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August 4 - MSM Continues to Deny Vaccine Injuries

August 4, 2022


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ELEPHANT in the ROOM: Five billion dollars paid out for vaccine-induced injuries in two decades, but nobody ever casts proper blame in mainstream media

"Are you or a loved one suffering from "ABV" - Anything Besides Vaccines disease? Mainstream media, most doctors, and most nurses across the US are suffering from ABV disease, where no matter what, they can never blame vaccines for any health damage, disease, disorder or even death. Some are just brainwashed. Others fear for their jobs. Even when the injury is sustained immediately after getting a toxic jab, like the mRNA or J&J Covid stab, they still won't admit the damage is from the vaccine.
Cold showers and referee whistles now to blame for young men having sudden heart attacks, pay no attention to COVID-19 jabs that clot blood and cause myocarditis."


Israel's Covid Vaccine Director Suffers Vaccine Injury, Gets Banned By Twitter For Speaking Out

Last week, Twitter censored Prof. Shapira--who was "physically injured" after his third Pfizer vaccine--and forced him to remove a post which said: "Monkey pox cases were rare for years. During the last years a single case was documented in Israel. It is well established the mRNA vaccines affect the natural immune system. A monkey pox outbreak following massive covid vaccination: *Is not a coincidence."

Reddit Conspiracy-

Hi, I'm 35 and had the Covid vaccine (Pfizer) and boosters. 3 weeks ago I had a heart attack. It was the single most terrifying moment of my life. If someone tells you the vaccine didn't cause it, just know you aren't alone.

I'm a teacher and I deliver with Shipt during the summer. I have 2 boys and I'm always on the go. I had both vaccine doses and 1 booster. I've never had any sort of health concerns before this. I do take an SSRI and it's never caused an issue

Sidenote... I've still had Covid after getting all the vaccines and boosters. I didn't want to believe that my government would poison me, I believe it now though.


vax-injury-not-rare.jpgNot So Friendly Reminder: 331,000 Younger Persons Died Between 4 Apr 2021 And 23 Jul 2022

Organized Jewry forces historian who defended Confederacy out of her job

immy Dore is flummoxed

They've been lying to us about everything!  Fauci, Biden, Fidelito all said vaccines will prevent "covid" and then they all got it.

Brad Salzberg-

Covid An Excuse For Justin Trudeau To "Punish Ideological Enemies"
Trudeau has transitioned the pandemic to ideological weaponry.

The Trudeau government has claimed to follow the science on Covid, but that science is strangely different than it is everywhere else."
"Policies are based on spite, divisiveness, and pure politics. Covid now serves as an excuse to punish the government's ideological enemies."
A simple experiment for history buffs: omit the words "Trudeau" and "Covid." Now, compare the situation to fascist governments of history. Is punishing "ideological enemies" not a standard of totalitarian societies? Does the same dynamic now exist in Canada under Justin Trudeau?


Reader sends--"Fascinating Look at Jews in Illuminati 'Real History

 Each part is about 30 minutes rivetingly well done:

Part 1----

 Let's start in Sumer (modern-day Iraq), where the oldest civilization on earth started. By following two major migrations (to the West and to the North), we'll meet the Khazars and the Ashkenazi, and we'll discover the roots of the Rothschild family.

Part 2 --- How the Jews became so rich throughout the lands, and took over gov'ts way back when+

Part 3 Communist start, Stock manipulations, Nazis setup by Jewish Hitler-Rothschild, Israel setup in 1917 for Rothschild, WW2

Part 4 Protocols of Zion in-depth look at 10 main ones, machinations with Freemasons... 
Incredible research and historical data to make it plain to understand...

jonz.jpgSandy Hook was a hoax. Did Jones take a fall?

Alex Jones faces ruin: Shameless conspiracy theorist is ordered to pay $4.1M to parents of Sandy Hook massacre over his heartbreaking hoax lies
Jones gives his side of the story

Chuck Baldwin

Nancy Pelosi Has Done Her Best To Evaporate Unborn Babies, Eradicate Firearms, Expand Government And Enact Tyranny--Why Not Go Out With A Bang And Launch World War III?

Al Thompson-

Any organization that promotes immorality is useless and dangerous.

"I was thinking about this for a long time.  When anything evil is done it gets a bad result.  It is a failure.  And no matter how much political and military power that exists in any country, the one who exercises that power in an evil way will always get the bad result.  In other words, the "new world order" is finished because it has been a failure from the beginning.  And those who advocate it will pay a horrific price for their misdeeds. "


wef-666.jpgFor newbies- Myron Fagan exposed the Illuminati in 1967


Jim Stone is back and he says China will not invade Taiwan because defenses are too formidable


Russian Defense Ministry considers the possibility of US involvement in the spread of COVID

The Ministry of Defense of Russia suggests that the United States was involved in the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic and its spread in the world.

fetzer.jpg(Why didn't Jones use this book? My review here.)
Here is a pdf

God bless you to the max, and then some, on that one!

Fetzer proved his case in the first two chapters!  Did you see the phenomenal amounts of money that flowed down the food chain to all those involved in the fraud?  It all came from the coffers of we the people, our tax money!  The rat line was revealed: Obama, through Eric Holder, to the governor of Connecticut, and then on down from there, and the money just kept coming, even months afterward!  How can any of that book ever be disproved?  Of course, it had to be banned and its author smeared and left without a voice!  It was the truest, most factual, and most documented of exposes!  Everyone reading it will know it's the absolute truth! 

You did the world a HUGE FAVOR in allowing us to see it!  

Father God, please bless Henry to the absolute max.  Keep him and his safe always!  Bless his website and all those who follow it.  In Christ's Name we pray, amen.

Chris Hedges: When the Just Go to Prison

Jailed whistleblower revealed that between January 2012 and February 2013, U.S. special operations drone airstrikes killed more than 200 people -- of which only 35 were the intended targets. According to the documents, over one five-month period of the operation, nearly 90 percent of the people killed in airstrikes were not the intended targets. The civilian dead, usually innocent bystanders, were routinely classified as "enemies killed in action."


Paul Joseph Watson - Batgirl - Get Woke Lose $90 Million

People are tired of having Commie shibboleths shoved down their throats
The only vote we have left is our consumer daughter


Adviser to the head of the office of Vladimir Zelensky, Alexey Arestovich, described the Ukrainian people in one of his interviews:"

Those in power in Ukraine despise the people. I assure you. Despise. They do not think of them as human." They are stupid, impotent, brainless, emotional, controlled,"

" Those in power in Ukraine despise the people. I assure you. Despise. They do not think of them as human. And have every reason to do so. Except for one thing, that they (Ukrainians) are people after all. The Ukrainian people, activists, the public, all these businessmen and all these patriots and so on. They are stupid, impotent, brainless, emotional, controlled, poor in spirit, but still people. All. Normal people who understand what is happening can be counted on the fingers of two hands. (Including me). The rest are a misfortune, uneducated, stupid, without experience of civilian life. Thank God that these people have no power. If the people come to power, I will run away from this country. Do you understand?"

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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