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Oops, Did We Just Kill Granny?

August 27, 2022

"Last Christmas, 3 days before, I was told get the vax or no Christmas with anyone including the babies. The worst Christmas of my life. There was nothing. I had stood fast for about 6 or 7 weeks then crumbled."

Makow- Talk about Christmas spirit!?  I am shocked by the heartlessness of this woman's family. She has already had one blood clot removed. If she dies prematurely, will her family admit they were responsible?

by Snippets and Snappets

"It was the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. I spoke of this in my blog as I went through the whole mess. I did not want to be found as a hypocrite against it all then falling for the crap so I just was open about it. I got castigated by some; cannot read much of NorthernTruthSeeker due to his hardest line about folks who took them. I bashed myself and my failure to keep to my ethics enough, do not need to hear it from others.

Last Christmas, 3 days before, I was told get the vax or no Christmas with anyone including the babies. The worst Christmas of my life. There was nothing. I had stood fast for about 6 or 7 weeks then crumbled. Presents simply sat unwrapped on the table. The loneliness was killing me so I weighed it out ~ my grandkids' need for me... and mine for them... and placed them at the top of the list. There is a very deep resentment inside of course. When I mentioned a clot I had sneezed out just like the ones we read about, I was shut down and told if I had a concern to call 811. Two weeks ago they vaxxed my grandbabies and foolishly believe if there is no problem after, everything is fine. Sigh. Not very bright for otherwise intelligent folk but they really believe the party line completely.  Had I even made a noise of disapproval, all war would break out. I have pretty well given up on them.

So, yes, Grandma took the vax. They do not get it and never will. Sis-in-Law is a retired surgeon and she ran a vax centre; no speaking to her about it. My doctor of 27 years just told me how happy his mom was with taking them. Like I wanted to scream, not one thing I said was listened to, rather my sources questioned and after a quick Google search they would be trashed.

First Comment from E

We had the same treatment. No vaxx, no family holidays. Unlike the woman here, we stood our ground. But we went through a period of mourning, not just for the isolation, but because we had to accept that there is a horrible chance we will outlive our children.

What fascinates us is that now our children accept that we may have known something (we tried to warn them), but they aren't willing to say they made a mistake. We refuse to say, "I told you so." Their choice is too painful for that.

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Comments for "Oops, Did We Just Kill Granny?"

Mike Stone said (August 28, 2022):

s the grandmother who took the jab the same woman who runs the Snippets and Snappits website? Whether she is or not, her children sound absolutely reprehensible and are living proof that the whole scamdemic is evil to the core. That the scam could be, and has been, used to create separation between families is a sign of Satan.

I don't have grandchildren, so I can only imagine the battle of conscience this poor woman went through. On the bright side, maybe she took the placebo. Many did and appear to have suffered no harm. Also, at least now her children will "allow" her to see her grandchildren, who apparently have all been jabbed themselves. Yet another sign of poor evil.

I don't know how else to explain what was happened in the world the last few years other than what you've been saying for some time, Henry. A massive satanic spell that has caught almost everyone in its web.


Makow- Yes, it is her

RS said (August 27, 2022):


Since 2020, I have watched in astonishment, as so many people have fallen for the Plandemic fear campaign, and taken these poisonous injections.

Sadly, I am the only family member who has resisted the jab and spoken out against the injectable “juice menace”.

Families have been ripped asunder, drawn and quartered.

I was naive to think think there was some modicum of common sense that still existed in the public consciousness. The jab had a connection to Bill Gates and MRNA would have thrown up a red flag at the least.

Tyranny arrived wearing the cloak of public health instead of a military uniform , but the damage is ongoing and equally lethal.

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