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August 22 - Daria Dugin Assassination is a Major Escalation

August 21, 2022

(left, Daria Dugin, 29, with her father. Is that a half-baked satanic hand sign?)

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Russians says Ukrainian special services was responsible.

Andrei Martyanov--"Dugin NEVER was "Putin's brain", nor was he ever "influential", with all those sobriquets  being a complete fantasy concocted within the dumpster of Western media and, sadly, promoted by Dugin himself. Here is from famous Russian political observer Bondarenko today:

"Meanwhile, Alexander Dugin is neither a Nazi nor a racist, much less "Putin's brain". "Dugin was more popular and in demand in the West than in Russia. He is a polyglot who is fluent in 20 languages, which means that upon arrival in any country he could well give interviews to local media in their language. His popularity became one of the reasons why Dugin was considered and positioned in Europe as an adviser to the Kremlin, although in fact Alexander Dugin has not been associated with the Kremlin for a very long time. At the same time, the philosopher himself supported this reputation, since it made him even more in demand in the West, "Oleg Bondarenko, a well-known Russian political scientist, explains to the VZGLYAD newspaper.

RT -- Dugin More Famous Abroad than in Russia

Dugin had received death threats from Ukrainian nationalists

Jim Stone- Dugin is a prominent proponent of the "Russian world" concept, a spiritual and political ideology that emphasizes traditional values, restoration of Russia's power and the unity of all ethnic Russians throughout the world. He is also a vehement supporter of Russia's sending of troops into Ukraine.

The Bizarre Russian Prophet Rumored to Have Putin's Ear

For more than a quarter century, he has been talking about an eternal civilizational war between Russia and the West and about Russia's destiny to build a vast Eurasian empire, beginning with a reconquista of Ukraine. Both the war in Ukraine and the new Cold War against the West can be said to represent the triumph--or the debacle--of Dugin's vision.
Dugin has had a lifelong obsession with the occult, ranging from the legacy of magician and huckster Aleister Crowley (a 1995 video shows him reciting a poem at a ceremony honoring Crowley in Moscow) to much more sinister Nazi occultism.



We've seen nothing like this before," London Mayor Khan wrote on Twitter, referring to soaring energy prices and record inflation of more than 10%.

"We're facing a winter where for millions it won't be about choosing between heating or eating but tragically being able to afford neither," he warned. "This can't happen," the mayor insisted, adding that the British government "needs to step in so that people can meet their basic needs."

Edward Slavsquat--Putin & COVID: What changed after February 24?

Did the special military operation in Ukraine "end" the "pandemic" in Russia?

The end of Virus Tyranny in Russia? There is no question that after February 24, coronavirus took a backseat to the conflict in Ukraine. Almost overnight, Russian media seemingly forgot about the Dreaded Virus.

But in the eyes of federal and regional authorities, the Virus remained a lingering threat. On May 1 we provided a detailed overview of the bizarre and arbitrary ways in which the "pandemic" was being kept alive in Russia. For the sake of brevity, we will focus on more recent COVID developments.


attali-stupid-will-ask.pngReader--I recently heard this interesting podcast, with black nationalist and
anti-LGBT activist Ayo Kimathi as a guest:

What was he talking about? Well, the title of his book gives a pretty good
hint: 'Jews Are The Problem'$25-p474259501

When I see those naïve 'white' people around me -- 70% of them still
wearing masks at supermarkets -- it becomes clear that they alone are NO
MATCH AT ALL for the Jews ... all races have to unite! Hope this helps!
Greetings from Europe, from a white person, embarrassed for their race :(

PJW-  Biden's senility is becoming painfully obvious

Makow--The more I think of it., Jewish circumcision where a mohel cuts a baby's penis and sucks the blood strikes me as a barbarous satanic ritual. I can well believe that both goyim and Jews have been "sucked" into something occult. 

The Heart of Stone: The Physical and Psychological Effects of 8th Day Circumcision

Dommergue proposed that the operation had irreversible effects on the brain: causing a permanent hormonal imbalance, it led to hypertrophied thinking, lack of empathy and a predatorial attitude, which was also expressed in their physique, especially among Jews in the financial world. "Our face reflects our soul, hence those caricatural faces," Dommergue points out.
rebranded-flu.jpgInformative site - How Bad Was My Batch??

California store bans masks after thieves use them to avoid identification
'I am not going to do that': Female RAF recruitment chief who quit in protest over 'woke' diversity targets 'refused unlawful order to prioritise women and ethnic minorities over white men'

Ontario Court Sides with 12-Year-Old Girl Refusing to Take Covid Vaccine Against Her Will

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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