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Aug 8 - Russia is Now Humanity's Hope for Freedom

August 7, 2022

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US & USSR Have Exchanged Roles

In 1954, Rowan Gaither, President of the Ford Foundation told Norman Dodd, the chief investigator for the Reece Committee, which was investigating tax-exempt foundations: "We shall use our grant making power to alter life in the United States so that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union."

This has happened except Russia is no longer the USSR. It is the beacon of liberty, while Communist Jewish US is the jackboot on the face of humanity. 


Putin Warns Wokeness Is Destroying The West: It Happened In Russia, It's Evil, It Destroys Values

Paradoxical as it may seem, but this is something we saw in Russia. It happened in our country before after the 1917 revolution, the Bolsheviks followed the dogmas of Marx and Engels.

Martin Armstrong -

"To my total shock, I know a family that fled Poland to flee from Russia and went to Canada. They then fled Canada because of all the insanity of Trudeau and refused to return. Since their visa for America is expiring, they said to me that they may now go to Russia..... Every person I know here in America who fled from Russia when the USSR collapsed says the same thing. What they fled from is now here. Putin has come out and warned that wokeness is what destroyed Russia.....


deathe-to-america.jpg("Death to the US" the official 2020 Democrat Convention logo  Biden won the largest landslide in US history.)

Visitor to Russia writes-

"Nowhere in Russia's two most important cities does one find deranged armies of homeless people screaming at thin air and threatening people, streets blanketed with litter and shattered and boarded-up storefronts, as are blighting New York."


A Blow to the Traitorous Globalist West?

100,000 North Korean Soldiers Could Be Sent To Bolster Russian Forces Fighting Ukraine

100,000 North Korean soldiers could be sent to bolster Russian forces fighting Ukraine. If it is possible for Pyongyang to move its tactical units to Donbas, Kim's struggling economy would receive grain and energy in exchange.

Most Ukraine aid is a 'scam' - US lawmakers


fbi-demonrats.jpgSandy Hook another Communist Jewish scam

The father of a Jewish boy killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School won a $450,000 judgment against the editor of a book that claimed the 2012 massacre at the school never happened.

Commie Jews need to take the goy guns
Trump preparing to sell us out again

Donald Trump: 'Next President Must Be Laser Focused on Destroying the New World Order'

Fool me twice...


EXCLUSIVE! Alex Jones Responds To $45M Sandy Hook Verdict And The Future Of Infowars



dillon.jpgThe goyim die young

Irish President leads tributes to Tipperary hurler Dillon Quirke, 24, who died after collapsing during match

Chris Pirnak--

Non-farm payrolls climbed by 528,000 in July and took out the pre-covid high from February 2020, yet the total civilian labor force outright contracted and the household survey employed only rose by 179,000.

What could be the cause as to why so many people are dropping out of the labor force in just the past five to six months?


Increase in neurological diseases

Bill Gates Developing Vaccine That Spreads 'Like a Virus' To Vaccinate People Without Consent

durham.jpgFor Seekers fans, Judith Durham dead at 79

I'll never find another you

A world of our own -----my fave songs as a teen


Canadian anti-scamdemic heroes


More Than 200 People Die as Drought Ravages Northeast Uganda

"People like the elderly, lactating mothers and children, they are dying silently in their homes. They just succumb to hunger," Jino Bornd Meri, the head of local government for Kaabong district, in Karamoja region, told Reuters.

Watch "Famine consumes Karamoja. This video will make you cry" on YouTube

gannon.jpg31-Year-Old British Actor Suddenly Dies While Traveling Abroad in California

He is in the US so he's definitely jabbed.


Jan 6 Storming of Capital false flag op to discredit Patriot Movement


Central banks Digital Currency is the End of reedom

The bigger issue there will be no generational wealth. Money can expire. They can give stimulus checks and EI and so on that expire in say 2 weeks. They can limit where you spend money so you can only buy essentials they deem (eat ze bugs) or at specific stores (no more mom and pops, just buy from Globocorp). China already does this with their 2 central bank digital currencies. It's not crazy conspiracies or cyberpunk fantasy. They literally expired money if not spent during covid and other stimulus checks. Now imagine it globally with no alternatives for purchases, no paper money, no way to purchase commodities liek silver or gold and so on - you have no way to preserve your money and pass on to children or save for future beyond what they allow. It can vanish instantly if they deem you a problem and they know every cent you have at every moment. It's far more insidious and the path to enslavement of humanity for technocratic elite in their pursuit of a singularity.


Doctors and nurses are killers

WokeCorp1.pngWhat Is ESG? It's A Leveraging Tool For The Woke Communist Takeover

One could call this an odd mix of communism and fascism; the point is, the lines have blurred beyond all recognition and the ideology of the people in power is specifically leftist/communist/globalist. Corporations already have government incentives to protect the corrupt status quo, but ESG is designed to lure them into supporting vocal political alignment even at the cost of normal profits.

ESG is about money; loans given out by top banks and foundations to companies that meet the guidelines of "stakeholder capitalism."  Companies must show that they are actively pursuing a business environment that prioritizes woke virtues and climate change restrictions.  These loans are not an all prevailing income source, but ESG loans are highly targeted, they are growing in size (for now) and they are very easy to get as long as a company is willing to preach the social justice gospel as loudly as possible.

Friends of Aquinas Podcast: Dr. E. Michael Jones and Bishop Richard Williamson

nebraska1-3257315526.jpgJust watched the 2013 film "Nebraska" about a son's love for his father. I doubt if this movie could be made today.

Also, an existential take on peoples' struggle for meaning, dignity and community in the face of isolation and hardship.

Also, a movie about WASPS, homespun small town and rural people. Starts slow but it builds.
The acting is impeccable. A work of art.

Australian Government has admitted there have been at least 79.000 Side effects from the COVID-19 Vaccine and is now offering compensation for those seriously injured.

All you need to know




Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Aug 8 - Russia is Now Humanity's Hope for Freedom"

CTM said (August 8, 2022):

Russia is just playing there part of the NWO...
There not on any side besides of THE FAMILY and The Church !!!
It's all just a show going on, nothing more...
Russia is playing there part of the good guy...

It's the greatest saying that 99% of the world never heard...
( All The World Is A Stage }

And everyone behind the scenes are pulling the strings of the politicians...
I care not what country, there are hands in every pocket !!!

The ones behind the scenes are THE FAMILY and The Church !!!

AD said (August 8, 2022):

What kind of a lawyer gives all the private text messages and phone calls of his client to the plaintiff?
Can you believe that Alex Jones's lawyer gave all of his private data to the plaintiff?

It's all a hoax.
Alex Jones is a traitor who sold out his country to bring in fear on THE REAL whistleblowers like you Henry Makow & John Kaminsky & Nathanael Kapner & Daryl Bradford Smith.

Here's what people are writing about Jones:

"Alex Jones is a controlled opposition agent who is presently losing his "court case" deliberately and purposely so that it will serve as a warning to REAL Truth seekers not to question the
Sandy Hook Hoax scam.
Wake the hell up people.
Alex Jones is a Khazarian Jew agent.
He always has been."

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at