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July 8 - Globalist US Government is Murdering Americans

July 7, 2022

highland-park-congressman-discusses-the-fatal-july-4th-parade-shooting-elATNEFmSE8-796x445-1484781652.jpgSeven killed, 47 injured when deep state shooter opens fire on Independence Day parade in Highland Park north of Chicago

When the Masonic Jewish-subverted US Government (re. Deep State) isn't poisoning Americans with toxic vaccines for fake pandemics, or plundering the treasury to enrich their relatives in Ukraine, they just go out and shoot Americans.

There were 159 mass shooting victims in the four years of Trump. There have been 700 in the 19 mos since Biden took office, proof they are engineered by the government.

NWO Globalist Cabal Now Going After Holidays Celebrated by American Patriots
State of the Nation writes:

"This state-sponsored mass shooting was executed specifically to provide a justification to forever outlaw automatic and semi-automatic rifles in America.  That's why they selected an obviously mentally ill, emotionally disturbed, drug-addled, 21-year-old white man with an established history of preoccupation with violence and mayhem.  In fact, everything points to the great likelihood that Robert E. Crimo III was a product of the CIA's MK-ULTRA Monarch Mind Control program

The NWO criminal cabal is hellbent on terrorizing the American people using the same OPERATION GLADIO-style mass casualty events (MCE) that were used across Europe to coerce national governments and manufacture the popular consent necessary for the formation of the European Union. Even a cursory consideration of all the MCEs conducted by the U.S. Intelligence Community, U.S. Armed Forces, local law enforcement agencies and NATO's Operation Gladio throughout the USA over the past 60 years indicates that the US citizenry has been under withering attack. Each and every one of those massacres, both real and fake, has been carried out in collusion with the CIA's Mockingbird Media and each respective administration which controlled the U.S. Federal Government. In other words, both the Democrat Party and Republican Party (aka the Uniparty) are deeply involved in this never-ending campaign to the destroy American Republic."

Reader- "Trust all is well. I find the information on your website, au courant. My opinion, Unfortunately , connecting the dots, State murder has been legalized since 9/11. President George Bush's words, "if you are not with us, Your against us.'

QUESTION: Who ordered/Paid to have the remnants of Georgia Guidestones torn down (and SO quickly - the very DAY of). Heavy equipment like this costs $$$ Let's say there is a real plot to dramatically depopulate. Wouldn't the guilty parties erase the prior evidence showing that it was planned?

NEW - Hundreds More People Than Usual Are Dying Each Week In England And Wales With COVID Not To Blame For The Majority Of Deaths,
Health experts have called for an urgent investigation into what is behind the excess mortality, with fears that the pandemic response, lack of access to healthcare and even the cost of living crisis, may be to blame.
  unisex-cans.jpg The British government has made it mandatory for all public buildings to have single sex toilets, a separate ladies and a separate gents space, halting the trend of having unisex toilets where both men and women can enter.
    Doctor blows the whistle on Chemotherapy
    Viewer- n the UK it has been illegal since 1939 to prescribe anything other than chemotherapy/radiation/surgery. Hence the imprisonment by the govt and MHRA of David Noakes and Lynda Thyer for producing GCMaF. And the murder of the doctor in the US who was successfully using the product for a multitude of conditions. Over one hundred holistic doctors have been murdered in the US ( Erin Elizabeth keeps a record ). And Dr Carrie Madej has just miraculously survived a plane crash - one cannot help but wonder if it was an assassination attempt for her work on exposing the jib jab vials contents - she was one of the first to raise questions. She had been chased out of the country a few years previously because she did not adhere sufficiently to Pharma protocols, and only returned at the onset of the "pandemic" because she felt compelled to use her knowledge to help.
    Sri Lanka is another case of state capture
    It is the worst economic crisis that Sri Lanka has experienced since independence in 1948. The suffering it has caused, as the treasury ran dry and the country became unable to import fuel, food and medicine, has left barely anyone on the island of 22 million people unscathed. According to the UN, Sri Lanka is facing a "dire humanitarian crisis"; many struggle for one meal a day, surgeries and cancer treatments are being halted, schools have shut and petrol sales have stopped as fuel has run out. "Our economy has completely collapsed," the prime minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe, recently told parliament.
    biden-on-bomb.png Millions Of Barrels From US Emergency Oil Reserve Sent Abroad, Including To China

     LA parents can now file for damages from the illegal COVID vaccine mandates

A judge has ruled that the LA Unified School District wasn't authorized to mandate the COVID vaccines or force kids into independent study. If you were injured, I can help you recover damages.
     Robots debut as caregiver assistants in Minnesota nursing home
     MD researchers have been preparing for years to modify the SoftBank Robotics machines for use in nursing homes, but they accelerated the timing amid the pandemic. Isolation protocols to protect highly vulnerable nursing home residents reduced their social interactions, accentuating how robots could make a difference, Khan said.
"Humans can spread infection easily," Khan said, "and robots, once you disinfect the robots, you can send them from one person to another without the fear of infections."


"Let West Try To Defeat Us On Battlefield... We Haven't Started Anything Seriously Yet": Putin In Fiercest Warning Since Invasion

Are NATO girly boys prepared to take on real men?

Biden destroying America one soldier at a time

Army Cuts 60,000 Unvaccinated Guard and Reserve Soldiers From Training and Pay as COVID Vaccine Mandate Deadline Passes

The Army confirmed on July 1 that tens of thousands of military Guard and Reserve soldiers can no longer participate in training or receive benefits, as Army faces recruiting crisis.

unchronicle.pngBenefits of Hunger

After sparking outrage, the UN has deleted this article which appeared in their flagship magazine, "The UN Chronicle". Deleting this after publishing it because of backlash does not cut it, we all know what the intentions are now - "You will own nothing and you will be happy, even without enough to eat if that will motivate you to work harder".

Greg Abbott directs Texas police and military to return illegal immigrants to border


WHO To Reconvene And Decide If Monkeypox Is A "Global Public Health Emergency"

Aborted human remains discovered in DC prove that "doctors" are murdering live babies after failed procedures

Imagine our $hock

Ontario Premier Doug Ford dodges question about chief medical officer's ties to Pfizer
Ford walked away as a reporter asked if he was aware the province's chief medical officer sits on a Pfizer advisory board.


Mosquitoes Testing Positive to Rare, Deadly Viruses in US Months After Bill Gates Released Millions in The Wild


leadcelebchildren.pngThere's Something Terribly Wrong Happening With the Sons of Celebrities

Why are there so many little boys walking around in dresses in Hollywood? Why are these children so intensely promoted on social and mass media? And what the hell is going on with Liev Shreiber?

Austrian Health Minister says doctors liable for COVID vaccine injuries

Doctors are legally obligated to report injuries but if they do, they lose their prescribing privileges


Mayor cancels Montreal drag queen story hour over subject matter concerns

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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