so much.

Without God, we are defenseless. (Think here about the godless societies and how individuals fared under them.) And that's the devil's game.

I do agree with one thing though. Pretty soon it won't be "secret" as they are succeeding all to well. Then being a Christian will be what is secret. Please pray and make sacrifices for our foolish brothers and sisters and try to open their eyes.

Dan said (August 23, 2013):

We've lived in a Masonic world since before we were born. The more I study the more clear it goes back a lot further than Freemasonry, further than Luria's Kabbalah.

I can tell you that Marie Cash's information is correct. Of course the SSPX (Society of Saint Pius X, or as I call it, the Secret Society of Pius X) under Felay is playing a dialectic with the Vatican, possibly by hidden arrangement. My personal contact with the SSPX is that they deliver plenty of Catholic nostalgia - traditional rubrics, vestments, Latin Mass; but that's all.

The Catholic Church of Fr. Maximilian Kolbe no longer exists. Priests who aren't Freemasons might as well be, because the Vatican got on board with the New World Order a long time ago. That's why they changed the name to the 'Novus Ordo' (New Order) in 1965. It's hard to tell exactly when the MERGER between International Freemasonry and the Vatican Curia went down. Most who care believe it was the Conclave of 1958 after the death Pius XII. Certainly that's when it became obvious to to Freemasons, but we know that Freemasons and Communists had been funding infiltrators for decades, probably hundreds of years.

The subject is too vast for me to say much here, but Catholics will find this book very helpful. 'Freemasonry and Catholicism' (1919) by Max Heindel. It's less than a hundred pages. It's worth reading, because Heindel reveals what Freemasonry and the Occult cults teach. They teach that Adam and Eve were held prisoner in the Garden of Eden by a psychotic god who lied to them about their divinity. Lucifer - the 'light bearer', is the hero in the occult version. In that version, when they ate the apple Satan and Adam had a 3-way with Eve and she got pregnant by both of them - Adam was the son of Man, but Cain was superhuman. So the Mason teach they are descended from Cain, through his grandson Tubal Cain.

Tucal Cain invented metal working, weaponry, and science. His element was fire.
After Cain slew his half-brother Abel, Adam had a new human son with Even named Seth.

According to Masonry the sons of Seth became the priesthoods, and their element is water - to quench the fire of the intellect.

According to this version, that's why the Catholic church baptizes babies with holy water, and parishioners dip their fingers in holy water fonts at the entrances of the Church and touch their foreheads with holy water with the sign of the cross when entering or leaving the church.

JG said (August 22, 2013):

What is not talked about is the advantage of being a Freemason in the business sector.
It was at one time a "secret advantage" to any business owner to masquerade as a Freemason to enhance his capital. There was a solid sorority amongst the Masons in the world of commerce and they supported and patronized other fellow Mason's businesses much like the Mormons do today.

My guess is that Freemasonry will eventually be dissolved. There really is no need for secret societies that plot against the Catholic Church because they are no longer in control. Everybody today is a slave or stooge in the Marxist World Order plot against humanity.

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