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COVID Patient Thinks Hospital Tried to Murder Him

August 9, 2022

Ventilator-in-Hospital-stock-lower-res-scaled.jpgThis is a shocking and horrific COVID hospitalization survival story.

In the fall of 2020, "Edward" a 50-year-old American living in Los Angeles, survived attempted-murder in the hospital when he was admitted after being "diagnosed" with COVID.


Ed now does not think he even had COVID.
He was simply having a panic attack coupled
with depression and dehydration. 

by a Reader

Ed lives in Los Angeles and works as an accountant. He is 6 foot 2 inches, overweight and about 50 years old.

Even though he is very overweight, he is extremely strong like a sumo wrestler.

In the fall of 2020, Ed feared he had contracted the deadly COVID virus when he had a difficult time breathing. He did not have a fever or any other symptoms. However, he could hardly sit up, get out of bed and as he walked to the bathroom he fell down twice. He realized he was in bad shape and needed help. Alone, newly divorced, he crawled to his cell phone and called a friend, who came over immediately and drove him to the St Johns Hospital, arriving about noon.

The intake nurse had Ed tested for COVID by shoving the PCR test swabs so far up his nose that he cried in pain as he began bleeding a little. The PCR test came back positive. 

Thus, Ed was admitted to the COVID ward of the hospital about two o'clock.  After being isolated in the COVID ward, a nurse administered the PCR COVID test a second time. This time the nurse shoved the swab even further up his nose.  Again Ed cried and complained that it was too high and hurting.  Blood gushed out of Ed's nose. Next, the nurse said that they needed to run some tests. Ed's oxygen test came back low so they told him he needed to go onto the ventilator to save his life.

Ed agreed. While he was awake they put the ventilator tube down his throat. He began to vomit so they stopped and waited for a period.

 After, about an hour the nurse came back to put the ventilator tube down Ed's throat again. 

However, there was a problem. Being overweight, Ed had had a lap-band surgically installed a few years earlier. Lap- bands limit the amount of food a person can eat to help assist them to lose weight.  However, Ed's lap-band had moved upwards and become inflamed and swollen. He was planning on having it removed, but he had not scheduled the surgery to remove it yet. 

Because of the swollen lap-band the ventilator tube was not able to be put into Ed.  A few other nurses attempted to install the ventilator tube but were unable to. So the COVID nurse told Ed they would implement other treatments to save his life.

Later in the afternoon, they hooked Ed up to an IV of something and left.  Ed did not know what was in the IV.  He immediately fell into a deep sleep.  Then in the night, while deep asleep, a male nurse came into Ed's room and strapped an oxygen mask around his head that tightly covered his nose and mouth.

Ed's eyes popped open; he was jolted awake as he could not breath.  He awoke to this oxygen mask tightly fasted to his head. The oxygen mask's force of air was so strong that Ed could not exhale. He felt like he was drowning in forced air.  He instinctively reached up and pulled the oxygen mask off his face.  That male nurse was still in the room monitoring Ed and seeing that he had awoken and had just pulled the mask off his face, he called for backup and demanded that Ed must keep the mask on his face and reached to re-place it back onto Ed's face. Ed tried to tell him that there was a problem that too much air was coming into the mask.  The nurse ignored him. Ed struggled and fought with him as he tried to replace the mask. 

 Then another male nurse came into the room. The first nurse instructed the second nurse to help him hold down Ed's arms.  He held Ed's shoulders down while the first nurse instructed that they were going to tie Ed's arms to the side of the bed so he could not remove his mask. Ed began to scream loudly, "You're going to KILL ME!--You're Trying to KILL ME!!!"  "The air is too strong! I can't breathe! I can't breathe!!!"

The nurses ignored Ed and tried to tie him down --but Ed was a strong man and he fought them and screamed louder that he was going to slug the nurse in the face.  Ed was able to struggle enough that they could not easily tie his arms to the side of the bed. Ed continued to scream for his life--that he did not want the oxygen mask- he couldn't breathe! This caused other hospital staff to come to his room. Begging for his life, Ed cried to the other medical staff that the force of the air was too strong -- that he could not exhale and he felt it was going to KILL him.  Finally, another member of the medical staff looked at the oxygen face mask said OK, Stop.

Ed's life was spared. A few days later, even though Ed said he still felt extremely weak and was worried that he might die from COVID, the hospital told him he was being released.  Ed complained to the nurse that he thought he should stay until he gained more strength but the nurse said if he did not feel better he could always come back.

 It appears that because they could not kill Ed, they sent him home. They knew he would just get better in a few more days on his own with rest and fluids from this COVID flu- thing.  Ed went home and slept.  He also contacted a medical company that does home delivery vitamin C IV packs. 

His ex- wife is severely vaccine injured. But she is in denial that her sudden health problems after the jab are not connected to the vaccine.  Ed said he had been very angry, considered suing the lap-band manufactures and the doctor who installed it because it moved upward and had become infected and swollen and did not work. 

But now ironically, Ed realized this problem-lap-band ended up saving his life. Also, I  suspect that the IV Ed received at the hospital was an anesthetic to put him under, but because of his large size, over 400 pounds, they miscalculated the amount he needed and they did not give him enough --which is why he survived.



Another reader writes --Initial money going to the hospitals from CMS was $13k for the positive PCR test (they would just keep testing until a positive came by increasing the cycles) and $39k for ventilation. There also are bonuses for giving morphine, Remedisivir and other drugs. Food and hydration was being withheld from patients too. This was happening to those who entered the ER for other reasons too. How many died across the nation from this is unknown, but must be a very high number. Here's another such case dealt with.


Hospitals are Death Camps

First Comment from Diane-

I heard a story from a nurse friend at the beginning of the "pandemic"
Basically anyone who came in with breathing issues , they would test and vent if positive
and some died who would have never died.
if you walked in, chances were, you weren't walking out
the doctors believed if you were C positive they had to vent you, or you would die
how in the heck did this make any sense to medical professionals
this was a kill protocol
One man was lucky, he was so high on meth, even when under and on a vent, when he needed a fix, when his meth wore off
he woke up, ripped all his tubes out, ripped the vent out like superman, and walked out of there, even with all the rx drugs they gave him.

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Comments for "COVID Patient Thinks Hospital Tried to Murder Him "

Chris said (August 10, 2022):

That is horrific! This must have been very traumatizing to Ed’s nervous system causing PTSD.

Jennifer said (August 10, 2022):

The hospital staff did not release Ed because they knew he would get better …they could care less —They just wanted his bed to kill the next victim-patient!

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