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August 16 - Dr. Simone Gold's Message from an American Gulag

August 15, 2022

(Left, Political prisoner, Dr. Simone Gold) simone-jujshwdd-1751336680.png

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Ninety days of solitary confinement is an unjustified and inhumane punishment for exercising a democratic right, to protest a rigged election. Don't kid yourself, this cruel punishment is designed to deter others from protesting the next rigged election. There should be a 24/7 vigil outside every gulag prison but I guess Americans are too frightened of being arrested.

Dr. Simone Gold says her 'spirits are high' as she endures solitary confinement for entering Capitol.

'I've noticed activity in the prison that makes me fearful for my own safety,' said the foundress of America's Frontline Doctors.

Gold went on to describe how the prison has used COVID-19 as an excuse to impose solitary confinement on all females entering the prison.

"All incoming female inmates are put into a punishment isolation cell under the guise of a 'quarantine,'" she said. "They told me it wasn't for punishment, but it was certainly a punishing and inhumane experience."

In addition to the 60-day prison sentence she received in June, Gold also faces 12 months of supervised release and $9,500 in fines, which CNN noted at the time is "the largest fine imposed to date among the almost 200 rioters who have been sentenced."


Too little, too late: Disband the CDC now

Last week, the CDC released updated COVID-19 guidance. The agency now believes we should be taking an individual approach to mitigating our COVID risk. In layman's terms, we are all Florida 2020 now.

Cities across the country fired teachers, firefighters, health care staffers, police officers, sanitation workers and so many others because they refused to get vaccinated. Many of these people had worked through the early days of the pandemic -- and contracted COVID many times over -- while we baked banana bread and patted ourselves on the back for ordering from Uber Eats. Now the CDC acknowledges this was the wrong thing to do. Whoopsie!


erin.pngREAL people, REAL stories, REAL injuries from Europe, Australia and N America

In the last month, I was terminated from my employer of seven years because I'm unable to be fully vaccinated. My employer is choosing to staff only fully vaccinated staff and will not accept my exemption.


PJW--The attack on Salmon Rushdie

Left thinks its OK to maim or kill people for their views.
"The end justifies the means," Protocols of Zion
Apparently Pfizer Got Hacked, Massive Amounts of Data Released to Public - This Is Not a Pandemic This Is Premeditated 1st Degree Murder and Domestic Bioterrorism -

 Merging Bioweapons With AI Interface, Dr. Giordano and Elon Explain Neural Lace

Reader---Have you seen this video of Bill Cooper ? It'll blow your socks off.

Edward Menez--"The best word I can use to describe the video is "prescient".  It was an interview conducted by CNN (!!!) in 1992.  So 30 years ago Cooper was able to predict a lot of what we see now--a one world communist government run by Satanists.  He also assures us that our government leaders are just pawns and run nothing, taking their orders from these Deep State (before it was known as that) internationalists. Cooper seemed on the ball 30 years before his time.  He didn't mention fake epidemics and vaccines, but I wonder what he'd think of today's scams to have us enter the New World Order?  

He also mentioned Kennedy's murder and UFOs for about half the 2-hour talk, which I'm not really into as much as I once was 20 years ago. My views on UFOs have changed a lot, and I can't decide whether Kennedy was actually trying to save the US or whether he was just another pawn."


eat.jpgDisgusting comic for kids on "10 reasons you should eat bugs". # 4, 6, 10 are the most absurd considering bugs have a lot of Chitin, which unlike the BS pop-science coming out recently indicates, can be very harmful to humans in large amounts.

The tyranny of Justin Trudeau has finally been exposed - and by two Brits, no less. A lawsuit has shown Canada's travel vaccine mandate had little to do with science and everything to do with politics

It's evident that a political decision was taken by Trudeau and his cabinet to go ahead with the mandates, and the hapless bureaucrats were charged with coming up with some rationale, any credible rationale after the fact.
As it happens, the bureaucrat in charge of crafting one of the world's "strongest vaccination mandates in the world", according to the bureaucrat herself and Trudeau, has an undergraduate degree in English literature and self-evidently didn't have the scientific knowledge to take a call. Neither were there any doctors, epidemiologists and scientists on her team, a secretive panel whose membership is nowhere published, and which rates a passing mention on the government's website.

Significantly RT is harking back ti Russia pre-Communist history

 The last Tsar: How Russia commemorates the brutal communist murder of Emperor Nikolai II's family
Over 103 years ago, Bolsheviks shattered a royal line that had lasted for over three centuries

Russ Winter

Psychotropic Drugs Have Created A World of Sheeple

I am now convinced of a deliberate administration of psychotropic drugs into water and food supplies. For a good book on the topic, see "The Emperor's New Drugs." Any drug capable of affecting the mind, emotions, and behavior is a psychotropic.

Russ Winter

Race-Cult Zionism as a British Oligarchical Strategy

Was Zionism an Organic Judaic Movement? No.


The Graphene strip in sanitary napkins can power a light globe, so what's it doing to females wearing them?    (scroll down)


Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Building $6M Border Wall Using Shipping Containers and Barbed Wire


WHO Renews Push for Global Pandemic Treaty, as World Bank Creates $1 Billion Fund for Vaccine Passports

The WHO director-general may already declare a public health emergency in any country, without the consent of that country's government. Dr. Mercola is concerned that the WHO would get the power to implement digital identities/vaccine passports, mandatory vaccinations, travel restrictions, standardized medical care and more. A US Department of Homeland Security contractor described vaccine certificates/ passports as driving "the whole field of digital ID in the future," adding they are "not just about COVID [but] about something even bigger" and that "once adopted for COVID [they] will be rapidly used for everything else."


trump-suckers.jpegDavid Icke - In one minute: Why Trump should never again be president and why a REAL - not a fraud - anti-globalist should run instead

Americans are rubes. They can't understand that Trump took a Fall. He is as responsible for Biden as Biden. He let Antifa count the vote!

Dr Bill Deagle wasn't a psychic. He was highly educated. He studied the technology being developed. He read globalist white papers; and took them at their word regarding the plans they were making for all of us. Here he is discussing "What they want to do to us with vaccines" in 1995:

Jim Stone - "1995 video of Bill Deagle (not Deagel) saying exactly what is going to happen with vaccines in the future, with accuracy.
In this 1 minute 30 second video, he efficiently states exactly how doctors are going to be forced to comply with corrupted medical orders, AND exactly what the Pfizer shot will do.  I never heard of this guy, but he's BANG ON. It is very surprising to see someone nail the current situation with such accuracy. "


Ravens and Crows---Strokes  and Heart Attacks, Know the Difference

Heart attacks and strokes share the same underlying causes and most of the same risk factors. One main similarity between strokes and heart attacks is that they both directly result from inadequate blood flow. A stroke occurs when blood flow to the brain is blocked.

Knowledge for the post "vaccine" era

Dark-Field MicroscopicAnalysis on the Blood of  1,006 Symptomatic PersonsAfter Anti-COVIDmRNA Injections from Pfizer/BioNtech or Moderna--

In the present study we analyzed with a dark-field optical microscope the peripheral blood drop from 1,006 symptomatic subjects after inoculation with an mRNA injection (Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna), starting from March 2021. There were 948 subjects (94%of  the total sample) whose bloodshowed aggregation of  erythrocytes and the presence of  particles of  various shapes and sizes of  unclear origin one month after the mRNA inoculation.In 12 subjects,blood was examined with the same method before vaccination, showing a perfectly normal hematological distribution. The alterations found after the inoculation of  the mRNA injections further reinforce the suspicion that the modifications were due to the so-called "vaccines"themselves.


Germany announces color-coded vaccine passport system similar to Communist China's

Those who aren't 'freshly vaccinated' will be subject to restrictions.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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