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Western Univ. Students Revolt Over Mask-Vax Bullshit

August 26, 2022

covid-london-western-university-students.jpg(Western University in London Ont. is pillar of satanist Masonic establishment)

You've probably heard that Western has announced their mandate for September: Three injections. And medical grade masks. There is a huge outrage about this and it's all over the news.

by DL

Sharing a message that was sent to me (writer to remain anonymous). Please share widely.

 It's finally happened, Western Students have revolted and thousands are planning a protest to oppose all university mandates for students, staff, faculty unless all mandates are dropped.

 Kendra Hendrick who's leading students4agency (Twitter #EnoughIsEnough opened account last night and now has 3000+ in one day) did this interview today:  it's not long but she spoke beautifully.

 Dr. Julie P, Denis R et al' are all rallying behind the Western students. So far hundreds have signed on to withdrawing from the university unless the vaccine & mask mandates are dropped.

 McMaster is scared. PPC & CPC (two conservative political parties) has strongly come out in support of them.

And then, hallelujah a poll: only 3 questions so please give feedback even if your not a student, no name or email needed.

 They initiated a "Storm the phone lines" campaign this morning and gave out the Provost, President & VPs phone numbers and emails along with all the numbers of top admin.... all top admin have locked their twitter accounts because of so much messaging. Then Brescia U (governed by Western U and a Western affiliate) dropped their VX mandate this afternoon and made masking optional.

Please share this groups information with everyone in your circles. (
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     Student backlash builds over Western University mask, vaccine mandate

A back-to-school backlash has erupted at Western University over its requirement that students and teachers wear masks and provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination when classes resume this fall, with one affiliated school declining to enforce such rules. 

Students of Western University in Canada are censored online for criticizing mask mandates and vax passes
The university is trying to stop dissent in its social media profiles.


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