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Chris Sky - Tell Government to "Go Fuck Yourself"

July 25, 2022

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Agenda 2030 calls for the destruction of farming and insects replacing animal protein

In a recent interview with George Keman, Chris Sky reveals-

Tamara Lich nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. Chris Sky complains she refused to meet him.
Four year olds in Ontario can choose their genders without their parents' knowledge. Parents can be charged if they find out and object. 
Canadian Health Honcho Theresa Tam is a man. No pics at her/him Nottingham University alma mater.
Mask mandates will return to Ontario & Quebec shortly
New Ontario Health Chief works for Pfizer
Pfizer about to expand monkeypox testing and create panic
They plan to introduce Lyme disease vaccine
They are going to muddy the waters by injecting you with so many vaccines, no one will be able to discipher which one caused what damage
Their goal is a 50% reduction in farming. Holland nitrogen laws are about to be enacted in the Canada and the US.
Bill Gates owns the federally subsidized, largest ever, bug farm in London Ont.  --- Watch the Interview

(Disclaimer - Visited Superstore here in Winnipeg this morning and food, including meat, is plentiful and generally as cheap as ever. I'll believe the fearmongering when I start to see empty shelves.  Walmart just announced they need to cut prices to reduce bloated inventories.)

Reader- "And they are having to kill more meat because the future in ranching in farming is bleak so currently there is an excess but next year there will be not nearly as much available. All of the decisions about farming and ranching are being made now and in the case of cattle there's going to be a surplus for a while as herds are being axed."

ESG Is a Globalist 'Scam' Meant to Usher In 'One World Government': James Lindsay

MSM is finding other new illnesses to take the blame for adverse reactions from "vaccines"

Up to 300,000 Brits are unaware they may have potentially deadly heart condition... and many people have no symptoms at all
Pfizer mRNA Vaccine Goes into Liver and Changes into DNA, Swedish Study Find


Studies show 3 emergencies linked to Round Up since it came out in 1976: Rise in cancer, autism, and xenoestrogen endocrine disruptors, which decreases sperm motility and high incidence of intersexuality. This was executed by Big Pharma and the end result is the TikToc generation.


They want to end farming for the common folk

Satanist and Satanism will self destruct but we may need to give it a nudge

One of the directors for George Soros' Open Society Foundations who specializes in public health, Sebastian Köhn, shares in the Guardian how he had sex with multiple men in a weekend for NYC Pride & contracted both #monkeypox & gonorrhea. He blames the system for failing him.


3 arrested in Boston after white supremacists protest drag queen story hour


Israel Caught Concealing Children's Vaccine Injuries


four-ontario-doctors-dead.jpgFour Vaccinated Canadian Doctors in Toronto Area Died Last Week


A lot of people would gladly trade places with her

EXCLUSIVE: Ghislaine Maxwell is moved to low-security federal prison in Florida - where she can take part in an inmate talent show, continue teaching fellow inmates yoga or learn a trade like baking, plumbing or cosmetology


The DEATHVAX Campaign Will Go Down As The Biggest Scandal In Medical History


Funeral director: Crematoriums now dealing directly with hospitals

Jim Stone-"So many babies and children are dying from the corona shots that hospitals are now offering parents a total bypass on the entire funeral process and they are doing the cremations by contract to avoid excessive and obvious paperwork, or should I say "Paperwork trails" that are making massive numbers of dead obvious. It can all happen in secrecy now, death managed "under the table".

"Police clash with Jinja motorists in fuel cost protest - NTV Uganda"


Al Thompson-----How to Defeat the New World Order: Stay in Honor

 Fidelito pushes ahead on fertilizer reduction as provinces and farmers cry foul


Teacher says entire classroom of second graders changed pronouns

"One of my students felt safe enough to share his pronouns with me," she said. "And when he did so, once the class knew that I knew, they all switched pronouns."


 Most Americans Think Government Is Corrupt, a Third Say Armed Revolution 'May Be Necessary' Soon

monoco.jpg(Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monoco)

Commie Biden admin prepares to confront "domestic terrorism"

"That's why one year ago this week, Attorney General Garland announced the Biden Administration's National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism. The purpose of this first-of-its-kind strategy is to coordinate efforts across government to confront the heightened threat of domestic terrorism. The National Strategy reflects the evolving and heightened domestic terrorism threat that we face today.


"Monkeypox" is only circulating in countries where the Pfizer Vaccine has been distributed & is being used to advance a Technocratic Great Reset

"We're seeing the consequences of injecting millions of people with an experimental mRNA injection that causes untold damage to the immune system, and public health authorities are now scrambling to cover up Covid-19 vaccine-induced shingles and using it as an opportunity to advance their technocratic agenda of implementing 'The Great Reset'.

Snack food made with cricket protein now being sold in Canadian supermarkets


The 'Child Monkeypox Explosion' Will Reveal the Extent of the Pedophilia Epidemic in America

NEW: Gay and bisexual men comprise 98% of new monkeypox cases globally, according to a major new study.

uc-berkeley-chemistry-professor-phill-geissler-dead.jpgUC Berkeley Professor, 48, Suddenly Dies While Hiking

Deaths, Trending boosted, died unexpectedly, fully vaccinated



Biden To Offer ID Cards To Illegals To Help Them Fly, Navigate U.S. With More Ease


Despite Crumbling Vaccine Narrative, NY Mayor Eric Adams Fires 200 More Employees For Refusing Jab


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Chris Sky - Tell Government to "Go Fuck Yourself" "

Jennifer said (July 26, 2022):

Ha ! LOL

The Evil are so predictable-no imagination. Everything “They" do is just a direct opposite flip contraindication of what is taught in the Bible.

Leviticus 20 Rules about what can be eaten

“Don’t eat insects that have wings and walk on all four feet; they also are to be hated.

Same thing about wearing rags —but “They" made it fashionable to wear torn rags as respectable clothes.

M said (July 26, 2022):

A bag of frozen chicken that for years sold for $6.99 is now going for circa $11.00 with a sale price of ten something. Frozen dinners that used to sell for $5.99 are now closer to $8:99. Frozen pizzas that used to sell for $5.00 are now going for $10.00. There are shortages. Could not find our favorite brand of lemonade for three weeks; our favorite brand of cracker is no longer available. Not complaining, and I don't go often, but the price of everything down here is hiked to one degree or another. We used to be able to buy a can of peaches for $.99. They are now circa $1.79. Ditto canned veggies.

Glad you are seeing a glut and good prices!

I do not think that is the norm. Even the same order at KFC went from $23.00 to $28.00 in a week's time here. Something seems to be happening...

Thanks for all the info. You do the best job of anyone I know out there, keeping us informed.

Stay well, stay safe and stay BLESSED!

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