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Aug 9 - Will DOJ Trump Overreach Provoke a Backlash?

August 9, 2022

Trump-confirms-FBI-'Raided-And-Occupied-His-Florida-Home-Mar-a-Lago-768x512-517430870.jpgPlease send links and comments to
Trump: FBI Raided Mar-a-Lago - "These Are Dark Times For Our Nation"

They even broke into my safe.

Martin Armstrong - The End of the US as We Have Known It

Our computer has warned that 2022 would be a Panic Cycle in Politics and 2023 will be a violent year for civil unrest and war. The computer pinpoints these events that we cannot even begin to imagine the fundamentals behind them. But the Democrats have crossed the line. They are now trying to transform the United States into a banana republic of oppression and a direct assault on the very foundation of democracy. The nation has been polarized to the extreme. This is just going to put it over the top.

'Banana Republic'

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said the raid of Trump's home represents "another escalation in the weaponization of federal agencies against the Regime's political opponents," while noting that people like President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden "get treated with kid gloves."

Defiant Trump drops hint he STILL wants to run in 2024 - hours after FBI raid: Says America is 'in decline' and 'the best is yet to come' as MAGA supporters line streets by Mar-a-Lago and Republicans warn of revenge

Donald Trump Releases Powerful Video Hours After FBI Raid

VERY clear , Covid-19 a man-made bio-weapon. Brilliant presentation


A doctor in Queensland, Australia has put his license to practice medicine on the line to bring his message of COVID-19 vaccine and injuries and deaths, and the "gaslighting" of patients and doctors who try to expose how deadly these shots are, to the public.
Encore from June 2020- NY Nurse speaks out: "That $39,000 incentive, the hospital would then put admitted patients on a ventilator that they knew would kill them. Hospitals took advantage of it. I recorded them murdering people."


descent-of-man.jpgElderly woman, 80, who has attended YMCA pool for 35 years is BANNED after demanding transgender worker leave women's locker room accusing them of 'watching little girls pulling down their suits'

French demo with photos of vax dead relatives

Menticide 101 and the Brainwashing of a World: Part I--The Bio-security State

David E. Martin joins Vaccine Choice Canada and exposes just how deep PM Trudeau involved with the biological weapons violations that have been committed against the Canadian people!! 
He also exposes the atrocities that have left devastation and destroyed lives in their wake..

Poornima Wagh, with doctorates in virology and immunology, describes how her lab tried to properly isolate Sars-Cov-2 doesn't exist a Global lie

whole interview-


Mothers rushing lemming-like to vaccinate their babies

EV-559x327.jpgToyota Offering to Buy Back Electric Vehicles After Issuing Startling Warning to Stop Driving SUV Immediately

The Purpose of the Covid-19 "Vaccine": Behavioural Control of Population, Eugenics, Nanotechnology

There is no mRNA in vaccines, only nanotechnology and reduced graphene oxide.
Pawn Stars' Legend Knows It's Bad Because of What's Coming Into His Shop

Millennial pawning their stuff to make ends meet.

John O'Looney - Hospital cremating babies at a brisk pace


Elites want to normalize pedophilia

How will they blackmail their members?

Reader-- "The other day you asked for real life experiences of damage from the jabs. Here are some of mine.

I live on a cul de sac and we have had two neighbours suffer from:
1.      Heart attack late 50's fit male.
2.      Early 60's female breast cancer
3.      Wife's friend has cancer. Early 50's
4.      My friend has heart issues and had to have surgery. Early 60's.
5.      His brother has cancer. Mid 50's.

 All double jabbed and boosted. I sell precious metals and I have many clients telling me of death, heart attacks, cancer, and stillborn babies in their small town and amongst acquaintances."

police-staffing.jpgPolice departments struggle with staffing shortages

Police departments have struggled with low pay and were not immune to the so-called "great resignation" brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, per CNN.



How one brave nurse exposed the gender mutilation of children taking place at Tavistock

According to the Gender Mapping Project, in America there are now over 200 gender-bending clinics that prey on children, enabling gender delusions and allowing mass castration of youth. Just a decade ago, there were only ten of these clinics in America. This predatory industry continues to expand its violence toward youth, unchallenged.

However, in London, something big just went down, a move that will shake trans-activism to its core. The National Health Service (NHS) just shut down one of the most aggressive gender-bending youth clinics in the world, and all gender mutilations of children must cease operations there by 2023.


mason-fisher-ohio-state-student.jpgOhio State Medical Student, 27, Collapses Near End of Bike Ride, Dies


Unpleasant truths about the Moneypox vaccine
Very high rates of cardiac effects and HIV worsening compound the problem that there are no efficacy data from humans. Does it even work?


Jim Fetzer - How to spot a false flag

__ No surge of EMTs
__ No string of ambulances
__ No med-evac choppers called
Authentic public medical resources, as a rule, do not participate in staged events because they may be needed for bona fide medical emergencies. So, you do not see them at Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon bombing, Orlando, Parkland, Las Vegas, Buffalo, or Uvalde. If they have only token presence, that is a strong indication you are dealing with a staged event. In Boston, for example, police would not allow real M.D.s to approach the victims, who were amputee crisis actors.

__ No blood
__ No bodies
__ Dead shooter

Watch "Ukraine's military gone, rampant corruption leaked documents reveal | Redacted with Clayton Morris" on YouTube

Only 30% of the weapons and aid is accounted for in Ukraine. Weapons ending up on the Dark Web .

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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