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Gonzalo Lira - Cabalist Cockroaches Eating the West Alive

July 18, 2022

 gonzalo-lira-3691209309.jpg (l. Gonzalo Lira)

The goal is to use Afghanistan to wash money out of the tax bases of the US and Europe and back into the hands of the transnational security elite. Julian Assange

"If Assange were not in prison, he would say the same of the Ukraine. The US has spent more in the Ukraine since February 24th than they did in the first five years of the war in Afghanistan.
Catherine Austin Fitts and Dr Mark Skidmore have detailed the theft of tens of trillions of dollars from American taxpayers. Ukraine is just one last chance for the elite to steal from the taxpayers before their Empire of Debt collapses."

Gonzalo Lira On Ukraine, NATO and Our Future
by Video Rebel

Russia spent $65.9 billion on defense last year. The US military budget is $839 billion. Russia has Mach 20 missiles. Even Iran has Mach 14 missiles. The US is struggling with Mach 5 missiles failing their testing. The corruption in Washington and Wall Street is the major reason for the difference between Russian and American missiles.

Gonzalo Lira told us that the US military learned their lesson early one morning in March when Russian cruise missiles were fired from 400 kilometers (248.6 miles) away at a NATO training base near the Polish border. The US radar had no warning that the missiles were incoming. Cruise missiles are comparatively slow at Mach 3, but Russian Electronic Warfare is so far beyond ours that we never knew they were coming. There were 500 NATO soldiers on the base with $400 million in modern weapons for the Ukrainians. The soldiers all died and the weapons were destroyed. Lesson learned.

If American generals took their oaths seriously, they would have declared martial law and arrested the men who stole trillions from the Defense Dept, HUD and other agencies. All the circa 2022 US military is good for is killing unarmed civilians and taking down the armies of Third World nations. That and showering with transgenders. Their primary duty is lining the pockets of Wall Street.

I should repeat a story Dr Skidmore told of the US Army. He thought it was funny. The US Treasury sent the Army a check for $800 billion to cover up the very deep holes in their accounting. Trillion of dollars had gone missing. Guess what happened? The generals lost the $800 billion too.

Gonzalo Lira had other things to say.

This winter will be the worst Europe has seen since 1945. He expects the African and Muslim immigrants to riot. They are not used to cold weather and will not like their unheated apartments and miserable food rations.

He would not be surprised if a Civil War breaks out in Europe. He lived in Holland and sees the Dutch farmers as a possible flashpoint for what is to come when the masses have no heat, no jobs and no food.

He thinks the Europeans are collectively insane. They have committed ethnic suicide. In a generation the overwhelming majority of children under 18 will be either foreign born or their offspring. They do not care about British and European values.

 I read recently of a very small town in England where a thousand British children were raped by Muslims over the past 30 years. The police did nothing. I am a fan of British mystery writers but this modern police farce is despicable. A Civil War would be an improvement.

Gonzalo Lira discussed safe places to live during a societal collapse. He made the point that poor nations without advanced technology can't do all the obnoxious tracking that they can do in the US and Europe. Another point is that there must be lots of food where you are going to live. He likes eastern Europe. I think Odessa might be a great place to live once the Russian Army liberates it.

I prefer to stay in the US. America is not Europe. We have a federal form of government. Republicans control the governorship, the judiciary and both houses of the legislature in half of the states. Each state has a National Guard under the control of the governor.

And any member of the Guard with keys can go get 50 caliber machine guns, sniper rifles, C-4 explosives and anything else they think they might need. Additionally, the Guardian noted that 7.1 million Americans have 40 or more guns and at least 100,000 bullets.

The criminals in Washington DC set up an illegal plan to round up 8 million Americans and incarcerate them without trial when the Dollar Dies. I pointed out years ago that this would never work as 20 million Americans will think they are on the list. So suppose the Feds could muster up 20,000 armed men on Day One to round up Americans and send them to concentration camps.

On Day Two someone would blow up the lines carrying electricity to Washington DC. If only 1% of the 7.1 million men went on the offensive, hunting for "Bad Guys", firing an average of 500 rounds each, 35.5 million shots would be fired in anger. The surviving self-appointed leaders and their Minions would flee leaving state governors in charge.

Gonzalo Lira despises the leaders of the US, Canada and Europe. Not one of the 5 candidates to replace Boris Johnson has ever stood up for British people. Our "leaders" did nothing to earn their positions. They are lackeys for the men they allow to steal our tax money. They know they are losing power. He says the people they hate the most are the ones who told them their plans were evil and would not work. That is why Julian Assange is in jail and countless others have lost their YouTube channels and Twitter accounts.

If you have not read any of my more recent articles, I would like to repeat what Sergey Glazyev has said he plans to do to us as early as May 2023 at the next BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) conference. He is the Minister of Integration and Macroeconomics at the Eurasian Union. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia, Mexico, Argentina and many others have expressed interest in joining BRICS. Glazyev's plan is that the expanded BRICS membership, the Global South, refuses to repay any loans denominated in dollars, pounds, euros and yen.

Our financial institutions would collapse. Any money in a bank would be gone on Day One.

On Day Two a quadrillion dollars in derivatives would be triggered. On Day Three inflation would permanently cut wages 60% or more, 100% for anyone who loses their job. We would have Nationwide Food Riots. I would expect every major American city to be burned down.

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Comments for "Gonzalo Lira - Cabalist Cockroaches Eating the West Alive"

RH said (July 18, 2022):

Another good article. I have close European relatives. I don’t think they see any of this coming. They sincerely believe Putin is the aggressor and to blame for the situation in the Ukraine.

Keep tapping on the stone of ignorance. You are breaking it.

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