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Makow -- Self Discipline is the Key to Everything

August 4, 2022

sink.jpgForcing myself to do chores I hate is an exercise in self mastery. My small 's' self is writhing in agony as it is forced to do something that is tedious. Disciplining the lazy lout within and doing the chores well is the exercise.

Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law
This is the satanist mantra enunciated by Aleister Crowley.

Satanists advocate the indulgence of our most primitive and
perverse instincts and desires. This is the small s "self" -- the devil's voice in our
heads, our ordinary selves, our egos unchecked by the big S self, the soul connected to the Moral and Spiritual Order, i.e. God. The world today is unleashing this primitive self. As man descends in terms of Self respect, Satanism ascends.

Self-mastery is about recognizing and overcoming your ordinary self. It 's very difficult but it's the key to happiness. I shouldn't be giving this lesson as I still have not mastered self-mastery.

 Self Mastery is the Key to Everything
Updated from Oct 29, 2021
by Henry Makow PhD

My ordinary self is a churlish creature.

Synonyms for churlish include boorish, crude, selfish, base, curt, lazy, loutish and miserly. Add charmless.

I call him "Uncool Henry."

My higher, real Self -- "Cool Henry" -- is engaged in a constant effort to civilize and control this brute and make him presentable.

Yes, we have two selves. The first is the lout who wants the world to make him feel good. This is the voice in our heads.

lao-tzu-present.pngOur thoughts are mostly devoted to getting or losing something: security, money, sex, power, recognition, love -- all of which make us feel temporarily good when we have them.

Want to know how to make people like you? Make them feel good. Isn't that what we want from other people?

Yet most of us are pretty inept when it comes to this. It requires effort, self mastery.

The key is recognizing that we are not the voice in our heads. That belongs to the monkey mind in the material world.

We must recognize and unmask this slippery rascal who easily assumes our identity.

How can we tackle what we can't recognize?

For example, my ordinary self is Lazy.

overcoming-self.jpgAlmost everything I do -- from making my bed to taking out the garbage -- is met with this refrain, "Do I have to??"

This is the brute talking. He must be whipped into line.

My brute is also very impatient. He tweets something and immediately wants "likes."

Overcoming my impatience is self-mastery.

He is always in a hurry. Whatever he does, he feels there's something more important he should be doing.

He is always stepping on my heels.


Today I was at a supermarket. The cashier made a mistake and didn't charge me for a $20 slab of Gruyere cheese.

"Wow," uncool Henry thought. "I could get this cheese for free."

But cool Henry intervened.

God is the Moral Order. He is always watching.

What you do when no one is watching defines who you are.

We live in a moral dimension.  Morality is just as real as height, width and length.

You cannot feel good unless you are good, not just look good.

(This is the inventor of "Scruples" talking.)

So I pointed out the error to the cashier and paid for the cheese.

"Muchas gracias," she said.

We're all about other people making us feel good. Self mastery is doing it ourselves.

This made me feel good. Imagine if that poor cashier had to pay?

Could I have enjoyed that cheese knowing that I stole it?

Self mastery. Overcoming the lazy stupid lout within.

Civilization is founded on everyone obeying their higher Self.

This is the essence of true religion.

You cannot have civilization without true religion. You cannot have true religion without God.


We live in a matrix created and controlled by Cabalist (Satanist) Jews. 

"Portraying a falsehood as a truth is enough to make it so" is the bottom line of Cabalist Jewish cosmology, i.e. Satanism.

The lower self, the Uncool Henrys, live in this materialist construct.

The Cool Henrys live in the Real World which is spiritual and moral in nature.

As far as humans are concerned, God is a moral dimension in which spiritual ideals (truth, love, goodness, beauty, justice) are self-evident.

God is Reality. To be deprived of God's presence is to be unconscious. Asleep.

crowley666.jpgHumanity has been colonized by a satanic cult, Cabalism.  

This cult is doing everything in its power to destroy our connection to God, our higher cooler self.

Some believe the covid vaccines will achieve this purpose.

Let's overcome them by first managing our lower selves.

By far our most important relationship is with God, our Higher Self. The reason we are so starved for love --"likes"--  is because God has been taken away.

Believing in God is believing in your Self. We need to believe in our Selves again.

Let us celebrate and worship (love) God. Let us awaken!

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First Comment from Edward

 Henry this a great piece that brings a lot to helping us understand ourselves, just as ur piece on 'SOUL as SELF' did.  
Please keep a post like this going weekly for the benefit of all, it is a refreshing change of pace for all the illuminated-Satanism we are living through.  

All religious and philosophical groups have meetings that help people to better understand themselves, be it Christian Bible Study (New Testament not Old) or the one most notable Buddhist Studies; all of them usually called 'cult's' in order that neuro linguistic programming kicks in with fear of that word and scares people off and thus circumventing knowing themselves.  

It is once they are all part of the 'organized religion' where the brainwashing starts and never stops, as the inner 'ego' takes hold of it and hubris becomes the method of operation; it seeks to become an illuminated one.  

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Makow -- Self Discipline is the Key to Everything"

Vince said (August 5, 2022):

Good points.

"Evil has no chance if enough of us raise our moral, ethics and conscience."

By the way I think you might enjoy listening to the Moral Letters from Seneca while relaxing or doing chores around the house:

JS said (October 31, 2021):

Your how you call it uncool part is the one that cares for survival. In a self defence situation caveman takes over leadership. Sometimes we need a killer instinct in a violent world. He brings food on the table, protects yourself and your family (which you only have b/c the caveman in you wanted to reproduce) and fights back against invaders of your cave.

Angelman and caveman are not antagonist, they are brothers in arms in a world which is as much physical as it is spiritual. Caveman is basically not a bad character he is the one for the crap jobs, thank him for that. He has angelmans' back. Angelman wouldn't be here without him.

Morality is slippery rock, it always depends on the situation. In the supermarket situation e.g., if I had seen the guy shouting at a granny or a kid without a mask or ripping off another purchaser I would have taken the cheese for free.

In the situation you described not. To me it's not either... or... It's not a sin to cheat the cheater. It's not wrong to fight the attacker etc

Noble be man helpful and good but it is impossibel to be Jesus 24/7. I gave up trying (btw Jesus also said 'I bring the sword...')

My key to self mastery is to try to treat others the way I want to be treated myself. That is hard enough and, of course, I fail often enough. Then I apologize and try harder next time.

Bill said (October 30, 2021):

Your writing about "good" and "bad" Henry was interesting. You were not born with that inner voice that plagues you. You probably acquired it at second dentition. We are under constant attack by an alien consciousness that seeks to enslave us and take over here. Usually at second dentition it "gives" us its mind and our inner voice is born.

It can be traumatic for some and almost unnoticed by others. After all, in a very short time it seems as if it is a part of us and has always been there even as we argue with it. It is through the inner voice that the alien consciousness saps our energy and directs us in ways we would not take for ourselves. While it is perfectly possible to reject the voice and eliminate it from your mind, a better approach is to turn it into a weapon against the very thing that "gave" it to you.

In our current circumstances where it has assumed control of the creatures of governments and things like Schwab, Gates and Fauci, it is our means to fight back. All that has to be done is to recognize that your true enemy is that alien consciousness and its minions and then re-program the voice with a personal "mantra" that targets them. I use "with every breath I take, I destroy my enemy".

You can use whatever suits you, but you repeat the mantra 24/7 in the background of everything you do, even sleeping. Pick your words carefully. I use "destroy" because I don't wish to kill any of them. I want to totally erase their consciousness from existence. I used "breath" because our breath is the foundation of power. You pick what works for you and it's not necessary to know all of your enemies, they will self identify and receive the message. One last thing.

Say it sweetly, even sing it to different melodies for your own enjoyment. It is most effective at higher frequencies of joy. People often tend to want to use a low frequency approach of hate and meanness which only serves to feed them. Try it out. It won't shake the earth right away, but over time, you will notice it working so don't be impatient.

Also, if you happen to be say it in bed and repeating it mentally or aloud and you feel a sort of fear crawling up from your feet, it is their fear and its working so laugh.

IN said (October 30, 2021):

To Christians I recommend reading the Book of Proverbs in the Bible daily. I read a chapter (maybe two) a day. It can really change your life.

I used to read it everyday. I now read it along with Ecclesiastes and Romans.

The Book of Romans can change your life also if read everyday. Famous author Ray Stedman mentioned that a church which was cold decided to try it and he saw them change in real time.

JG said (October 30, 2021):

This is a critical time for the plight of humanity. We are being tested like never before. You have the choice of being manipulated by lies and deceit from the secular forces or you can make God your master and be ruled by truth and obedience to his Word. Eventually it comes down to one or the other. You have to make the choice to either follow good or evil.

The worldly rewards are short lived. The rewards in the Kingdom of Heaven are eternal. The Christian walk is not about worldly wealth or instant self gratification. It's about humility and love for others. Their is no happiness in self without God. Self without God is a dead end road.
We are all slaves to something in this world whether it be our fleshy passions, addictions or worldly wealth.

Like Paul the Apostle, we must become slaves for Jesus Christ where the rewards are eternal and not temporal.

DH said (October 30, 2021):

The Vax is a delivery system.

Boosters deliver mrna "functionality"

Boosters will become regular, like every 2 months.

Talk about trojan horses.

This is horrific.

People will be changed without realizing it. People will lose control over their higher faculties.

It's all about this: the vax is a delivery system.

G said (October 30, 2021):

You have validated what I have long known. And that is that I have no greater enemy than myself.

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